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Articles: You, Too, Can Make Money Selling "Good Junk"  

"You, Too, Can Make Money Selling "Good Junk" is about buying and selling ordinary, everyday items you can easily find at local estate auctions, garage sales and flea markets. This is NOT another book about selling fine antiques!

"Good Junk" has been my ticket to success and financial independence, according to author Linda M. LaRock. She has turned her hobby of exploring flea markets and estate auctions into a successful small business. Linda defines the Good Junk business as "the selling of memories and the rescuing of reusable, ordinary everyday household goods."

Her system is a simple one. She buys items as inexpensively as possible and resells them for a profit. She regularly doubles and triples her money. She has sold many of her ordinary pieces for hundreds of dollars.

According to Ms. LaRock "It's about knowing what to buy and where to find it. You also need to know how to market it". In her book "You, Too, Can Make Money Selling Good Junk", Linda provides you with her easy to read, uncomplicated formula. Not only will you find tips on buying and selling but Linda also teaches you how to organize your business, both online and in your home.

After years of experience buying and selling Good Junk, it is now the time for her to share her ideas and formula for success with others. This book answers the question she is asked so often, "How did you learn to do that?"

Chapter 2

Can You Make Money Selling "Good Junk"?

The answer is ... YES!

Ask yourself a few questions. Are you drawn to antique shops, auctions and thrift stores? Do you love old things? Do you walk into a department store and find yourself instinctively looking at the better quality merchandise that catch your eye? Are you collecting anything? Do you love to shop? Do you like to find out the history of the little items that attract your attention? Can you spend a few hours surfing the Internet?

If your answer is "YES" to any of these questions, then you definitely can make money selling "Good Junk." It's fun. It's a passion. It's a way of life.

Buying and reselling can become an all-consuming hobby; one that not only earns money, but that is also a wonderful way to meet people. It's a great occupation for all types of people. Loners, introverts and extroverts can do well selling "Good Junk." It's a great hobby for couples, too. You can travel and deduct a portion of your expenses from your income.

You need to decide how much money you want to earn monthly. You should also decide how much time you can devote to your new business. Some "Good Junk " dealers sell just enough to cover the cost of their hobby, other dealers do it as a part time income, while some "power sellers" sell full time. The more items you offer for sale or auction, the more potential income you will generate.

The best thing about selling online is that your office is in your home. Your store can be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week (if you sell online). You can be making money even if you are asleep or on vacation!

Now, the next question is.......... What should you sell?

Perhaps a better question is ...What do you like? You can specialize in one item, i.e., Fenton glass, trading cards or used clothing. Some sellers are experts in one area. Some of us are opportunists. We buy and sell a variety of goods depending on what's available at the moment; antiques, used collectibles, newer items and some junky guesses. My method has always been to buy whatever no one else is buying on a given day. For example, if you attend a furniture auction, perhaps you will find that the old glassware is selling cheaply. If you are lucky, the audience may be interested in the furniture and not the glassware. You may find it boxed and under tables. Perhaps you buy it for $20. a box, and then resell it for $100.!

Very low end estate auctions can have some neat finds. At a local "junky" auction, I picked up a group of old felt pendants for $1.00. I did not realize that one of these was an old "Karen and Richard Carpenter" pendant, circa 1960's, and was a fan club edition. It sold for more than $60.! The others sold for $25. My $1. investment turned into $85.. Not a bad profit for a fun evening!

From You,Too,Can Make Money Selling "Good Junk"
2004 Linda M. LaRock

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