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Stieff "Williamsburg Shell" Sterling Silver Large Bowl Gravy Ladle
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4230f   $80.00

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A flatware line produced by Stieff and retailed exclusively by Colonial Williamsburg, "Williamsburg Shell" features a raised shell applied on the end of a sharply curved, rounded, "Antique" handle.

This example is a 7 1/2" long, weighty at 2.8 T. oz., gravy ladle with a large, round, 2 1/4" diameter, 5/8" deep, hemispherical bowl that is itself shell form.

Never monogrammed, this remains in flawless estate condition. The bowl is without dents, bends, or nicks, and the overall finish is... Click for details

Gorham "Lancaster" Sterling Silver Chocolate Muddler
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4229f   $44.00

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Chocolate muddlers are characteristically long-handled, designed to reach deep into a chocolate pot to stir any powder that may have settled on the bottom, and that is the case with this 8 3/8" long, faintly over 1.0 T. oz., example.

The pattern is Gorham's "Lancaster," issued in 1897. The beaded border handle features a cluster of rose blossoms at the tip, and in this instance is engraved with an Old English letter "S" monogram.

The bowl is essentially round, 1 1/2" by 1 3/4", and is... Click for details

Watson "Orchid" Sterling Silver Art Nouveau Cream Ladle
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4228f   $46.00

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Watson Newell's "Orchid" is one of numerous floral designs the company produced in the early part of the 20th century that yet stand as exemplary expressions of Art Nouveau design.

This example is a 5" long, .9 T. oz., cream ladle.

The flower is fully three-dimensional, rising out of the end of handle and folding over on itself in a highly expressive manner, with trailing leaves tracing their way up the handle margins, front and back sides.

The scalloped edge bowl has a flange margin... Click for details

Towle "King Richard" Sterling Silver Estate Sugar Tongs
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
4225f   This item is currently being auctioned

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An older production pair of tongs in Towle's "King Richard" pattern introduced in 1932, this piece measures 4 1/8" long and at just under 1.0 T. oz. is relatively heavy.

An elaborate, courtly appearing, design, the pattern occupies the full length of each arm, extending onto the modified talon grips.

The arch is plain and has never been monogrammed.

In very fine estate condition, it is without wear, bends, or nicks, and the finish is bright and even.

Marks are "Towle Sterling" and... Click for details

International "Cleone" Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Master Butter Knife
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4223f   $105.00

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Named for an ancient Greek water nymph, aka naiad, "Cleone" is one of the most expressive patterns that International Silver Company produced.

Dating from 1900, it is figural and naturalistic both. The end of the handle portrays a bearded male image, whose cheeks are buttressed by pond lilies. Elements of the beard fuse into tendrils, accented by an additional blossom and leaves that trail along the upper margins of the handle of this 7 1/4" long, very heavy, 1.9 T. oz., master butter... Click for details

Peter Krider, Philadelphia, Bright Cut Sterling Silver Sugar Spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4221f   $46.00

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A 6" long, .8 T. oz. spoon with an "Old English," i.e. "Reverse Tipt," handle, this is stamped with the "lion, K, crown" emblem of Philadelphia silversmith Peter Krider and the word "Sterling."

A sugar spoon, although it bears some similarity to an ice cream spoon, it has a plum shaped, pointed end bowl with flange shoulders and a midrib down the center.

Likely dating from the 1870s, this exhibits the exquisite bright cut engraving for which Philadelphia silver of the period was renowned.... Click for details

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Pair Old Reed & Barton "Francis I" Sterling Silver Teaspoons, Mint
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4220f   $65.00

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Original, early production, items, each of these two, 6" long, weighty at 2.1 T. oz. the pair, teaspoons is marked with Reed & Barton's "eagle, R, lion" emblem, "Sterling," and an "H," which may be a weight designation.

The pattern is R&B's Art Nouveau "Francis I" issued in 1907

Never monogrammed, these two remain in essentially new condition, showing not the least bit of wear, having flawless bowls, and possessing bright finishes.

Gorham "Atlantic City" Sterling Silver Aesthetic Souvenir Spoon
Silver : Coin Silver : Flatware

Old Friends  
4214f   $30.00

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Adapted from a 4 1/4" long, just over .3 T. oz., coffee or demitasse spoon in Gorham's "Colonial," this spoon has an acid etched handle and bowl.

The work is very much in an Aesthetic manner, which is consistent with the 1885 date of the pattern.

The handle reads "Atlantic City," while the bowl portrays a fish, in the japonesque style of such other Gorham designs as "Hizen" and "Narragansett" of the same period.

The backside heel of the bowl is stamped with Gorham's "lion, anchor, G"... Click for details

P&B "Who Killed Cock Robin" Sterling Silver "Pond Lily" Food Pusher
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
4213f   $48.00

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This 3 3/4" long, just under .5 T. oz., baby food pusher was made by Paye & Baker whose three part emblem and the word "Sterling" appear on the underside of the handle.

The pattern is "Pond Lily," which is an Art Nouveau design issued at the turn of the 20th century.

The 2" wide, scalloped edge, curved blade has a raised bird on a branch, with the words "Who Killed Cock Robin" appearing above it.

The backside of the blade is engraved in script "Agnes, Sept. 4, 1906."

In excellent... Click for details

Philo B. Gilbert, NYC, "Medallion" Shell Bowl Coin Silver Sugar Spoon
Silver : Coin Silver : Serving Pieces

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Writing in Silver Medallion Flatware, D. Albert Soeffing comments that "[Philo B.] Gilbert was a prominent New York City manufacturer, working for about thirty years. Although not well know today, he was one of the leading producers of his day."

This 6" long, .8 T. oz., coin silver sugar spoon is an early example of his "Medallion" pattern, marked only "Patent 1867."

Relatively rare, the line is multi-motif, featuring a variety of different helmeted knight's heads facing left. This... Click for details

Fine Philadelphia Coin Silver Cream or Sauce Ladle by George K. Childs
Silver : Coin Silver

Cliff Nunn - Antique Silver and Decorative Arts  
20200426-05   $39.50

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Offered is a lovely American coin silver sauce or cream ladle by noted Philadelphia silversmith George K. Childs, who also eventually became Chief Coiner of the United States Mint in Philadelphia. This piece probably dates to the 1840s. It has a clear, well-struck maker's mark and a period engraved script monogram. This piece measures about 7 inches in length and weighs about 26 grams. Condition is good overall, with minor wear and signs of normal use, but no splits or repairs. All in all a... Click for details

Howard "Josephine" 8 Tine Pierced Sterling Silver Sardine Fork
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
4207dd   $85.00

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With an overall classic French design that features an "acanthus leaf" at the tip, midpoint, and lower end of the handle, which itself has a "crossed ribbon" border, the name of this pattern, "Josephine," likely derives from the Empress Josephine, first wife of Napoleon.

Originally issued in 1899 by Howard Sterling Silver Co. of Providence, RI, this line was continued by successor firms, Roger Williams Co. and Mount Vernon, which in turn folded into Mauser.

This 5 3/4" long, .9 T. oz.,... Click for details

Duhme & Co. "Tipt" Mid 19th C. Twist Coin Silver Master Butter Knife
Silver : Coin Silver : Serving Pieces

Old Friends  
4206f   $32.00

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Measuring 7 3/8" long and weighing .8 T. oz., this master butter knife has a blade that is set at a right angle to the handle.

Stamped "Duhme & Co." for the prominent Cincinnati firm, it is coin silver and dates from relatively early in the history of that company, likely the 1850s.

The handle is a broad, "Fiddle Tipt" pattern typical of Ohio River Valley design of the period.

Otherwise plain, there is an engraved, script letter "M.J.H." monogram set sideways on the handle.

The blade... Click for details

Watson "Camp Sheriden" WW I Doughboy Soldier Sterling Silver Spoon
Silver : Souvenir Spoons

Old Friends  
4203f   $42.00

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Coffee size at 5" long, and weighing a relatively light .4 T. oz., this souvenir spoon was produced by Watson, whose "crown, W, lion" emblem and the word "Sterling" appear on the handle backside.

A commemorative of World War I, it features a full size American soldier, commonly referred to as a "doughboy," holding a gun.

The figure is highly detailed. His chiseled looking features are set in high relief and possess a sculptural quality.

He is standing above a shield with stars and... Click for details

Deming & Gundlack, Hartford "Tipt" Sterling Silver Master Butter Knife
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
4202f   $52.00

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Lengthy at 7 5/8", this weighty, 1.3 T. oz., solid silver master butter knife is slender and graceful in design.

It has a thick, arched, plain handle with a "Tipt" end and a feathered script "B" monogram, along with a scalloped upper edge blade.

Dating circa 1870, it is marked "Sterling" and "Deming & Gundlach" for the Hartford, Connecticut partnership that was the 1859 successor to Walter Pitkin.

In exceptionally fine condition, the piece shows no significant wear or damage. The finish... Click for details

Rare Pair of Fredericksburg, VA Coin Silver Spoons, Henry White c.1810
Silver : Coin Silver : Southern

Cliff Nunn - Antique Silver and Decorative Arts  
20200419-02   $210.00

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Offered is a good and very scarce pair of early Virginia coin silver teaspoons by noted Fredericksburg silversmith and clockmaker Henry White (flourished circa 1788-1827), circa 1810 give or take five years. These spoons each bear a good clear strike of one of Henry White's several maker's mark, in this case what looks like mark (e) in Catherine Hollan's "Virginia Silversmiths" (please see all pics). Each spoon also features a lovely period engraved script monogram of WPCG - a long and... Click for details

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