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Whiting sterling card case with applied gold dogs
Silver : Sterling : Smalls

Bruce Cherner Antique Silver  
2338   $550.00

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4 1/8 by 2 5/8 inches (fits credit or business cards easily), weight 3.5 Troy ounces, no monogram, excellent original condition, model number 19D (please see third photo for marks).

This was probably a custom made item.

We've examined both doggies carefully with a high power loupe, and they appear to be 14k. No, we're not going to test them...

Dublin, JP, 1804, "Old English" Sterling Silver Tablespoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
3566f   $85.00

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A relatively long piece at 8 7/8", and weighing 2.0 T. oz., this spoon is fully hallmarked for Dublin, Ireland, sterling, 1804 and "JP" for maker John Power.

It is an "Old English" pattern, meaning it has a downturned handle with a reverse tipt back and an exposed drop on the bowl heel.

There is a feathered script "EC" monogram on the front.

It is in very good condition. The overall form is without wear, although the monogram shows slight softening from polishing. The bowl remains... Click for details

Durgin "Spray" Pure Coin Silver Engraved Blade Pie Server
Silver : Coin Silver : Serving Pieces

Old Friends  
3565f   $130.00

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One of William B. Durgin's earliest patterns, dating circa 1865, and not formally named but commonly called "Spray, this design features a bouquet of woodland flowers and grasses tied by a bow.

This motif appears in the top center of the handle, and is repeated on the lower front at the join with the blade and on the backside heel.

This example is a 9" long, 2.1 T. oz., pie or pastry server. The pointed blade measures 4 1/2" long, 2 3/4" at the widest, and has a cupped heel and flange... Click for details

Kerr Sterling Silver Top Cut Glass Base Large Dresser Jar
Silver : Sterling

Old Friends  
3564f   $65.00

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A relatively large item, this piece measures 4 1/2" wide and stands 3" tall.

It is a dresser jar made c. 1900 by Newark, New Jersey's William B. Kerr & Co., whose "mace" emblem, "Sterling," and model number "7200-4" are stamped on the edge of the silver lid, which by itself weighs nearly 2.1 T. oz.

The bulbous glass base is panel cut with a star pattern on the underside.

The lid is relatively plain, with a rimmed and scalloped edge and a line script "EP" monogram in the center.

In... Click for details

Pitman coin silver cream jug
Silver : Coin Silver : Hollowware

Bruce Cherner Antique Silver  
2337   On Hold

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height 7 1/8 inches, weight 5.52 Troy ounces, fine condition, monogrammed as shown in third enlargement.

This mark is commonly given to Saunders Pitman, but we are not so certain that it is his. For example, though the Met attributes a cream jug in their collection (accession number 33.120.311) to Saunders, some might consider this attribution to be problematic, since he'd been dead for a good solid forty years when it was made.

Other reasonable possibilities would include John K.... Click for details

Gorham Martelé fish platter circa 1912
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Bruce Cherner Antique Silver  
2336   $7,250.00

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twelve by twenty-three inches, weight 56 Troy ounces, hand hammered and repoussé chased with flowers, foliage and Art Nouveau embellishments, marked as shown in fifth enlargement. Finished on July 3, 1912, this piece required 30 hours of making time and 67 hours of chasing (done by George W. Sauthof) with a factory net cost of $187.50

Frequent guests of our little web page know that we don't list many Martelé items. Over the years, their high silver content often leads to softening of... Click for details

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Watson "Phoebe" "Mt. Rainier - Seattle" Sterling Silver Citrus spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
3558f   $65.00

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A full figure nude in the manner of "Bacchante," a design that offended the sensibilities of turn of the 20th century Bostonians, Watson's companion "Phoebe" (1895) likewise expresses the freedoms of style and subject found in the Art Nouveau mode.

The figure is surrounded by considerable imagery including wheat, a grape cluster, a shell, and clouds, this last details perhaps derivative of her mythological identity as a Titan associated with light.

This 5 3/4" long, just over .8 T. oz.,... Click for details

Set of Six French Silver-Gilt Tea or Coffee Spoons by François Josan

Cliff Nunn - Antique Silver and Decorative Arts  
20180706-03   $125.00

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Offered is a lovely set of 19th Century French silver tea or coffee spoons by Paris silversmith François Pamphile Josan; these date to the post-1838 period. The gilding on each spoon is strong, and the design is nicely struck. Each spoon bears Josan's maker's mark and a fineness mark, perhaps for second standard (800/1000 fineness). These spoons are nicely decorated and have no engraved initials or crests, or any sign of erasure. These spoons measure about six inches in length, and the set... Click for details

Norwegian Art Deco enamel tea caddy spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Bruce Cherner Antique Silver  
2334   $75.00

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length 4 1/4 inches, weight .77 oz. Troy, marked as shown, fine condition.

An attractive and reasonably priced little item from the Art Deco era.

Greencastle, IN Coin Silver Spoon by Alexander R. Brattin w/City Mark
Silver : Coin Silver

Cliff Nunn - Antique Silver and Decorative Arts  
20180702-01   $29.50

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Offered is a very good American coin silver teaspoon by Greencastle, Indiana (1860-1887) jeweler Alexander R. Brattin, who trained in Cincinnati in one of the large shops (perhaps Duhme & Co.), and then established his own firm in Greencastle just prior to the outbreak of war. He seems to have found much success there, and opened branch locations in Danville and Spencer in the mid-to-late 1880s. He moved on to Kansas City and then St. Louis late in life, and passed away in 1897 or so. This... Click for details

Gorham nursery rhyme youth knife and spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Bruce Cherner Antique Silver  
2333   On Hold

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the knife length 7 3/8 inches with Little Boy Blue a-blowing his horn, the spoon with Old Mother Hubbard and her sizable schnoz length 6 inches, total Troy weight 2.27 ounces, some scratches to bowl but fine overall condition, engraved "Roger from Auntie" (reverse).

Both figures appear to be hand chased-- note the detail in Blue's hat and knickers.

Whiting "Iris" Long Twist Handle Sterling Silver Olive Fork
Silver : Coin Silver : Flatware

Old Friends  
3553f   $65.00

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Made in a limited number of pieces, rather than a full line of flatware, this "Iris" theme pattern is strongly Art Nouveau in style and likely dates either side of 1900.

This example is a long handle, 8 7/8", .7 T. oz., two tine, olive or pickle fork.

In addition to the novel design, it has an unusual double twist handle. Overall it is an elegantly slender and graceful piece, well-crafted and finely finished.

It is in flawless condition, showing no polishing wear, having a fine fine,... Click for details

Mexican demitasse spoon, jade at end of handle, 20th century
Silver : Mexican

5420   $15.00

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Marked with a squiggle and 850.Length 3-5/8". No monogram. Overall condition is excellent; mark condition is goodl

Serving fork,4 tines,ornate sterling hollow handle,c.1890's
Silver : Sterling : Flatware


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Style of 1890's. Length 9". Overall condiion excellen; mark condition fair.

Cake breaker by Towle, Old Master pattern, after 1942
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

5418   $35.00

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In original wrapping, never used. One of Towle's top 10 patterns. Newburyport, MA. Length 10-1/2" Sterling handle. No monogram.Overall and mark condition are excellent.

Gorham Solid Sterling Silver Victorian Glove Stretcher
Silver : Sterling : Smalls

Old Friends  
3551f   This item is currently being auctioned

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Definitely a product of the Gilded Age, this 6 5/8" long, 2.2 T. oz., glove stretcher bespeaks a refined lifestyle.

This example is model number "5" by Gorham, and so identified by marks on the inside of the handle, which also include the word "Sterling" and a date symbol for "1889."

One other imprint by the pin that holds the two pieces together reads "Pat. 75," which no doubt is a reference to the spring mechanism that controls the pivoting arms.

The design on the hollow but all... Click for details

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