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Gorham "Old Medici" 8 Matched Sterling Silver Teaspoons
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
3149f   $200.00

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This set of eight, matched, teaspoons in Gorham's "Old Medici" are early items, stamped with a "lion, anchor, G," "Sterling," and the word "Copyrighted."

Each one measures 5 11/16" long. They are hefty, with the group weighing 7.5 T. oz.

"Old Medici" is an intricate, figured design, the main one of which on these is a woman holding a bucket. There is also a satyr set midway on the handle.

The backsides have an "N" monogram offered in a manner that imitates an Eastern character. This... Click for details

George Sharp Coin silver King's shell bowl serving spoon
Silver : Coin Silver : Flatware : Early Patterns

Bruce Cherner Antique Silver  
2249   $250.00

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length 10 3/4 inches, weight 4.02 Troy ounces, excellent condition, monogrammed as shown in enlargement number three.

Over the years, we've bought and sold many King and King's variant items in coin silver, but this is a particularly fine example in terms of form, quality, and condition.

Durgin IRIS fish forks, eight
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Bruce Cherner Antique Silver  
2248   Sold

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retailed by Hardy & Hayes, length 7 3/8 inches, weight 15 Troy ounces, monogrammed "C", fine condition.

If pressed as to why you, dear reader, should buy these Iris fish forks as opposed to some others listed elsewhere on the interwebz, I'd have to say that ours are probably in better condition. If pressed even harder, I'd confess that these are also attractively priced.

Koch & Bergfeld 800 Silver Large Reticulated 19th C. Serving Spoon

Old Friends  
3141dd   $125.00

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A large item measuring 9 3/4" long and weighing a substantial 3.1 T. oz., this serving spoon is a premier example of 19th century European silver.

It is hallmarked with the "pedestal vase" symbol for the prominent Bremen, Germany, firm of Koch & Bergeld, as well as "800" representing the silver standard, and a "crescent" and "crown" for the national marks. This particular configuration was introduced by the company about 1884 and that is also the approximate date of this piece.

The... Click for details

Gorham Colonial Solid Sterling Silver Ice Cream Knife
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
3140f   $140.00

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This item is a dramatically-scaled, solid silver, ice cream knife or slice. It measures 10 5/8" long and weighs 3.1 T. oz.

The pattern is Gorham's "Colonial," the main feature of which is striping that runs up about two-thirds the length of the handle.

This is more subtle than it appears, as the surface alternates between convex and concave and suggests banding, perhaps of a naturalistic material such as bamboo, which in turn implies an Aesthetic influence, which would be consistent... Click for details

Gorham 1888 "Versailles" Sterling Silver Confection Spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
3138f   $110.00

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An early example of Gorham's "Versailles," this 5 1/4" long, approximately 1.0 T. oz., confection spoon (similar to bon bon or nut) is marked with a lion, anchor, G, "Sterling," and the definitive "Copyrighted '88" that is indicative of first run production.

The form is unusual in that the serving end is oriented sideways to the handle, with an upraised, flange edge on the right, and a smooth lip on the left. The interior is extensively pierced, while the entire surface front and back sides... Click for details

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Gorham "Maryland" Solid Sterling Silver Saratoga Chip Server
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
3137dd   $185.00

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Extravagant items, Saratoga chip servers are characterized by massive, pierced, scoop bowls, which is the case with this example made by Gorham.

The piece measures 8 1/2" long overall and weighs 2.4 T. oz. The scoop itself is 4 1/4" by 3 1/4" by 5/8" deep.

The pattern, "Maryland," dates from the late 19th century, and features design elements including scrolls, acanthus leaves, and a spray of roses. The acanthus leaf detail extends onto the flange shoulders of the bowl, which also has... Click for details

Gorham "588" Sterling Silver 19th Century Bonbonniere
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
3136f   $165.00

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Bonbonnieres are bonbon spoons set large.

The form was popular in the late 19th century, and no company was more successful in producing impressive examples than Gorham. This example is model number "588" offered by that firm.

It is medium-sized, measuring 6 1/8" long, has a bowl that is roughly 2 3/4" in diameter, and weighs just under 2.0 T. oz.

It is cast rather than die struck, as these forms generally were. Casting allows for the introduction of more intricate detail and... Click for details

Three Rhoads & Four Zahm, Lancaster, Pa., "Tipt" Coin Silver Teaspoons
Silver : Coin Silver : Flatware

Old Friends  
3131dd   $95.00

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Dating c. 1860, these seven, coin silver, "Tipt End" teaspoons fall into two groups.

Three were made by Gorham, marked lion, anchor, G, and have feathered script "SC" monograms. They measure 6" long each, while the set weighs approximately 1.8 T. oz. They carry the retail name "Rhoads," for Charles G. Rhoads of Lancaster, Pennsylvannia.

The second set is also coin silver, and comprised of four spoons, 5 7/16" long, approximately 2.3 T. oz. collectively, with feathered script "SST"... Click for details

International "Frontenac" Sterling Silver Sardine Fork, Old, No Mono
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
3130dd   $95.00

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Measuring 5 1/4" long and weighing just over 1.1 T. oz., this sardine fork is an early production example of International's 1903 Art Nouveau style "Frontenac."

It is marked with the Simpson, Hall, Miller division of the company "helmet over shield" emblem, "Pat'd," and "Sterling." The end of the handle turns upward, as is characteristic of old production pieces.

There are six short tines on the 2" by 1 1/4" serving end.

It is in superb condition, indicating it has had little to no... Click for details

Tiffany "Vine" (Gourd) Sterling Silver Sugar Sifter, Choice
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
3129f   This item is currently being auctioned

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Dating from 1872, Tiffany's "Vine" is a multi-motif pattern that incorporates numerous vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

This example is a 6 1/4" long, 1.5 T. oz. sugar sifter with a "Gourd" portraiture.

It has a nine-lobed, 2 1/2" diameter, 1/2" deep, pierced bowl that is finished in a gold wash on both front and back sides.

It is without a monogram or removal and in superb condition. Pattern detail remains clear and well-defined. The bowl is free of dents, burrs, or nicks. The... Click for details

Fine Early Philadelphia Coin Silver Teaspoon by John Felix Lefevre
Silver : Coin Silver

Cliff Nunn - Antique Silver and Decorative Arts  
20170604-04   $37.50

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Offered is a rare example of the work and maker's mark of Jean-Felix LeFevre (1780 - 1813), silversmith of Philadelphia. This piece measures about 6 1/16 inches in length and weighs about 18 grams. This piece has a rubbed but legible maker's mark and a period engraved script monogram, perhaps of "CF". Condition is very good, with no dents, splits or repairs and only moderate surface wear from normal use. This piece should date to around 1800-13. All in all a good example of this interesting... Click for details

Wallace "Washington" All Sterling Hooded Asparagus Server
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
3127dd   $185.00

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Dating from 1911, Wallace's "Washington" exhibits the straightforward clarity of design that characterizes its Colonial Revival period, resembling in its directness of line, such other stalwarts of the age as Durgin's "Fairfax" and Towle's "Mary Chilton."

This example is a scarce, all sterling silver, asparagus server.

Measuring 9 3/4" long overall, and weighing 3.6 T. oz., it has a hollow, not filled, handle, and quite unusual for its time, a solid silver, 4" by 3 5/8", blade. Most... Click for details

Whiting "Ivy Leaf" No. 39 Sterling Silver Open Work Cream Ladle
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
3124f   $145.00

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The naturalistic "Ivy" motif of this c. 1870, 7 7/8" long, approximately 1.2 T. oz., cream or sauce ladle is to be distinguished from Whiting's line pattern of the same name.

The latter was a die struck design originated by Henry Hebbard, while this is a labor intensive, built up, piece made from cast leaves joined to a wire stem that in turn is wrapped with smaller wires made to resemble tendrils. The entire shank and leaves have a matte gold finish.

It is model number "39" according... Click for details

Durgin "Bead" Pierced Bowl Sterling Silver Pea Spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
3123dd   $120.00

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Large at 8 9/16" long, and weighty at over 3.1 T. oz., this pea spoon has a generously scaled, round, 3" diameter, 7/8" deep, bowl. This has intricate scroll and bell flower piercing and a gold finish on both sides.

Made by Durgin, the pattern is "Bead," which was introduced in 1893.

The design incorporates a beaded border on the handle, which has a tipt end on the slightly upturned front and a plain end on the back.

There is an Old English "H" monogram.

An estate piece, this is... Click for details

Gorham "Josephine" Shell Bowl Coin Silver Berry Spoon
Silver : Coin Silver : Serving Pieces

Old Friends  
3122f   $90.00

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One of Gorham's earliest line patterns, "Josephine" is a leaf motif that has contemporaneous parallels with designs produced by William Gale and James Watts.

This example is a large, 8 3/4" long, 1.8 T. oz., berry spoon. It has a scallop shell bowl that has an essentially intact gold wash finish on the interior and an enlarged repeat of the leaf motif on the backside heel.

The handle has a fancy, feathered script "JL" monogram.

It is in outstanding condition. There is minimal... Click for details

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