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Nice Pair of Coin Silver Tablespoons by Samuel Wilmot, Sr.
Silver : Coin Silver

Cliff Nunn - Antique Silver and Decorative Arts  
20200315-08   $75.00

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Offered is a good pair of large American coin silver table spoons bearing the mark WILMOT in a serrated punch, most likely for Samuel Wilmot, Sr., working in New Haven, Connecticut from about 1798 through at least the mid-1820s, and perhaps later. There are several narratives about whether he remained in Connecticut throughout his working life, and only his son worked in the South, or whether he spent a good deal of his career in Georgetown and Charleston, South Carolina. Most likely it was... Click for details

Set Six Whiting "Seaweed" Sterling Silver Demitasse or Coffee Spoons
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
4162f   $150.00

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A design reflective of the Aesthetic taste, these six matching, circa 1885, spoons portray an undulating leaf of seaweed or kelp running the length of the handle fronts.

Demitasse or coffee items, they measure 4 1/4" long and weigh just under 2.0 T. oz. the lot.

They are executed in high relief and have detailed, textured, satin surfaces that reflect considerable refinement.

The backsides have bright finishes and are plain save for the marks, which are the Whiting "winged lion and W"... Click for details

F B Thomas, London 1894, "Pistol Grip" Sterling Silver Banquet Knife
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
4161f   $75.00

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A late Victorian piece made in London, England this knife measures an exceptional 10 5/8" long, 3.7 T. oz. total weight.

Scaled for banquets or grand affairs, it has a filled sterling silver "Pistol Grip" handle engraved with an "upraised hand holding a sword" crest, and an original, blunt-end steel blade.

The blade is impressed "Thomas" under a "crown" over "Bond Street," while the handle is stamped with the firm's hallmark. The well regarded reference, Jackson's Hallmarks, notes... Click for details

F. Whiting "Antique Lily Engraved" Eight Sterling Silver Oyster Forks
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
4159f   $130.00

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A popular motif from the 1880s, engraved versions of "Lily," actually "Lily of the Valley" with Aesthetic detailing, were produced by multiple manufacturers.

This matched set of eight, 5 15/16" long, 4.0 T. oz. the group, oyster, shrimp, or simply seafood, cocktail forks were made by Frank Whiting whose "W in a circle" and "Sterling" are imprinted on the reverses.

The handles are an "Antique" pattern with rounded ends and tipt backsides.

The fronts have satin matte finishes, which sets... Click for details

Gorham "Tipt" Sterling Silver Teaspoon Fancy "R" Monogram x 4
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
4158f   $22.00

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In his benchmark work Gorham Silver 1831-1981, Charles Carpenter dates "Tipt" to 1840, which is consistent with the appearance of this widely produced pattern in coin silver.

This 5 3/4" long, just over .6 T. oz. teaspoon, however, is marked "Sterling," which dates it well beyond 1840. Gorham in actuality produced this design for an extensive period, as this piece evidences.

Other marks include the company's "lion, anchor, G" emblem and "T" which is a weight designation for "trade."... Click for details

JWR 24 Bright Cut Floral Month Sterling Silver Coffee Spoons
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
4157f   $8.00

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These 3 7/8" long, .3 T. oz. (9 grams) each, demitasse or coffee spoons are matching items in a series that represent the twelve months with corresponding flowers.

The flowers are bright cut engraved on satin finish handle fronts. All pieces are in mint condition.

They are marked "JWR" and "sterling" on the reverses.

Twenty-four individual spoons are available, representing eleven different flowers, ten different months (with some months in multiple).

Each spoon is stamped on the... Click for details

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S. Kirk & Son "Reverse Tipt" 10.15 Silver Standard Place Spoon
Silver : Coin Silver : Flatware

Old Friends  
4156f   This item is currently being auctioned

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Dating from the mid 19th century, this 7" long, 1.0 T. oz., spoon is stamped "S. Kirk & Son" for the Baltimore silversmith whose name bespeaks that city. It is also marked "10.15" for one of the peculiar-to-Baltimore silver assay standards, essentially equivalent to coin and used 1830-61.

A place piece, it would translate to today's oval soup or dessert spoon.

It has a plain, rounded end, handle with a subtle "Tipt" backside and exposed drop on the bowl reverse. There are high, angular and... Click for details

Wood & Hughes "Louis XV" Solid Sterling Silver Ice Cream Knife
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
4155f   $145.00

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This Wood & Hughes version of "Louis XV," issued in 1880, predates the more common Whiting one by more than a decade.

It is also more elaborate than the latter pattern, having in addition to the defining scroll work, added acanthus leaf, shell, and knurled detail, arrayed in an asymmetrical, rococo manner.

This example is a 10 1/4" long, all silver, flat handle ice cream knife or slice.

The 6 1/2" long, broad at 1 1/2" wide, blade is the defining feature of the piece. It has a partially... Click for details

Fine Coffin-End Coin Silver Spoon, Samuel Ayres of Lexington, Kentucky
Silver : Coin Silver

Cliff Nunn - Antique Silver and Decorative Arts  
20200304-02   $250.00

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Offered is a rare and early example of Kentucky coin silver by prominent Lexington silversmith Samuel Ayres, whose biographical information appears below. This piece is marked with a maker's mark of "S.AYRES LEX K" in a banner. By the coffin-end style of this piece, it would appear to date to between 1800 and 1810. There is no monogram or sign of erasure, and the maker's mark is clear and well-struck. This piece measures about 5 1/16 inches in length and weighs about 11 grams. Condition is... Click for details

Six Albert Coles "Cupid" Choice Sterling Silver Ice Cream Spoons
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
4151f   $240.00

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These six, matching, 5 3/4" long, approximately 4.6 T. oz. the group, ice cream spoons are stamped with the "eagle head, AC, bust" mark of Albert Coles, "Patent 1878," and "Sterling."

The pattern is "Cupid," which while designed by Morgan Morgans, Jr. who took control of the Coles operation in 1877, is most associated with George Shiebler who bought out Morgans in 1883.

It is a multi-motif design, with a winged cupid set in various poses against an arabesque, Renaissance Revival, motif... Click for details

Reed & Barton "Les Six Fleurs" Pair Sterling Silver Coffee Spoons
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
4149f   $45.00

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At 4 1/4" long and weighing 1.0 T. oz combined, this matched are identified as coffee spoons in old catalogues, as opposed to generally smaller demitasse spoons.

Original production examples of Reed & Barton's "Les Six Fleurs," these are indeed old.

An extravagant design, the design incorporates high relief, seemingly liquid, portraiture as is typical of the Art Nouveau mode.

The sinuous floral elements entwine with one another throughout the length of the handle, carrying clear onto... Click for details

Pair Voute & Groff, Philadelphia, "Tipt" Coin Silver Teaspoons
Silver : Coin Silver : Flatware

Old Friends  
4148f   $34.00

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Stamped for the mid 19th century partnership of Lewis Voute and Jeremiah Groff, clock and watchmakers and silver retailers, Philadelphia, each of these two, matched, coin silver spoons measures 5 3/4" long, while the pair together weigh 1.0 T. oz.

A "Fiddle Tipt" pattern, they have broad, upturned, ends, high, pointed, shoulders off the bowls, and exposed drops on the bowl backsides.

They are engraved "MEN" in feathered script lettering set sideways on the handle fronts.

Clean pieces,... Click for details

Durgin "Heraldic" Sterling Silver Fluted Bowl Preserve Spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
4147f   $145.00

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An expressive and detailed high relief design, Durgin's 1888 "Heraldic" incorporates many images appropriate to the name.

The iconography includes a pair of upraised (presumably eagle) wings that appear to rise out of a crown, which itself sits over a lion rampant on a shield. Lastly, there is a rearing steed projecting out of a castle turret set below the above images.

This example is a 6 7/8" long, relatively heavy, 1.5 T. oz., preserve or jelly spoon.

The 2 1/2" by 1 5/8" by 1/2"... Click for details

Gorham Art Nouveau sterling ink stand number B2342
Silver : Sterling : Hollowware

Bruce Cherner Antique Silver  
2419   Sold

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width 11 1/4; depth 6 inches, excellent original condition, no monogram, weight 23.4 Troy ounces (!), please see fifth enlargement for mark. The ink holder is a hand wrought gilt sterling (modern) replacement, which we think an improvement over the original which was glass.

A William C. Codman design, identical examples may be found in both the Jolie and Robert Shelton Collection, "Magnificent, Marvelous Martelé," pp. 498-9 and the MFA Boston, accession number 2001.804

Pair Gorham Baluster Form 10" Tall Sterling Silver Candlesticks
Silver : Sterling

Old Friends  
4145f   This item is currently being auctioned

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Marked "Gorham," "lion, anchor, G," "Sterling," model number "279," and "cement-loaded," on the undersides, and "Sterling" in the bases where the candles fit, these matched candlesticks stand 10" tall and rest on 4 1/2" diameter, tiered, bases.

They weigh 33.4 T. oz. the pair, although this is essentially irrelevant given they are weighted.

Likely dating from the 1930s, they are an elegant and lofty "Baluster" style, with fixed bobeches.

They are single stem, solid, pieces, meaning they... Click for details

Scottish Thistle & Sterling Silver Amethyst Glass Demitasse Spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
4141f   $26.00

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This 3 7/8" long, scant weight, coffee or demitasse spoon is hallmarked for sterling silver, date of manufacture 1898-99, Birmingham England, and maker John Grinsell & Sons (JG&S).

The firm had showrooms in Birmingham, England, and Glasgow, Scotland, the latter of which may relate to the "Thistle" that sits on the end of the twisted handle on this.

With leaves and a ball formed from silver, the actual blossom is shaped from a piece of purple amethyst colored glass.

The bowl is finished... Click for details

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