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George Webb, Baltimore, Engraved Feather Edge Sterling Silver Spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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3891f   $115.00

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The Baltimore Museum of Art volume Maryland Silver indicates George Webb (1812-90) was a second generation silversmith, although he trained under Hugh Gelston rather than his father, James Webb.

This source also notes that he "conducted his highly successful jewelry and silver shop under the name Webb & Co. on Baltimore and Light Streets with W.H. Sexton as a partner 1877-86."

As this 9" long, 2.2 T. oz., serving spoon carries this mark, along with the word "Sterling," it can be... Click for details

Old Gorham "Chantilly" Sterling Silver Olive Spoon and Pickle Fork
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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3890f   $54.00

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This pair of serving items are early examples of Gorham's "Chantilly," marked with the company "lion, anchor, G," emblem, "Pat 1895," and "Sterling."

The spoon measures 6" long and the fork 5 3/4", with the two combined weighing just over .9 T. oz.

Each piece has a gold washed serving end, which is particularly strong and bright on the spoon, and less so on the fork.

Neither piece has ever been monogrammed while both are in exceptionally fine condition, showing no wear or flaws, and... Click for details

Watson "Cherub" A. Frankfield & Co. Sterling Silver Sugar Tongs
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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3888f   $46.00

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Watson's "Cherub" takes it name from the face of a winged figure which appears throughout the line, although in various orientations and sizes.

This example is a 4 1/2" long, .8 T. oz., pair of sugar tongs, retailed in this case by New York City's "A. Frankfield & Co." In addition to carrying this mark, the piece is stamped "Sterling."

The design appears on each arm and is accompanied by stylized and decorative claw form, cupped, grips.

Never monogrammed, this remains in outstanding... Click for details

Gorham "Fontainebleau" Sterling Silver Perfume, Original Glass Liner
Silver : Sterling

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3887f   $450.00

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Measuring 4" by 3/4" by 1/2" and weighing 1.4 T. oz., this all silver perfume bottle was made by Gorham, whose "lion, anchor, G" emblem, "Sterling," model number "264," and date symbol for "1885" are stamped on the bottom.

The entire body has a hammered surface finished in a gold wash, while the two wider surfaces have raised designs drawn from those of Gorham's "Fontainebleau" Beaux Arts flatware line.

One image is of a man garbed in an outfit befitting the French Court of Francis I, and... Click for details

Whiting "Violet," Daniel Low, Small Sterling Silver Cold Meat Fork
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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3885f   $100.00

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An early production item, this 7 5/8" long, extra heavy at 2.2 T. oz., small cold meat fork is marked with Whiting's "lion" logo, "Sterling," "Pat. App. For," and the name of the retailer, Salem, Massachusetts' renowned "Daniel Low & Co."

The pattern is "Violet," an Art Nouveau design of understated simplicity and elegance.

This is an especially fine example. Never monogrammed, it shows no wear or damage and has a soft, even, finish. The added weight lends the piece a sense of heft and... Click for details

R. Fisher Jr., New York, "Reverse Tipt" Large Coin Silver Sugar Sifter
Silver : Coin Silver : Serving Pieces

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Measuring 8 1/8" long and weighing 1.8 T. oz., this coin silver item has a generously sized, 2 1/2" diameter, shell-shaped, pierced, bowl and "Reverse Tipt" handle.

Generally identified as a large sugar sifter, there is some argument to be made that pieces this scale from this period were actually early ice spoons.

In either case, it is a fine representation of what it is.

It is stamped "R. Fisher, Jr." and "331 Broad Way, N.Y." on the reverse, for Richard Fisher, working 1846-50, also... Click for details

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Tiffany & Co. 1882 Heavy Sterling Silver Footed Mug
Silver : Sterling : Hollowware

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3883f   $395.00

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An exceptional piece from an exceptional source, this mug stands apart from other similar forms in several aspects.

Made by "Tiffany & Co.," as marked on the underside, along with "Sterling Silver" and model number "7246," introduced in 1882, it is relatively large, standing 3 5/8" high to the rim, with a 2 3/4" top diameter, and very heavy at 6.4 T. oz.

Second, rather than having straight or tapered sides as is the manner of most mugs, this is cup or goblet like, with a bulbous body that... Click for details

Marshall Field, Chicago, "Colonial" Sterling Silver Sauce Ladle
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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3882f   On Hold

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A product of the Arts & Crafts workshop established in the first decade of the 20th century by Chicago's prominent department store Marshall Field, this hand made item is a 5 3/4" long, approximately 1.1 T. oz., sauce or cream ladle.

This particular design which featured a hand hammered surface and various handle shapes, formed the "Colonial" line.

This piece incorporates a hemispherical bowl with a spout on each side. The handle has a pointed end, lined border, and applied backside.

It... Click for details

Gorham "Japanese" Sterling Silver Cheese Knife
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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3881f   $175.00

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Introduced in 1871, Gorham's "Japanese" flatware draws from Aesthetic sensibilities and reflects a then prevalent fascination with Asian design and culture.

It is a multi-motif line, incorporating a wide array of imagery from piece to piece, as well as a variety of handle shapes.

This example is a 7 5/8" long, approximately 1.5 T. oz., cheese knife. The form is quite similar to a master butter knife, save for a small notched projection along the upper edge.

The handle portraiture... Click for details

Kentucky Coin Silver Teaspoon by George W. Stewart of Lexington
Silver : Coin Silver : Southern

Cliff Nunn - Antique Silver and Decorative Arts  
20190526-01   $24.00

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Offered is a nice example of the maker's mark or retailer's mark used by George W. Stewart of Lexington, KY, working there circa 1843-52. This piece is not in great condition, with a worn and dented bowl that also has a small split, but the mark is clear and well struck, and includes a city and state reference. This spoon also has a period engraved script monogram. This piece measures about 5 3/8 inches in length and weighs about 13 grams. All in all a nice old Southern coin silver spoon!

Benjamin Moody Swan, Augusta Maine, c. 1820 Coin Silver Tablespoon
Silver : Coin Silver : Flatware

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3879f   $38.00

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Dating from the first quarter of the 19th century, this lengthy, 8 7/8", 1.5 T. oz., table serving spoon is marked "B. Swan," for Benjamin Moody Swan, who worked as a silversmith in Augusta, Maine beginning circa 1815.

Fiddle shaped, with a down turned, rounded end, and high, pointed and chamfered shoulders off the bowl, the piece demonstrates quality crafting.

It has a somewhat primitive, feathered script "RA" monogram engraved on the handle front, and remains in very fine condition.... Click for details

Wallace "Nile" Solid Sterling Silver Tomato Server
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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3878f   $72.00

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Dating from 1908, Wallace's "Nile" pattern reflects the early 20th century shift away from the elaborate designs of immediately preceding decades to a cleaner, more straightforward look.

This example is a 7 1/2" long, approximately 1.8 T. oz., all silver (later examples of this form often had stainless blades), tomato server.

It has a broad, 3" at the widest, splayed serving end with scalloped edges, a cupped heel, and reticulated surface.

The handle is engraved "McN" in script... Click for details

Hamilton & Diesinger Late 19th Century Solid Sterling Silver Scoop
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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3877f   $68.00

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Of a size, 7 1/8" long, 1.7 T. oz., that is larger than a typical nut scoop and smaller than a berry or cracker, the intended function of this piece is uncertain.

With a large, 2 7/8" by 2" at the widest, shovel like, serving end, it is nonetheless a versatile item.

Marked with the emblem of the Philadelphia firm of "Hamilton & Diesinger," successors to Davis & Galt, plus "Sterling," it dates 1895-99.

It is an attractive rococo design that features scrolls, gadrooning, and a central... Click for details

Durgin "New Art" Narcissus Solid Sterling Silver Sauce Ladle
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
3876f   $225.00

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Arguably the line by which all other Art Nouveau floral designs are measured, Durgin's 1900 "New Art" embodies the exuberance, lushness, and fullness of expression that characterize this style mode.

All these qualities are evident on this 6" long, characteristically heavy at 2.2 T. oz., sauce ladle with a 2 1/8" diameter, 5/8" deep, bowl.

Multi-motif, the portraiture on this is narcissus, with blossoms and leaves that lay upon and fold over one another, rising from the surface of the... Click for details

Full Set of 12 Gorham "Zodiac" Sterling Silver Month Teapoons
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
3875f   $350.00

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Comprised of a core grouping of ten different month spoons with two additions to complete the year, this assemblage consists of a full set of twelve Gorham "Zodiac" teaspoons.

Each piece measures 5 7/8" and is heavy, with the group weighing 14.6 T. oz., well over 1.0 T. oz. each on average.

The ten from the one group are all monogrammed on the reverses "EMT" in script, while the remaining two (August and December) are without monograms.

All pieces are in excellent condition, essentially... Click for details

Whiting "Berry" Sterling Silver Master Butter Knife
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Old Friends  
3873f   $65.00

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A late 19th century line, Whiting's "Berry" featured a variety of fruits assigned to different pieces.

This instance is a 7 3/8" long, approximately 1.0 T. oz., solid silver master butter knife, and features blueberries and leaves on a stem.

The blade has a curved lower edge and scalloped upper margin.

The backside of the piece is plain, save for a handsome line script "FAT" monogram and the marks, which are the Whiting lion logo, "Sterling," and "16."

In outstanding estate... Click for details

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