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vintage postcard
"Hollywood Boulevard at Night".
vintage postcard. California, 1940s

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Consolidated Glass Bird Of Paradise Plate
Art Glass

The Glass Cupboard  
EG259   $125.00

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These beautiful plates were designed by Reuben Haley and produced by the Consolidated Glass Company in the late 1920's. The pattern is called 'Bird Of Paradise' and is one of Consolidated's Martele patterns . Approximately 8 1/2 inches in diameter, the color is a sepia brown ceramic wash over crystal. Perfect condition, I have 3 available - price is per plate. I also have 3 matching plates with a green ceramic wash if you'd like to make a contrasting set. Email for details.

FireKing Peach Blossom 1 Pint Casserole
Glassware : Depression : Companies : Fire King

The Glass Cupboard  
FG11   $25.00

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The Peach Blossom decoration on this FireKing 1 pint casserole dish was done by Gay Fads Studios from 1954-5. The color is excellent as can be seen in the picture, though there is slight chipping on the 2 petals as seen. The glass is in excellent condition. See my other listings for more in this pattern.

Windsor Green Salt & Pepper Shakers
Glassware : Depression : Patterns : Windsor

The Glass Cupboard  
DG31   $55.00

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This shaker is part of the Windsor pattern made by Jeannette Glass from 1932 to 1946. Although only one is pictured, price is for a pair. One is perfect, the other has a tiny chip on the rim underneath the lid.! See my other listings for more in this pattern.

Fostoria Horizon Salad Plate - Spruce Green
Glassware : Depression : Companies : Fostoria

The Glass Cupboard  
EG251   $15.00

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Horizon is a Fostoria pattern that was produced from 1951 to 1958. It is a perfect blend of 'fifties modern' and simple elegance. This plate is the 7 inch salad/luncheon size. I have 11 available, they are in good condition with light surface scratches from stacking (The bottom is ground and polished) If you have Russel Wright American Modern in Seafoam, they will go perfectly! Price is per plate.

Fostoria Fairfax Sugar & Creamer Set - Pink
Glassware : Depression : Patterns : Fairfax

The Glass Cupboard  
EG239   $65.00

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Fairfax is the name for Fostoria's Line 2375. It was produced from 1927 to 1944 and is the blank that was used for many of Fostoria's most popular etchings. Offered here is the small size sugar & creamer set in pink. This is the 'Tea Set' - sugar is 2 1/2 inches high, the creamer is 3 inches high. See my other listings for more Fairfax in this color.

Heisey #341 Puritan Cocktail
Glassware : Depression : Patterns

The Glass Cupboard  
EG39   $20.00

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Heisey's Colonial Line #341 is called Puritan or Old Wlliamsburg collectors due to the simple, clean lines. It was produced in the mid 1920's. Offered here is the 3 oz low cocktail in perfect condition. I have 4 available, price is per stem.

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Wolverine Tin Toy Lil Bo Peep Sink
Toys and Games

The Glass Cupboard  
SG01   $40.00

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This tin child's toy was made by the Wolverine Company, probably in the 1950's. It measures 11 inches high by 11 1/2 inches wide and 6 1/2 inches deep. The lithograph reads "lil bo peep" and is in excellent condition with no wear or damage, the tin is also very clean. The faucet is purple plastic and in excellent shape as well. I also have the matching refrigerator and stove to complete the set.

Kitchenware - Federal 8 3/4 inch Mixing Bowl
Glassware : Depression

The Glass Cupboard  
MG105   $28.00

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This fine rib mixing bowl was made by federal Glass Company in the 1920's. 8 3/4 inches in diameter, the base is square so that the bowl rests flat when in use. This bowl was sold as part of a nesting set of mixing bowls - here's your chance to complete your set. See my other listings for other sizes.

Iris & Herringbone Wine Goblet - Crystal
Glassware : Depression : Patterns : Iris

The Glass Cupboard  
DG193   $20.00

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Iris & Herringbone was made by Jeannette Glass Company from 1928 to 1932. Offered here is the crystal 4 1/4 inch 3 oz wine goblet in excellent condition. I have 3 available, price is per goblet. For more in this pattern see my other listings.

Moderntone Little Hostess Children's Set
Glassware : Depression : Patterns : Moderntone

The Glass Cupboard  
DG92   $325.00

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This wonderful children's dish set was produced by Hazel Atlas Glass during the 1940's. These sets were called "Little Hostess Party Play" sets and came in a variety of colors. Offered here is the complete 16 piece set in the 'Sierra' colors of turquoise, rust, gold and grey. Perfect condition, price is for the set.

Morgantown Crinkle Sherbet - Peacock Blue
Glassware : Depression : Companies : Morgantown Glass Works

The Glass Cupboard  
EG108   $26.00

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The Crinkle pattern was produced by Morgantown glass company in the late 1930's and into the early 1960's. This is the footed sherbet in Peacock Blue. I have 8 available, price is per sherbet. See my other listings for matching Crinkle items, as well as others in different colors.

Block Optic Pink Candlesticks
Glassware : Depression : Patterns : Block Optic

The Glass Cupboard  
DG205   $100.00

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Block Optic is one of the most collected depression glass patterns. Made by Hocking from 1929 to 1933, it's simple geometric design makes it an easy pattern to mix with other dinnerware. Offered here is a pair of candlesticks in pink. Perfect condition, see my other listings for more in this pattern.

Fostoria Tut Vase - Black
Glassware : Depression : Companies : Fostoria

The Glass Cupboard  
EG179   $125.00

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Fostoria Glass Company made the 'Tut' vase in the mid 1920's when all things Egyptian were in style - along with the 'Art Deco' movement. This vase is 6 1/2 inches tall and in perfect condition. See my other listing for a green Tut vase to compliment this one.

Consolidated Dancing Nymphs Sherbet
Art Glass

The Glass Cupboard  
EG220   $80.00

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Dancing Nymph is the correct name for this Consolidated pattern - it's sometimes called "Dance of the Nudes" due to listings in depression glass books under that name. Made in 1928, it's a wonderful pattern for the deco collector as well as glass lovers. This is the footed sherbet in crystal. Perfect condition. I have 3 available, price is per sherbet. I also have other items in this pattern available - email for details.

Fostoria Blue Finger Bowl
Glassware : Depression : Companies : Fostoria

The Glass Cupboard  
EG94   $45.00

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Pictured here is the #869 finger bowl that was produced by Fostoria Glass from 1928 to 1943. These delicate bowls are 5 inches in diameter and a vivid blue with a wide paneled optic. Excellent condition, I have 6 available. Price is per bowl.

Morgantown El Mexicano Tumbler - Ice
Glassware : Depression : Companies : Morgantown Glass Works

The Glass Cupboard  
EG223   $45.00

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The El Mexicano pattern was designed to look like old, crudely made Mexican Glass. Made by Morgantown Glass in the early 1930's, the molds were later reworked for their crinkle line. This 5 1/2 inch tumbler is circa 1932 and the color is called 'Ice'. Perfect condition, I have 4 available. Price is per tumbler. See my other listings for the hard to find dinner plates in this pattern.

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