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vintage postcard
"Hollywood Boulevard at Night".
vintage postcard. California, 1940s

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German Combat Assault Pack A-Frame - Post War Dated

Brandywine Militaria  
1242931   $129

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Very nice Bundeswehr A-frame. This is a very good representation of the war time product. Straps match and are riveted in place the same but one is dated 1953 and the other 1963. I imagine some reenactors who don't want to spend close to $1000 and use a WWII example would like a real one instead of a reproduction made in some southeast third world country. Besides the dates on the straps there is one mark that reads P-Bln (An ormored battalion of some unit maybe?) and another rectangular stamp... Click for details

WWI Semaphore Code Instruction Tool - American 1917

Brandywine Militaria  
1242890   Sold

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Interesting Flag Signal Instructor. Sliding dial shows different flag configurations for different letters in US Army and Navy semaphore code. Patent information from Great Britain and United States are on the sides but the US side does have some small flaking (See photo). The reverse shows International Morse code with one flag or lantern with some further instructions on semaphore code on the bottom. Communications have become increasingly important with armies and methods of communication are... Click for details

42nd Academy Awards Program Govenors Ball 1970
Theatre and Movies

Cheshire Cat Gallery  
BD42   $1,500.00

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Circa April 7, 1970, original 42nd Annual Academy Awards Presentation program held at the Music Center Pavilion along with the original Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Board of Govenors Ball invitation/program held at the Beverly Hilton. Both are original and in excellent condition. Measures in frame 28' x 12. Site size 11.5" x 8.25" and 6" x8.5".

Unissued WWII Bronze Star in Box 1945 Phila QM Depot

Brandywine Militaria  
1242857   $29

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WWII Bronze Star in original bxo, wax paper and card. Maker marked American Emblem Co Inc. Dated 1-29-45 Phila. Q.M. Depot. Nice minty war dated combat award.

Torpedobootshalbflottille 1926-1928 German Yearbook

Brandywine Militaria  
1242852   $275

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Very cool and extremely rare yearbook for the First Torpedo Boat Flotilla. The Wiemar navy at this time was very small and Germany was still heavily restricted in the size of its navy by the Versailles treaty. As many navies have figured out, it was quickly seen that with smaller torpedo boats it was possible to pack a lot of offensive punch into a small craft. This is a similar theory to the American PT boats. A rare enough item that I was only able to find even one other example for sale in... Click for details

P.N.F. Party Membership Badge -WWII Fascist Italian Pin

Brandywine Militaria  
1242849   $58

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P.N.F. was Partito Nazionale Fascista, Mussolini's Fascist political party which lasted until 1943. Condition is perfect with nice, bright metal and undamaged enamel work. Maker marked A. PAGANI MILANO and the button clip has this name and the address. Great example.

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Fascist Bullion G.I.L. Cap Badge - WWII Italian Youth

Brandywine Militaria  
1242845   $68

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Another gorgeous example of Italian bullion insignia. This example is a lovely gold colored wire weave. With no condition issues. Very nice cap badge.

Bullion Fascist ONB Rank Insignia - WWII Italian Youth

Brandywine Militaria  
1242829   $86

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ONB leader rank insignia. Very nice bullion construction. The ONB was a Fascist youth organization for Italian youth and was similar in theory and practice to the Hitler Youth. High quality patch measures about 5.7x8.3cm.

WWII German Postmark Stamper - SS and Stalingrad Units

Brandywine Militaria  
1242813   $135

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German postmark stamper in excellent condition. This number 219859 was used by three different Kolonne 64th Regiments. The first was Infantrie-Regiment 64 which was "gestricken". The Schutzen-Regiment 64 and then Panzergrenadier-Regiment 64 which was also "gestricken" but this time in Stalingrad. No actual translation is necessary for "gestricken". Perhaps there was something unlucky about this particular stamper? It was then given three different SS artillery assignments. This list with a copy... Click for details

WWI Patriotic Cigarette Holders Set of 6 - Imperial

Brandywine Militaria  
1242797   $105

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This is a very interesting set of six cigarette holders. They are in the original sealed wax paper envelope but seem to be thick paper or cardboard. Each has patriotic motifs including a battleships, flag stand, airplane, portraits etc. Packaging has a good looking iron cross in a laurel wreath and the humble price of 10 pfennig. I have never seen this before nor could I find any other examples online so figure this was a cheap type of item that nobody bothered to save. Great piece.

Pre-War Partial Cap Tally Norddeutscher Lloyd Line

Brandywine Militaria  
1242736   $19

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Partial cap tally for the German Norddeutscher Lloyd shipping line. This is a pre-war example. While it is a partial and only about 24cm long it is priced low and is a great reference piece to show how the stitching was done. The flag is the shipping line logo and is really nicely embroidered. Very cheap way to get a nice back piece for a nautical related display.

NS-RKB Reichskriegerbund Member Veteran Visor Cap

Brandywine Militaria  
1242732   $296

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Very nice Reichskriegerbund member visor cap. The NS-RKB was the Third Reich manifestation of the veterans organizations originally formed for veterans of the 1870 war. The intent was to have a support and social group dedicated to helping veterans. A noble thought that most countries with combat veterans also employ. However, in post WWI Germany the veteran groups had real political clout and were often the pre-organized muscle behind various political movements. This cap has the 1938 version... Click for details

Panzer Assault Badge Postcard Artwork - WWII German

Brandywine Militaria  
1242724   $39

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This postcard is from a series released in 1941 featuring many different badges and awards. Really a great series with artwork just begging to be used for displaying a good armored assault badge. Shows a nice portrait of panzerman in early beret with a tank in action behind and the assault badge lower right. Unused so reverse is blank. If you are feeling extravagant you could even use this to surprise a friend with a fun piece of mail.

SA Reichswettkampfe Postcard Sent to German in New York

Brandywine Militaria  
1242723   $29

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Very interesting SA postcard with cool cover art and nice cancelled stamps. Most interestingly this was sent to a fellow in New York. The card is in English and is generally about stamp and postcard collecting strategies. However, at the end Johanna tells Frank she will be home in a few week and that "I have to tell you a lot". Of course we wonder if this has to do with scary things that are becoming very obvious by the latter half of 1938 but we assume it is something that would not pass... Click for details

Hocking Crystal MISS AMERICA 4 1/2 Flat WATER TUMBLER
Glassware : Depression : Patterns : Miss America

Strait's Antiques  
1242488   $16.00

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This pretty crystal Miss America depression glass Flat Water Tumbler was made by Hocking Glass from 1933 to 1937. This Tumbler measures 4 1/2 inches high and is in very good condition with no chips or cracks. Be sure to search our other Miss America available. We guarantee all items to be as described. Feel free to email any questions. THANK YOU.

Bronze French WWI Table Medalc- Victory Riding Tank

Brandywine Militaria  
1242486   $125

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Visually stunning bronze table medal depicting Victory, wielding a sword and with hair flowing behind, riding a tank over barbed wire and trenches. Beautiful, solid piece measuring just under 7cm in diameter. Signed A. Morlon. Edge is stamped "BRONZE" and with a tiny cornucopia which I believe represents the Paris mint. Reverse depicts a shield over extensive laurel leaves. One side represents attack and the other defense. Really very powerful imagery.

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