Lemon Tree Treasures
All Items : Animals : Contemporary item #1101870
Lemon Tree Treasures
Here we have 3 unusual turtle items-- all for one price. Two of these treasures are quite unusual . Great attention grabbers! These articles are very cute especially if you collect turtles or if you know someone that does..

This first item is a votive candle holder sitting in the middle of a circle with 5 turtles sitting facing inward toward the candle holder. Each turtle is detailed with all the markings of the real thing...

All Items : Kitchen : Pre 2000 item #1102761
Lemon Tree Treasures
"Cooking with Friends". This is a vintage cookbook inspired by the twenty- something group of men and women who starred on the sitcom FRIENDS/NBC/1994-2004. (The next best thing to hanging out in Monica's kitchen or at the Central Perk!) It has everything from Monica's sophisticated tastes to Joey's simple, delicious dishes. Plus, it is filled with quotes, lots of pictures, clever definitions and discussion pages. The recipes are great and the presentation of the book is just plain fun...
All Items : Books and Publications : Cooking : Contemporary item #1103240
Lemon Tree Treasures
HAVE YOU BEEN TORN BETWEEN VIRTUE AND INDULGENCE WHEN IT COMES TO FOOD? Now you can enjoy both, with this irresistible collection of light desserts. Each one is a luscious, satisfying treat that will taste like decadence with every bite, and yet each recipe meets today's preference for eating fresh, healthful foods that are low in fat and calories. The recipes in this book will show you how you can keep apple pie, cheesecake and other favorites on the menu while sticking to a healthy di...
All Items : Militaria : Pre 2000 item #1104320
Lemon Tree Treasures
WOMEN IN THE WAR--"WE CAN DO IT" vintage lunch box or it can be a box for anything you want to put in it. This colorful box measures 5" x 7". (It has some minor scratches--see photos.) On one side it says "We Can't Win Without Them." It recognizes womens' contribution to the war effort in WW II. Celebrates Women in Industry.
All Items : Wall Decor : Contemporary item #1104423
Lemon Tree Treasures
This is a pair of two vintage "Rainy Day Clay" angel plaques. Hand painted, 2003 by BirdBrain. One angel plaque says "Believe in Yourself" and the other one says "Cherish Your Friends". They are ready to hang on the wall. They each measure 6 1/2" high x 5" wide. They are very sweet and they give sound advice.
All Items : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #1105754
Lemon Tree Treasures
Get a romantic handle on time with this lovely victorian-inspired vintage accessory. The watch is on a necklace and inside a beautiful filigree designed pendant that opens to reveal the watch. The lid of the pendant opens up and you can take the chain and watch out...
All Items : Bottles : Pre 1980 item #1105785
Lemon Tree Treasures
This is a decorative, unique dark amber glass bottle. This glass bottle has a "bottle in basket" pattern. It has a hand applied handle and a cork stopper. I think it is just decorative. Maybe at one time it held wine vinegar or whatever. Maker is unknown. Color: Dark Amber Measurements : 5" tall, 3-3/4" wide, 10" long . Good vintage condition. It has some light scratches on the top but still in good condition. Unique. Great conversation starter...
All Items : Cookie Jars : Contemporary item #1106844
Lemon Tree Treasures
This "holly-jolly" Santa has a sprig of holly in his hat and he is holding a cookie jar in his hands. This cookie jar has been used many holidays and held lots of cookies but it is still in perfect condition. This Santa will bring a smile to everyones' face, whether young or old. He is cute-as-a-button. He stands 10" tall.

Cookie jars stir memories. They take us back in time to warm kitchens in cold winters and the spicy smell of cinnamon and cookies baking...

All Items : Kitchen : Gadgets : Pre 1960 item #1109743
Lemon Tree Treasures
EBLESKIVER IRON, Apple Pancake Balls. MFG. BY NORTHLAND ALUMINUM PRODUCTS INC. MINNEAPOLIS MINN. This is an aluminum pan. The black plastic ribbed handle is tight. There is discoloration. It needs a good scouring. Measures about 9 inches in diameter. It has seven openings for Danish apple pancake balls. (Aebleskivers are traditional Danish apple pancakes made in a distinctive sphere shape.) The back is marked "Mfg. By Northland Aluminum Products Inc. Minneapolis Minn."...
All Items : Kitchen : Gadgets : Pre 1970 item #1110340
Lemon Tree Treasures
This is an Ekco vintage french fry cutter. All you have to do is put the potato in and push the handle down. You can make french fries just like McDonalds. It measures 10" long . It will take a 4" potato. No box. Thanks for stopping by Lemon Tree Treasures.
All Items : Tobacco : Pre 1960 item #1112994
Lemon Tree Treasures
Art Pottery by Hollywood darling, Sascha Brastoff. Sascha's work became recognized by the rich and famous in the 1940s and afterwards. Carmen Miranda introduced Sascha's art to Hollywood who welcomed his bold, modern style. Brastoff opened his ceramic studio, got high prices for the time and had great successes.

This awesome set includes a wonderful large ashtray and a covered cigarette holder. Striking and impressive vintage cigarette set by Sascha Brastoff. This Jewel Bird ashtra...

All Items : Porcelain : Pre 1980 item #1123312
Lemon Tree Treasures
This is a set of two children on rocking horses. These are HOMCO Figurines. One figurine is a little boy dressed as a cowboy , complete with hat, while riding his rocking horse. The HOMCO tag is on the bottom of the figurine. There are no chips, cracks, or repairs. The other figurine is a little girl on a wooden rocking horse. A very cute porcelain figurine of a little blonde girl with her teddy bear, riding a hobby horse. No boxes. The figurines measure about 5" tall x 3 1/2" long. ...
All Items : Figurines : Pre 1980 item #1123319
Lemon Tree Treasures
These angel figurines are about 4 1/2" tall . They are marked Depose Italy 164 and 163 with a spider mark on the bottom . I could find no damage. There is some wear - especially in the hand painting . It is worn and pale . They look old but I have no idea as to the age of these angels. They are charming . Add them to your collection!
All Items : Dolls : Pre 1980 item #1123330
Lemon Tree Treasures
This is a set of 3 nesting rabbits with an Easter egg in the middle. Vintage Farmer Bunny Rabbit in overalls, holding a carrot Nesting Doll . It opens to reveal the mother rabbit, young rabbit and the egg in the center. Vintage, but exact age is unknown. The farmer rabbit, the tallest rabbit, is about 6" tall. They are unique and would be perfect in an Easter basket. Some slight wear due to age but the overall condition is good. Very distinctive and one of a kind.
All Items : Ethnic : Pre 1980 item #1123344
Lemon Tree Treasures
These are Russian nesting dolls. We got these at an estate sale and do not know too much about them. There are a total of 11 assorted dolls. Two different sets.

The size of the biggest one is about 6 1/2" tall .The tallest doll has a crack on the side --see photo. The dresses are varied in design and color - red, yellow and natural wood tone. They are holding red flowers. They are wearing babushkas. These nesting dolls are vintage , but the exact age is unknown. The dolls have...

All Items : Collector Plates : Pre 2000 item #1131690
Lemon Tree Treasures
This is the Barbie "Queen of Hearts" collectors plate from Enesco. It is a limited edition exclusive JC Penney plate # 3,383 out of 7,500. It has an 8" diameter, round , porcelain. It was designed by Bob Mackie. Great condition. No chips or cracks on the plate. It comes with the original box. The box is a little dirty and has a small tear on the outside of the box.

This Barbie plate was created exclusively as the first in a series for JC Penney, the artwork for this maste...

All Items : Americana and Country Primitives : Western : Pre 1970 item #1131691
Lemon Tree Treasures
sold thank you.
This is a vintage knife sharpening steel with an antler handle and a detailed , beautiful sterling silver band. (It says "sterling" on the band. Very tiny writing.) The silver band is decorated with embossed floral designs and columns. Beautiful. Very detailed. It measures 13 3/4" overall. Wonderful old collectible.
All Items : Dolls : China : Pre 1970 item #1131794
Lemon Tree Treasures
This is a China doll in great condition. It is a little Asian girl wearing the original clothing. She has china or porcelain, head, hands and feet. She looks like she is handpainted in blue and white. I think she is from the 1960s. She is 11" tall. This little doll is one of a kind and very cute. She will sit , either flat or on a chair. She has no chips ,cracks,or repairs that I can see. She wants to be adopted and is anxiously looking for a new home . Check her out.
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