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Books of Cat Stories--FOR CAT LOVERS=BY Cat Lovers

Books  of Cat Stories--FOR CAT LOVERS=BY Cat Lovers
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This is a set of two books for cat lovers. The first one is "Great Cat Tales". It has several cat stories chosen for cat lovers by cat lovers. Anyone who has ever shared a home with a cat knows how charming , lovable and unpredictable they can be. EACH STORY IN THIS BOOK HAS A HAPPY ENDING. Every cat lover will enjoy this book of happy tales.

The second book is "How to Toilet-Train Your Cat." It has all kinds of helpful suggestions and it addresses an important issue. (However, some people might think it is only good for a laugh). This book offers an easy solution to one of the most troublesome problems any cat owner will ever face. Litter boxes.!! Now there is a better way. Using this book you can break your cat of the litter habit and teach him the alternative of using a toilet. The book says toilet trained cats are happier cats. Check it out. Thank you for looking. :-)

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