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Collectible 1963-B Federal Reserve Note - Barr - Star

Collectible 1963-B Federal Reserve Note - Barr  - Star
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Welcome to the exciting world of paper money collecting -- especially one dollar bills. The popularity of collecting paper money has quite surged in recent years. This is a U.S. one dollar paper bill - Series 1963-B Federal Reserve Note-----BARR--- Green Star . It is "G" block. Number G52971156. Green treasury seal, green serial numbers . This has the signature of Joseph W. Barr who served as secretary of treasury from December 1968 to January 1969. His signature appears on the $1 Federal Reserve Notes of the Series of 1963-B . He served for one month. This was printed at Chicago.

Look at the photos and you grade the condition. The bill has been folded and circulated. If I was going to grade the condition, I would probably give it a "fine" rating. (?) I have been told that the "G Block" is rare. Possibly might be worth more down the road. This bill comes in a plastic sleeve. The photo is the exact item you will get.

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