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Greeting Card Booklets on Cats/Dogs. Great Keepsakes.

Greeting Card Booklets on Cats/Dogs. Great Keepsakes.
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$5.00 for each booklet plus shipping

These little booklets (or they could serve as greeting cards) are absolutely adorable. You can buy one book or more. This photo is just showing two of the different booklets we have available. We have booklets on several different breeds of dogs or cats. Each book is about 24 pages long and full of history and information about that particular breed.

These books have all sorts of helpful information and LOTS OF HUMOR. There are fun facts, cat or dog horoscopes, pop songs cats or dogs like, pet peeves animals have about their owners. recipes for cats/dogs, word jumbles and lots of precious photos. At the end of each booklet, there are pages to fill in information and photos of your own pet. These little booklets are wonderful and so fun. Send one to your favorite cat or dog lover. Do you have a sick or homebound friend who could use some humorous reading material ? These little books will give them a laugh. Any animal lover will enjoy these books. (They come with an envelope.)

We have booklets on --

Butterscotch Tabby Cats, or Silver Tabby Cats, or Classic Tabby Cats

Siamese Cats

Persian Cats

Calico Cats

American Shorthair Cats

Fearless Felines.

Black and White Kitties, Black Cats.

As far as dogs go, we have the following breeds:

Miniature Schnauzer

All American Mutt--REALLY CUTE !

Sweet Collies

Longhaired Dachshunds

German Shepherd

Shih Tzu


Irish Setter


Cocker Spaniel

If you are rushed and short on time, we would be pleased to ship your card booklet directly to friends and family members. Just inform us where you want it sent and what you want written on the card. We will mail it directly to that person for you. Let me know ahead of time. Thank you for looking at Lemon Tree. Come back soon.

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