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Turtle Candle Ring--Turtle Paperweight- --Candleholder

Turtle  Candle Ring--Turtle Paperweight- --Candleholder
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$24.00 for all 3 items ---- plus shipping

Here we have 3 unusual turtle items-- all for one price. Two of these treasures are quite unusual . Great attention grabbers! These articles are very cute especially if you collect turtles or if you know someone that does..

This first item is a votive candle holder sitting in the middle of a circle with 5 turtles sitting facing inward toward the candle holder. Each turtle is detailed with all the markings of the real thing. The diameter is 6" and it is about 3" tall. It looks like these turtles are sitting in a circle and warming their feet . All their mouths are open so maybe they are singing. Unique.

The second turtle treasure is a paperweight. It is a clear blue tint art resin turtle figurine paperweight. Vintage. There are two little sea turtles----hand painted-- encased in resin . (They are not real turtles but they look real.) This could be used as a paperweight or just for decoration. It is beautiful to look at and exquisite. It looks as if the turtles are swimming under the sea, encased in resin. It is in very good shape, no cracks or chips -great conversation piece. It has a couple of small light scratches on it . It measures about 7" tall x 5" wide.

The last turtle gem is a green turtle votive glass candle holder. Vintage. It is not marked. It is heavy glass and in great condition. No cracks, no chips, no blemishes. Use it on your desk for paper clips or other small items. Or you can put a votive candle in it and light up a dark evening.

These 3 turtle treasures are perfect as gifts, or for your own enjoyment. They are one of a kind, collectible and unique.

Thanks for checking out Lemon Tree Treasures. Hope to do business with you soon.

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