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"Cooking with Friends" - Cookbook Based on the Sitcom

"Cooking with Friends" - Cookbook  Based on the Sitcom
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"Cooking with Friends". This is a vintage cookbook inspired by the twenty- something group of men and women who starred on the sitcom FRIENDS/NBC/1994-2004. (The next best thing to hanging out in Monica's kitchen or at the Central Perk!) It has everything from Monica's sophisticated tastes to Joey's simple, delicious dishes. Plus, it is filled with quotes, lots of pictures, clever definitions and discussion pages. The recipes are great and the presentation of the book is just plain fun. If you love FRIENDS, the famous TV show, you need to buy this book even if you are not into cooking.

There are comfort foods for when "it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year." Perfect food for imperfect times. There is "stay at home pasta", "misery meatloaf" or "Italian Almond Biscotti". There is a yummy recipe for "Adults Only Macaroni and Cheese". Macaroni and cheese from a box might be fine for kids but adult troubles need a homemade touch. There is also practical advice for brewing coffee, stocking your pantry and using a pizza stone.

The recipes are well written and the pictures help too. They will remind you of your favorite characters in the show, what they eat, how they make it, how they serve it. It's just an amazing book! I really started to love cooking. A must have book for all FRIENDS fans! If you love the show or if you love cooking, you'll love this! This book is in mint condition.

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