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Mechanix Illustrated Mag.--April 1950-Oldie but GOODIE.

Mechanix Illustrated Mag.--April 1950-Oldie but GOODIE.
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$10.00 plus $4.00 shipping

MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE. APRIL 1950 ISSUE. I would say this magazine is in acceptable condition. It is OLD. And it has been read and reread. IT SHOWS AGE AND THE PAGES ARE YELLOWED. The cover is torn . But it appears to be complete and is still pliable.

But this old worn magazine is PRICELESS .!!!!! It is worth the price just to read and remember all the old timey ads. " Amusing." "Entertaining !!!" "Humorous"

There is a GREAT ad in this magazine with a picture for HARLEY DAVIDSON Hydra -Glide-- "...for Wonderful Fun and Endless Good Times...".

There is a great advertisement for CHARLES ATLAS Body Building Books.

Crosley Station Wagons--"...Cuts All 1950 Prices."

Articles on the world's fastest stock car. (1950)

Self propelled surf boards.Pictures, too.

"60 Billion Dollars in Lost Gold--waiting to be found...".

There is an ad for GOVERNMENT JOBS. You can start as high as $3,450. A YEAR.

Bar Bells for sale --$8.95 and up.

Ads to sell television and radio kits--build them in your own home.

This magazine is PRICELESS. You will have an enjoyable walk down memory lane and get a few laughs also. Believe me--It is worth the price.!! Don't pass up this magazine. (THIS ITEM CANNOT BE SHIPPED MEDIA MAIL - IT IS A PERIODICAL AND CONTAINS ADDITIONAL ADVERTISING.) So the shipping is a little higher.

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