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Rhinestone Necklace--Vintage-Rainbow Colored

Rhinestone Necklace--Vintage-Rainbow Colored
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When mama told you all that glitters is not gold - she was talking about Rhinestones! Vintage costume jewelry pieces were very often made from rhinestones. They sparkle and are very affordable, easy to find, and fun to wear.

They are inexpensive baubles that can brighten any wardrobe. They come in a lot of different colors! Collecting vintage rhinestone jewelry can bring a bit of old fashioned glamour into your life. This necklace does not have a solid clasp. You could probably add a clasp.

OR----It might sound strange, but decorating your home with pieces of pretty jewelry is a fabulous way to spice up your decor! I love *SPARKLY* jewelry, and believe it or not, I don't wear it. My house does, though! Sparkly strands of vintage beads hugging a piece of pottery can create an eye-catching center piece. Keep in mind that even broken jewelry works well for decorating. A well-placed rhinestone brooch (even with a missing stone or two, or broken pin-back) can add interest to an otherwise drab shelf. If placed right, it will give off a nice *sparkle* when you walk past! Drape a strand of colorful vintage beads on the corner of a favorite picture. A pretty bowl or candy dish can hold a nice, colorful selection of jewelry! Arrange it to show off the colors and sparkles... This picture does NOT do this necklace justice. This necklace is absolutely stunning. Dazzling rainbow colors. About 15 " long. Please look at enlargement photo following this description. Thank you. Check out all our jewelry items. We have a wide variety of fine jewelry and costume jewelry.

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