All Items : Silver : Pre 1920 item #1064633 (stock #X2584)
The sculptural design of this piece is similar to those of Jensen and others using new forms in the Scandinavian silver world just after the turn of the 20th Century. This graceful version of a lily, cut to reveal its curvilinear elements on an otherwise flat surface, is very similar to one done in sterling (ca. 1910) also by Axel Prip which appears in sterling as shown on p...
All Items : Silver : Pre 1900 item #1080421
'Marie Antoinette' was brought out by Alvin Corp. in 1890; it is reminiscent of French Napoleon III patterns, a sort of fiddle form with motifs of laurel, honeysuckle, and cones. The fork is in fine condition. A large Gothic monogram E is in the cartouche of the handle. Length is 6 inches, weight is 16 grams.
All Items : Silver : Pre 1900 item #1036954 (stock #X2567B)
This lovely little fork is probably a place fork – ramekin? Pickle? Dessert? At 5.4 inches, it seems a bit short for anything else. It could be used as a small serving fork. The pattern dates to 1898 – 3 years before Howard Sterling Co. went into receivership. The handle has a fluted texture from which spring acanthus leaves forming the lacy architecture of the remaining handle. The ovate blade of the fork is simple but graceful. There is no monogram...
All Items : Silver : Pre 1930 item #1036953 (stock #X2567)
This charming lemon fork has a handle with gold lemons and green leaves cut out on the handle which terminates in traditionally splayed tines. The condition is excellent, the enamel intact, without scratches or bends. Length is 4.75 inches and the weight is 8 grams.
All Items : Silver : Pre 1910 item #1065686 (stock #X303.894)
Old French is a beautiful Gorham pattern patented in 1904 which was based on the early French thread, with the suggestion of a soft “tip” that marked the French prototype. Like its predecessor, Old French is heavy with simple elegance. There are 5 dinner knives (9.75 in.), and two groups – one of 5, and one of 2 – of luncheon knives (8.75 in.), all with old French stainless blades...
All Items : Silver : Pre 1960 item #1109761
On Hold
In addition to generations of households, Ercuis his been a well-known and highly respected French manufacturer that has supplied cutlery since the 1860s to embassies and hotels throughout the world. The 12 pieces probably date from the second half of the 20th century, but have been relatively unused. A classic style, the hollow handles of both knives and forks are securely attached to the blades...
All Items : Silver : Pre 1930 item #1080667 (stock #DP020)
This ladle is marked for Koberlin Brothers, an old silverware firm in Saxony founded in 1828, although the ladle probably dates from the first quarter of the 20th century. It is decorated simply with a single thread outlining the curving form, and with the only relief being the monogram AP. The bowl is oval, and gold-washed. It is marked with the Koberlin mark, the German Imperial marks of crescent moon and crown, and 800 fine (in contrast with 925 for sterling) for the silver content...
All Items : Silver : Pre 1900 item #1064624 (stock #X2587)
On Hold
The fish slice / knife / server as it evolved in the 19th Century took the form of its blade from the body of a headless and tailless fish. John Westervelt's interpretation includes an engraved medallion head inscribed in a roundel on the handle, very likely that of Oceanus, whose body was that of a fish. This piece is decorated by neo-classical motifs – acanthus, dart-and-egg, floral sprays – in engraving, bright-cutting, and engine-turning...
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