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All Items : Figurines : Pre 1970 item #1043511
Big Foot Cat's Collectibles
This beautiful Royal Dux nude figurine was designed by Cernoch. She has Silver hair and blue eyes and is demurely holding a red rose.She sits on a burgundy stool decorated with gold accents. The piece is 9-1/2" tall and sits on a base that is 4-1/4" x 2-3/4". Mint condition and marked with pink triangle and foil label, she will make the perfect addition to your collection.
All Items : Glassware : Depression : Companies : Cambridge : Pre 1960 item #1184079
Big Foot Cat's Collectibles
This is a pair of art deco Cambridge Rosepoint double stick candle holders. They feature a daisy laure etching on the base. They are 9" wide and 6" tall.
All Items : Glassware : Contemporary item #1087549 (stock #B1)
Big Foot Cat's Collectibles
SHIPPING INCLUDED This fusion glass art bowl definitely emits 50's vibes with its' turquoise, red, blue and yellow "plaid" fusions. Having no designer marking, it is impossible to know its' age. Its' fluted diamter is 11" and it is 3' deep.
All Items : Collector Plates : Pre 1980 item #1104649
Big Foot Cat's Collectibles
Inspired by Percy Bysshe Shelley's "To a Skylark", this beautiful cameo plate was designed and sculptured by Gayle Bright Appleby and produced by Incolay Studios in 1979. It was third in the series of "The Romantic Poets". This is plate # 00963.
All Items : Art Glass : Contemporary item #1180813
Big Foot Cat's Collectibles
Venini, known since 1921 for fine Venetian Murano art glass, designed this pattern of ice bucket for DISARONNO. It was a limited time inclusion in a holiday gift set - ice bucket and liqueur. It is Hand-blown Venetian Glass, ocean blue with with hand-blown white glass stripes. It is 5" high, 5 1/8"" wide at top. Although sold as an ice bucket, its small size makes it perfect for chips, crackers, trail mix, candy!
All Items : Art : Sculpture : Pre 2000 item #1263019
Big Foot Cat's Collectibles
this piece from the series covering life in Italy wa done and signed by four "master sculptors from Milan. It is 8" x 6" and depict rome's Via Condotti in vibrant colors--including famous fashion shops- Gucci and Cartier.
All Items : Glassware : Pre 1960 item #689564
Big Foot Cat's Collectibles
The origin of this unique Murano style tri-fold bowl is unknown. It is 9 in. diameter by 5 in. high. It is colored deep red at the bottom but fades to pink at the top.
All Items : Theatre and Movies : Pre 1970 item #1165103
Big Foot Cat's Collectibles
This is a framed original theater lobby card from the 1969 release of Doctor Dolittle. It measures 11" x 14" and is numbered 69/28. We have not removed it from its frame since acquiring at and estate sale. It appears to be in very good condition.
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