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DURGIN 200g Sterling Silver Floral Tea Caddy NO MONO Powder Box Jar 6"

DURGIN 200g Sterling Silver Floral Tea Caddy NO MONO Powder Box Jar 6"
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ABOUT: Very substantial piece by Durgin from the Victorian Era, one of the largest canisters I have held. I believe due to size it is a tea caddy, but could have other uses. Large repousse solid sterling silver caddy, canister, powder box or vanity jar. Dates to the late 1800s as evidenced by the old Durgin hallmark. Not often found and very eye catching with the larger size. Lovely rose / floral and scroll design. Would be beautiful on your dining table, for tea time, or in a vanity set or a prominent piece for display. NO MONOGRAM MEASUREMENTS: Larger canister measuring about 5 3/4" to 6" in height by about 3.5" in diameter so a useful size. VERY Sturdy hand feel weighing over 200 grams. MARKS AND PATTERNS: Marked Sterling on the back with the old Durgin hallmark and the retailer stamp from one of the high end sellers of the time. IMPORTANT CONDITION NOTES: Please note this piece is in estate condition with some pin dings to the base and some indentations to the lid giving it a slightly rippled appearance on the smooth, not monogrammed cartouche. A few other pin dings here and there maybe seven or so? None are glaringly obvious or super noticeable but I tried to capture in photos, the lid is probably the worst of it because the dings to the base are only noticeable when you flip it over. Some additional surface wear and scratching throughout, the wear is uniform like from polishing over the years. The lid slides on and off perfectly and snugly. The rim when the lid is off looks a little misshapen but the two pieces nest perfectly. There are a few faint / cloudy tarnish spots that are very light and mostly inside in the hard to polish corners, not a lot of dark tarnish. No holes or punctures, I don't really see many dings to the repousse artwork or design, it seems to be just the smooth areas of the lid, cartouches on the sides and underside, where any wear is made more evident by the mirrored finish. The piece has a rounded base and does seem to teeter a bit but it is such a large piece that it sits pretty sturdy. But Please note this is not in mint condition. It was polished like this when I received it. Amazing to behold these pieces over 125 years old still looking so beautiful today.

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