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BUG PIN Shiebler STERLING SILVER Seahorse Corsage Bar BROOCH Rare

BUG PIN Shiebler STERLING SILVER Seahorse Corsage Bar BROOCH Rare
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ABOUT: Beautiful and whimsical Sterling silver Pin or Brooch by George W. Shiebler in their highly collectible bug / insect motif, depicting a beetle on one side and a seahorse on the other above a hammered background. Incredible detail! I have a few Shielber brooch / pins so please check out my other offerings! I believe the style of this one may be Japonesque aesthetic which was popular during that time and a style which Shiebler often worked in. Similar listings have the Shiebler bug pieces dating to the late 1800s period so I am guessing it is sometime in that range, but would not be any newer than 1910 as that is when Shiebler was dissolved. Beautiful object of virtu that could be worn, or displayed in a prestigious Sterling Silver collection, as these bug pieces are highly sought after due to their unique hand finished design and will likely only go up in value. HALLMARKS: Marked on the back with the Shiebler hallmark along with "Sterling" and the number 471. IMPORTANT CONDITION NOTES: Has been hand polished but I didn't want to clean it too aggressively as I wanted to avoid any damage. So there is some tarnish on the sides of the bodies of the figures, where the details make it hard to polish in the small spaces. It has a textured finish above the hammered background so I don't see any surface wear, it really presents beautifully. Hinge is a bit loose so it doesn't spring super strongly back from the clasp but it seems to hold and I do not see any repairs. No bends, I don't see any pin dings or misshapen areas of the pin body. I did notice a slight bend to the pin post / bar closest to the hinge but does not affect the opening and closing. A few stubborn tarnish spots on the back. But as I deal in estate items, please note this is not a mint condition item. Lots of years left in this highly collectible item. MEASUREMENTS: Nice size, Pin measures about 3 1/8 inches in length and it is a shade under 1/2 inch wide. It weighs a sturdy 15 grams of solid sterling silver so this is not a flimsy or easily bendable piece.

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