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Ladle awarded at a Missouri county fair around 1850

Ladle awarded at a Missouri county fair around 1850
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Made by E. Jaccard & Co., St. Louis -- at 8-7/8" in length, it is a mid-sized ladle suitable for serving soup out of a small crock, or gravy out of a large bowl, or grog out of a middlin'-sized cup, or perhaps it is an oyster ladle used to pluck the briny shellfish out of whatever they are served in. In the event, it is a neat piece, with a pinched-waist fiddle handle, high pointed shoulders and a 2-7/8" oval bowl, and engraved on the front the letters B.C.A.M.A. -- which most likely stand for Agricultural and Mechanical Assn. of one of Missouri's 8 counties which begins with the letter B. The piece is marked E. JACCARD & CO, St. LOUIS, and COIN. Condition is excellent throughout.

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