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Authentic Navajo Hand Made Kokopelli Pot 10" tall

Authentic Navajo Hand Made Kokopelli Pot  10" tall
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Southwestern Pottery HAND PAINTED and CARVED signed/inscribed by NAVAJO artist M.Irving. It is 10" tall and 7 1/2" wide at the widest point. ETCHING is CRISP, AND PRECISE. It has 12 rows of different etchings including Feather, Cloud, Water, Lightning, and other carvings featuring a Kokopelli as the main design.

Great for a Western Home Decor. Each piece created is unique and one of a kind.

Ko-ko-pel-li (k k pel l) n. {der. Hopi "kokopilau" (koko = wood, pilau = hump)} the humpbacked Flute Player, mythical Hopi symbol of fertility, replenishment, music, dance, and mischief.

Kokopelli is considered a symbol of fertility that brought well-being to the people, assuring success in hunting, planting and growing crops, and human conception. His "hump" was often considered a bag of gifts, a sack carrying the seeds of plants and flowers he would scatter every spring. Warming the earth by playing his flute and singing songs, Kokopelli would melt the winter snow and create rain, ensuring a good harvest. Kokopelli often displayed a long phallus, symbolizing the fertile seeds of human reproduction.

For symbol meanings please go to the site below: http://www.buckagram.com/buck/symbols/

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