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Rare Beautiful Red Navajo Horse Hair Etched Pottery

Rare Beautiful Red Navajo Horse Hair Etched Pottery
for item 1071

PATTERN: Carved Red Horse Hair

ITEM: Navajo Art Pottery .

COLOR: Red Black lines from the horse hair with yellow carving

MANUFACTURER: Beautifully Designed and painted by well known artist Signed:


CONDITION: Excellent, No Damage. VERY CLEAN

SPECIAL NOTES: This pot is deeply etched in intricate patterns. Collectible Art Pottery from the New Mexico Pueblos. Colorful well designed and Decorated with natural colors of the Southwestern Desert. Excellent Condition, No chips, cracks or Discoloration. Very Nice Collectible.

The squirming black and smoky designs on the surface of these pieces are created with horse hair! The red hot pot is taken out of the kiln and placed on a warm surface. The horse hair is then carefully placed on the surface of the pot and allowed to burn in. As the hair burns it creates the squiggly lines and smoky gray colors. The pot cools quickly, so the design must be completed within a minute or two.

Many pots have holes in the bottom for more even cooling and less breakage. Often pots do crack from the thermal shock (from 1500 F to room temperature in a matter of seconds), but this does not deter from the design. Because no glaze is used, these Hair Pots are NOT for food use and will NOT hold water. The pieces are for DECORATIVE USE ONLY.

To clean simply dust or wipe off with a slightly damp sponge or soft cloth. Never use a scrubby or abrasive cleanser

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