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Vintage Twin Venus Rain Lamp 1970's

Vintage Twin Venus Rain Lamp 1970's
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Discontinued: 1970s.

Table or Hanging Lamp

PATTERN: Twin Venus

ITEM: Rain Lamp


COLOR: Brushed Brass

MEASUREMENT: 22-1/4 Tall X 9 Diameter

CONDITION: Excellent Condition, Works Well. No Damage. VERY CLEAN, No chips, cracks, repairs or discoloration. Has some minor oxidation on the bottom of the base. I have taken it apart and cleaned all the oil residue out and it is ready for the new owner.

This is a one owner, this lamp was a wedding present in 1976.

How it works: The oil droplets that course down the stands at regular intervals are not controlled by any dispensing mechanism other than gravity. Apparently the oil's high viscosity and the lamp's drip hole diameter and fiber thickness were all carefully matched so that the rate of drip through the remaining space when the fiber is inside the hole is fast and regular, and allows the oil droplets to retain their shape as they flow, which is something water droplets probably would not do very well. There is a hidden collecting basin at the top of the lamp that distributes the oil to all the holes at once, and a hidden collecting basin at the bottom of the lamp that collects all the oil that has finished dripping down the strands. A hidden motor attached to the underside of the cage part of the lamp controls a small oil pump that extends into the oil in the bottom basin, and pumps it back to the top basin via a hidden tube inside the post that runs in the middle of the lamp, in an endless circular cycle. The oil pump uses propeller-like blades to push the oil up the tube. There is a simple mechanism to keep the oil in the top basin from overflowing. A hidden tube inside carries any excess oil back to the bottom basin, like the overflow drain in a sink or bathtub. As long as the pump can pump the minimum amount of oil needed, the oil level in the top basin remains constant.

It takes about 8 minutes 10 seconds to start dripping from the moment it was turned on, after it had been drained, cleaned, and refilled with mineral oil, and not yet run with the new oil. After that initial run, the time-to-first-drips varied randomly from 4 minutes 55 seconds to 8 minutes 20 second SPECIAL NOTES: Would be a great replacement or addition to any set or collection.

Great Condition for their age. Very Nice Collectible and Very Usable.

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