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14 Old Vintage and Antique Medicine/Liquor Bottles

14 Old Vintage and Antique Medicine/Liquor Bottles
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I know very little about these bottles. I purchased then in a lot at and auction. So I am just going to try to describe them to you. 1. Cobalt Blue medicine bottle 4.5 inches tall with the 5 on the bottom, in excellent condition. 2. Clear square bottle with cork stopper and a paper inside that says 1915 on it. No marks on this bottle. The top edges looks sanded and slightly rough. The bottle itself is 4.75 inches tall. 3. Owens 31 clear glass medicine bottle with a hand carved wood stopper. It has the number 10 on the bottom and some other symbols. It measures4.25 inches tall with the stopper. It is in excellent condition. 4. This bottle is the same size as the Owens and has the number 31 on the side, but doesn't say Owens. It has a diamond shape mark and the number 4 on the bottom. It is in excellent condition. 5. A Bacardi Rum bottle with the words Liquor Bottle 3-70 PRG on the bottom. It is in excellent condition. The label in good shape as well. It is 4.5 inches tall. 6. Brown glass Drambuie Bottle marked S 549 A 5 UGB on the bottom. The front label is good the back one missing. It measures 3.5 inches tall and in very good condition. 7. There is a round brown glass pill bottle with marking on the bottom I can't quite make out. It measures 2.25 inches tall and is in great condition. 8. Another round brown glass bottle, very old looking, with a 5 and a diamond sort of mark on the bottom. It does have a chip on one side. 1.75 inches tall. 9. A square brown glass pill bottle with 2 on the bottom. It is 2 inches tall and in great condition. 10. Tiny vial type bottle that says Glostora Sample see circular for directions. It measures 1.75 inches long and is in great shape, the label is good and the cork is still in the bottle but a broken off level with the bottle. 11. Next is a brown ribbed bottle with a narrow neck that says Root Bitters on the side it has a cork, and measures 3 inches tall. 12. The last 3 bottles are just pretty bottles made in Taiwan, 2 brown and 2 blue, all have corks. They are in great shape.

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