Imperial German and WWII Collectibles by Brandywine Militaria Brandywine Militaria
Army SD M40 Helmet w Liner and Chinstrap WWII German
Waffen SS Personalized Presentation Book - WWII German
WWI German Seel Helmet w Italian Liner and Chinstrap
Trophy Eagle Presented SS Totenkopf Captain in Lublin
Hollow Back Armored Assault Badge - WWII German
Panzer Reconnaissance Collar Tab - WWII German
German Officer Visor Cap - Transport or Sonderfuhrer
1939 Hitler Youth Kreissieger Badge - WWII German HJ
WWII Japanese Medal - Red Cross of Merit
1st New York Regiment GAR Civil War Veterans Medal
Hitler Youth Proficiency Badge - WWII German HJ
WWI German Trench Art / Souvenir Letter Opener
Ghetto Gemeinde Armband (Authentic) - WWII German
Panzer Man's Wehrmacht Issue Drivers License - WWII
SA Scharfuhrer Collar Tabs - WWII German
Reichsbahn Shoulder Board DRK WWII German Railway
Swedish Double Decal WWII Steel Helmet
Jaeger Zu Pferde Prussian Steel Pickelhaube WWI German