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Brandywine Militaria
Nice watch fob with a good looking steel helmet on background of oak leaves and acorns shown on the front. In the bottom right is a tiny BM which must represent the artist making the original mold. The reverse shows a smooth field for engraving in the center and a continuation of the oak leaf and acorn motif to the top and bottom. Shown here is: 7.J.R.19 WEIHNACHTEN 1937. All except the first "7" is raised and thus part of the casting mold. That first "7" is engraved into the fob...
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Brandywine Militaria
Superb Iron Cross Second Class hallmarked 27 for the firm Anton Schenkl's Nachf., Wien. The hallmark was neat easy to photograph but looked at through a loop is crisp and clear without a doubt. The cross and the full length 29cm ribbon are both in perfect condition and probably unissued. The extra bonus on this one is the original issue envelope packet measuring about 9x6cm. The text is crisp, the paper is clean and healthy and its lack of damage makes it perfect for display...
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Brandywine Militaria
Just an absolute screamer SA dagger by RZM M7/27 Pumawerke. I am quite serious when I say the only spots on this one is the little flake to the plating on the edge of the cross guard just below the eagle grip inset and the tiny rub to the scabbard paint on the backside just below the scabbard throat (See last two images for both). Other then those two spots I can't find anything worth pointing out and this is easily the best paint I have ever had on an SA scabbard...
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Brandywine Militaria
This is a rare medal with great history behind it. This commemorative war medal was instituted by Elector (Kurfürst) Wilhelm II on 14 March 1821 to recognize Hessian soldiers who took part in the second and final round of the Napoleonic Wars 1814-1815. Inscribed on the edge is "AUS EROBERTEM GESCHÜTZ" which translates to "From captured cannon", indicating that the metal used for this decoration was from a cannon captured at Waterloo...
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Brandywine Militaria
Absolutely lovely Imperial German war veteran flag or standard or banner. Whatever it is it is gorgeous and shows the manufacturing techniques of a bygone time. The flag has a nice, solid cotton base and sandwiched by a silk layer on each side. As is usually the case with such flags the silk has been damaged. It just doesn't take a very long period of neglect to ruin silk. Luckily the embroidery and bullion is anchored to the cotton so no details or trim work is lost...
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Brandywine Militaria
Nice Infantry Assault Badge by R.S. Original war time production. Comes with the envelope marked Infantrie Sturm Abzeichen Bronze. Towards the bottom a bunch of purple numbers that might have meant something to someone a long time ago. Envelope is every bit of 70 years so a bit delicate, a small hole bottom reverse and some paper damage toward the reverse top. Nice badge and still presentable envelope. Nice item.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very scarce arm badge or sleeve eagle for male DRK uniformed personnel. The patch worn by the female uniformed personnel (Triangular patch with district) is more common but the male sleeve eagle seems to be quite hard to locate. Supposedly because by the mid-war period most able bodied men were in either armed forces or armaments industry with the ladies being used more for medical purposes. Just about 6x4 cm. Fine condition with a couple small spots on the front (See image). GES.GESCH...
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Brandywine Militaria
On Hold
Nice, honest M43 Luftwaffe field cap. Size marked 55. The RBN number is too feint to read on the left side. One moth nip in the wearer's left corner of the bill. This is shown in the last image which also shows the loop for the ear flap. At its widest this nip is about 1/2 cm wide but luckily is under the chinstrap portion when worn normally. Nice, real cap priced right.
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Brandywine Militaria
Deutscher Krieger Bund veteran medal with chain suspending a veteran badge that shows a shoulder board from the the Infantry Regiment. Nice looking medal.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very nice German engraved officer sword. very handsome lion head features red ruby eyes. The front langet shows sabers and pennants indicating the officer was from the artillery branch of service. The back langet shows a blank shield where the officer could have opted to add a monogram. The knuckle bow features another monogram shield laying in front of more sabers, a lance and a cartridge box; All under an iron cross. The grip is a high quality fish skin with twisted silver triple wire wrap...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1950 item #1292084
Brandywine Militaria
Good bit of original paint remaining on this B&N 42 heer belt buckle with unmarked tab. Good looking army buckle.
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1849 dated model 1840 cavalry saber by Ames Mfg Co Cabotville. This model which predated the model 1860 is a big, heavy thing nicknamed "The Wristbreaker" and the only thing worse then swinging one would be to be on the other end. The handle wrapping is long gone and the metal parts have been painted gold long, long ago as was often done in veteran groups such as GAR. This is more subtle then in my flash heavy photos but gold painted it is. The good angle there is that the gold paint is heavily ...
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Brandywine Militaria
First class iron cross box. This does need a little bit of tlc but mostly superficial. The upper front panel is a bit loose, some of the leatherette could be glued down and the thin fabric covering the hinge is frayed out. The first two are fixable by a spot of glue and the fabric should probably be trimmed away to make it unnoticeable since manyhave the hinge showing anyway. On the plus side, the hinge is in fine shape and the snap clasp works. The leatherette has a nice diamond pattern through...
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Brandywine Militaria
Interesting bright red sash with kanji that translates to "Naval Aircraft Technician". I believe this would be worn on the flight deck in a similar manner that we still have different color shirts for maintenance, fire control etc. This way the confusion of a bustling aircraft carrier flight deck is a little easier to figure out. The original sewn hem of the sash is intact but it was cut apart at some point but still very displayable and if being put on a dummy could certainly be resown or pinne...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1291700
Brandywine Militaria
1939 dated manual titled Eine Batterie geht in Stellung by Prof. Hans Bohenkamp. As the titel might suggest it is a military manual regarding the positioning of artillery. 32 pages and measures about 10x25cm. Nice war dated German army manual.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very nice patriotic WWI pin featuring a very nicely executed miniature enamel blue max or Pour le Merite in silver colored wreath. Featured in profile in the center is Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and Kaiser Wilhelm. Probably Austrian as Franz Ferdinand is featured before the Wilhelm. A very cool miniature of one of the great military orders which, of course, was used by both Austria and Germany. Circular, measuring 2.5 cm in diameter. Have not seen this one before.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very interesting Japanese military sake bottle. The front shows a sword, helmet and flag resting on cherry blossoms in an oval depressed into the porcelain. Above this is a star. This is a nice enough motif but as the bottle is turned it becomes evident that subtly raised from the porcelain body is a whole series of further military themes; Cavalry, artillery in action, charging infantry, a rolling tank, horse pulling limbered artillery, infantry scaling a slope, a large falling bomb and an airp...
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Brandywine Militaria
Sold BB
Top notch Luftschutz other ranks belt and buckle set. The EM box buckle is close to perfect on the front and nearly perfect finish on the interior. Some minor age wearon the top and bottom maybe from that being where one might pick it up and leave oils on the surface. But even this wear is more like a light freckling. The leather belt is in superb condition and likely never issued or worn since even the leather plugs remain in a few of the holes from when the punching was done (Image 7). Leather...