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Brandywine Militaria
ET68 double decal combat police helmet made for a fellow with a large cranium. It actually swallows up my poor dummy head in the photos. Nice looking helmet with fair amount of honest wear but still looking good. Photos show details well. Size 68 was, I believe, the largest size made by any company.
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Brandywine Militaria
Sold PD
Interesting tunic. There is are no tears or moth nips that I find. What is odd is that it seems there was at one time NCO tress that was removed. Perhaps the poor fellow was demoted for some transgression? There are signs of this on the cuffs and the shoulder boards. It also seems that the bottom fabric on the wearer's left was pulled off and restitched, oddly supporting the thought that this fellow's NCO tress was quite literally ripped off. Certainly some sort of story there...
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Brandywine Militaria
Sold, Thank You
Decent 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger. Blade marked SMF and waffenamt. The handle is beautiful with undamaged orange grip with perfect wire wrap. The fittings are lovely, clean examples of early high quality work. The scabbard is likewise in great shape. The blade is spotted and the edge has some wear mostly detectable by running a finger over it. OK blade but gorgeous everything else.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very nicely rendered inkwell in the form of a Prussian pickelhaube. As a bonus there is a sword going through the helmet as well. Fittings are all complete with good detail. Even the chinstrap is real leather. Inside the well itself is a thimble (Which comes out easily enough if need be) which is useful in reducing the size of the well for smaller amounts of ink...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1188372
Brandywine Militaria
Nice army engineer NCO visor cap. Size is 54 and marked on crown. There is some moth nipping mostly on the felt band. This is certainly priced in and is subtle as the colors are dark throughout and next layer doesn't show much at all. Visor remains very nice and shows only some very minor wear. In the corner of the visor there is a touch of glue showing and the sweatband is stuck on at that spot...
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Brandywine Militaria
Very interesting Italian mountain troop cap from the 8th Alpini regiment. As is often the case with Italian insignia, the gold bullion eagle is just a beautiful example. There is one snag to bullion that could easily be glued or tucked in. The 8th Alpini Feltre Battalion enamel pin on the side is a great item and of some solid value on its own. Because this cap is so well made it has a high wool content which unfortunately makes it a favored target of moths...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1188337
Brandywine Militaria
Rodo enlisted belt buckle. Nice, honest example of a desirable belt buckle.
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1188147
Brandywine Militaria
Layaway SD
SS dagger marked M7/81 RZM 1241/39 SS. Maker is Eickelnberg & Mack or Karl Tiegel. While condition is not superb the consistancy of aging gives this dagger an honest feel. The plating shows uniform age wear throughout, from handle fittings through the scabbard and even the hanger fittings. The scabbard paint shows significant wear but has obviously never been messed with. Black ebony handle shows the exepected wear along the top and bottom crossguard...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Edged Weapons : Pre 1800 item #1187856
Brandywine Militaria
Lovely French naval artillery shorts sword which saw service from about 1771 to 1790, a span which perfectly brackets the American Revolutionary War. This exact sword is featured in George C Neumann'a important Swords & Blades of the American Revolution. I have the Third Edition from 1991 and find it on page 189...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1187492
Brandywine Militaria
The Spanish Blue Division represented the Spanish military contribution to the German effort in WWII. For Franco's part it was a way to get the hotheads out of town. For the soldier's part, the Blue Division represented a solid group of anticommunist believers. As a result, the Blue Division is widely accepted to have fought like tigers and was certainly one of the more effective volunteer "legions" in the German war effort and are generally accepted as being an elite unit...
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Brandywine Militaria
Excellent condition Horst Wessel collar tab. Machine embroidered with buckram backing. This Panzer Grenadier Division was named after an SA street fighter killed by communists and became a hero martyr for the anti-Communist movement. It was intended that the personnel for this division would be largely SA members but as it turned out it was mostly Hungarian volunteers.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very nice Prussian belt buckle with leather tab dated. Maker marked and dated 1917. Condition is overall very good as per attached images. Nice belt buckle.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Ivory : Pre 1980 item #1185332
Brandywine Militaria
Cute little cat netsuke. At about 3.2cm high this is not a large example but it is tastefully carved and has a nice ivory grain throughout. Signed Mitsu Yuki.
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Brandywine Militaria
19th century domino set. I sometimes see these called ivory but I believe actually whale bone. This type is certainly 19th century. Full set of 28 with original wooden box. Ships only to US address minus California.
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Brandywine Militaria
This is a great looking example. Has a great "been there" look but not too beat up at all. The front plate has a few stress lines and a ding at about 2 o'clock (See last photo). A nice, dark, even patina throughout. Reverse shows the hook and the puppy paws. There is a maker mark visible that looks like W H SMITH. Very cool belt buckle.
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1185284
Brandywine Militaria
Any day that I pick up a Gustav Bremer flak badge is a good day. These are notoriously well made and always have nice, crisp detail. This one is in great shape as per photos.
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Brandywine Militaria
P patch for Polish laborer in Germany. Cheap construction consistent with late war production of non-military insignia. Besides the use of slave labor Germany also imported voluntary laborers in increasing amounts due to obvious manpower shortages. The line is hazy as the German placed governments in occupied zones such as Poland didn't leave much for the locals. If a man wanted to eat he was likely to have to go to the Reich as a "volunteer" laborer. To identify themselves such laborers had to ...
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Brandywine Militaria
Layaway DB
This is a great example of an interesting medal. This one still has most of the silver frosting that is long gone due to poor application process to a lame metal. Ring is hallmarked 110. The medal itself, despite poor manufacture, is a neat medal with grenade, helmet, bayonet etc. Was designed by a panzer general to commemorate the sacrifices of the soldiers during the first winter on the Russian Front. During the Russian counteroffensive the Germans suffered heavily and probably lasted the wint...