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Brandywine Militaria
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Attractive antique German stein. While these steins are obviously intended for beer, this one's motif is heavily promoting the wonders associated with beer. The main figure is identified as GAMBRINUS REX. King Gambrinus is likely a composite of a few historical personalities but over time has come to be the embodiment of the happiness associated with beer. This is a classical King Gambrinus pose; The portly yet strong and regal king holding uphis elaborate beer stein with a keg located nearby...
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Brandywine Militaria
This might be the greatest country on earth but that does not mean we don't periodically do stupid things. For example, Prohibition which made recreational alcohol consumption illegal thus opening the door for the antics of guys like Al Capone. It rarely works out when one tries to impose their morality on others. Prohibition began in 1920. This medal is for a delegate to the Atlantic City NJ Prohibition National Convention of 1912 when this movement was gathering steam...