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Brandywine Militaria
Super cool Sanke WWI postcard features 12 different Blue Max award winners. These Sanke postcards are very sought after which makes sense because they all look great. The bottom left corner does have a small crease but this becomes understandable when we flip it over and see that is was mailed to a feldpost in July 1917 and was fully used. Earlier postcard includes Boelcke and Immelmann but does not yet show Richthofen in the top group. Postcard is really beyond cool.
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Brandywine Militaria
This is a really nice WWI postcard. It is a sepia image with a light exposure but very interesting when one gives it a moment. Nine fellows in field uniforms with a belt fed machine gun. One is wearing a holster and one holding a grenade but the trench setting is interesting. They look to be congregating in front of an entrance to the trench which is heavily sandbagged on top...
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Brandywine Militaria
Nice set of three Hindenburg Zeppelin unused and in excellent condition. Excellent shots of the airship before it got its lettering. Very nice set.