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All Items : Sports : Pre 1910 item #1248263
Brandywine Militaria
Interesting old cue stick trimmer. Basically this is meant to square off a cue stick if a new tip is being put on. Good shape and would probably work just fine if the blade is sharpened a bit. Sort of works like a giant pencil sharpener but with the blade positioned to flatten instead of sharpen. A little over 5 inches total length. Cool billiard related antique to have sitting around the pool room for conversation purposes. I think this dates to right around 1900.
All Items : Sports : Baseball : Pre 1930 item #1236905
Brandywine Militaria
Fantastic item. 1923 Yankees official 5 cent scorecard. Here is a real time warp item. Great ads to read (I wonder why Black Jack licorice chewing gum isn't around anymore?) but most significantly is Babe Ruth listed as batting third. Hitting cleanup behind Ruth is Wally Pipp. Listed as an infielder on the bench is Lou Gehrig. This was Gehrig's rookie season and Pipp is the unfortunate that had a headache one day in 1925...
All Items : Sports : Pre 1970 item #1236143
Brandywine Militaria
Very cool enamel pin for the Germsich USA Ski School Test. I am not sure what the "Test" means but this is a very well made badge. Most I see have are unmarked and have a cogwheel type design that I think is supposed to be a snowflake. This example is German made by the firm Deschler Munchen 90. Deschler was quality oriented enough that their Third Reich era hallmark was "1"...
All Items : Sports : Baseball : Pre 1990 item #1215478
Brandywine Militaria
Very cool item. This is from the estate of Joe DiMaggio and has letter of provenance from the auction signed by Paula DiMaggio Hamra, Joltin' Joe's granddaughter. This auction was well known and much information can easily be found online. Obviously most of the material there-in was TO Joe and not FROM Joe, so is unsigned. This document is an honorary citizenship to the City of Baltimore and signed by Mayor Willaim Donald Schaefer...
All Items : Sports : Pre 1940 item #1144045
Brandywine Militaria
The 1936 Berlin Olympics were a landmark event of the century. Hitler and a rebuilt Germany was being showcased for the world to see and admire. It was a magnificent demonstration and the death and destruction of the war was only three short years later. These very interesting booklets are from 5 different events; Gymnastics, handball, boxing, jumping and football. I think it is hilarious that they made a mistake and titled the soccer book "Football". Yes, that was a joke...