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While these are lovely arrows I can not accurately date them so please consider them superb display items but not antiques. That being said, they are terrifically made. The shafts are perfectly straight. The feathers and points are both wrapped on with what looks like real sinew. The points are finely knapped and terrific examples. One has a tiny flake off of the tip which is only noticable on very close inspection (See last photo). This is really a neat pair.
Brandywine Militaria
Small size Native American rug. I believe this is Navajo but I am not an expert (Oppinions are most welcome). 14x30 inch (not including fringe) makes it a lovely size for a backdrop in a display. Very pleasing color scheme and good condition. One small area of staining (see photos). This may clean out but I won't try. No damage that I can find. Someone will be happy with this one.