Japanese swords and militaria for sale by Anjin Brandywine Militaria
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1259159
Brandywine Militaria
Very nice first model Luftwaffe dagger produced by Alcoso. Gorgeous, mirror bright blade. Early nickel fittings throughout. Some moderate wear to the scabbard fittings but still highly respectable (See photos 9 10 and 11) with beautiful dark patina throughout. The leather throughout handle and scabbard is all original with only gentle signs of age wear...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #973348
Brandywine Militaria
Terrific police officer sword. Early matte blade is a quality examplewith only minor spotting toward the tip. Maker marked Clemen & Jung Solingen. Gorgeous handle shows only very light freckling to the nickel fittings (See photo). Black ribbed handle is just about perfect with a very nice copper police eagle inset. Just for accent there is a scrap of the original sword knot on the knuckle bow. Scabbard is in similar excellent condition. Paint is well over 95% with only some spots about midway...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Pre 1900 item #1016003
Brandywine Militaria
A simply superb Imperial German stein. The size of this beautiful piece is breathtaking; It is marked 3L for three liters and measures about 46cm/18inches high. Obverse shows a wonderful, sinewy lion holding a Bavarian shield and surrounded by military motif including rifles, cannon, standards, drums, bugles, swords, pike, a cannon ball, an iron cross and foliage; All in wonderfuly minute detail. The lid is inscribed "Leinen I. Kameraden gewidmet v. Al. Mitl a...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1038018
Brandywine Militaria
Beautiful Frauenschft wall flag or podium banner for the National Socialist Women's League. At 115cm x 115cm it is a good size and wonderfully made. The gold lettering is intricately woven and all design work is separately sewn. No tears or damage save a few small stains the worst of which are shown in the last three photos; I guess it has to have some signs of age. This one is a real winner.
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #957209
Brandywine Militaria
Very nice early Robert Klass army dagger personalized to a Dr Lohr. Name inscription is tastefully done and well patinated in the depressions. Not sure who he was but certainly an interesting research project. The dagger itself is a solid example of an early Robert Klass. Typical of this particular dagger are the asterisks on the scabbard bands that were designed to cover a flaw in the cast and is only seen in early Klass examples...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1191864
Brandywine Militaria
Very nice quality private purchase artillery officer visor cap by Pekuros. Typical of this maufacturer the fabric is a higher quality then normal and the difference can easily be felt. Eagle insignia is nicely rounded and "melted" in. Bullion wreath insignia is a gorgeous example...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1950 item #1250081
Brandywine Militaria
Terrific item. Funeral sash from the services of Gauleiter Joseph Burckel. Burckel was an interesting figure who ran afoul of the Nazi regime towards the end. Supposedly he and his wife both committed suicide together but there also is speculation that they were "offed" by the regime and the turmoil following the July bomb plot. Whatever the case may be Burckel was certainly a power player for a ling time and this is a piece of real interest. Condition is terrific with some wear to the lettering...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Historical : Pre 1930 item #1245459
Brandywine Militaria
Wonderfully made naval cannon made from wood from the U.S Frigate Constitution...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1950 item #1278928
Brandywine Militaria
Afrika Korps type tropical field cap. Sometimes termed M43 but actually M41. Condition is well worn with some damage as per images. Any markings are long gone. The tan/orange tropical insignia have been replaced with green. Perhaps the original had to replaced and the the fellow simply had no access to the original color. Any number of circumstances could have caused this and we have all seen strange things. Priced accordingly, though.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Historical : Pre 1940 item #1281983
Brandywine Militaria
Very nice DAF unit flag. The town patch indicates it is from St Wendel Ost (Sankt Wendel). This town is just a bit north of Saarbrucken in the Saar region which is of course of great importance wo WWII history. Condition is overall excellent. There are a few small holes but this type of fabric almost encourages them with its loose weave. They are all tiny and really get lost in the size of the flag. The worst spot is the last photo. The silver twist wire fringe is in superb condition and all of ...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1278758
Brandywine Militaria
Respectable NSFK dagger in untouched, uncleaned condition. Very nice early nickel fittings. Nothing is broken but there is decent wear to all fittings. The scabbard leather is original but with solid scuffing (Which I do believe is better the "refinishing"). The point does look a tiny bit smoothed off. Nothing is broken and the fit of all pieces is perfect. Perhaps most interesting is the n.cely marked scabbard throat. It has the NSFK Icarus as well as waffenamt. It also has the markings T.S. 1 ...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1229766
Brandywine Militaria
Really terrific lot belonging to an early panzer man, the sort of thing that doesn't come along very often. First a used postcard showing the same early model tank as is being used by the unit in question. Then there are 10 loose photos, all except for two having descriptions on the back in the same hand. With the exception of the very fine portrait photo, all are on Agfo-Lupex or Agfo-Brovira stock and all are full of men in the early panzer berets and black uniforms. Some show signs of having ...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1278685
Brandywine Militaria
Extremely nice aluminum SS belt buckle by RZM 822/38. This code translates to the firm C.T. Dicke. Very nice detail and a top notch example throughout.
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1289588
Brandywine Militaria
Nice Police officer degen / sword with the lobster maker logo of Peter Dan Krebs. The blade is an extremely crisp and clean matte finish example fitting quite snugly into the handle. The lower hilt has the double lightning bolt SS proof, reflective of the fuzzy difference between the leadership, duties and even personnel of the police and SS organizations. The grip has a very nice looking copper police eagle inset and nickel fittings with patina matching the rest of the handle and scabbard fitti...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1132116
Brandywine Militaria
Very nice officer's visor cap. Sometimes the piping colors drive me a bit nuts but I think this is Transport but possibly Sonderfuhrer. It is a soft, pale blue. At any rate it is an interesting variation. Condition is really top notch. I find one nip just over the eagle and one nip in the velvet band just over the right side slide knot. Then there is a stain on the inside liner. All three of these condition issues are visible in the photos. The negatives being said, this hat is in super shape. V...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1271187
Brandywine Militaria
Very nice early style NSKK motorcycle crash helmet. Eagle plate has cool yellow patina that only nickel seems to get. Nice piece of insignia. The helmet itself is complete. Leather is strong but could benefit from leather conditioner but there is no hurry on that and I prefer to let the long term owner do such treatment. One side ear cover does show some scuffing. Liner is size 58 and complete/undamaged. Front tongue is maker marked Hans Sch- . Nice, scarce helmet.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Edged Weapons : Pre 1940 item #1151099
Brandywine Militaria
Excellent, early take down version gravity knife by Weyersberg. Mechanism works perfectly and all is fine throughout. In untouched condition just as I like such things. Terrific example.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Organics : Ivory : Pre 1920 item #1138480
Brandywine Militaria
Very interesting scrimshaw whale tooth. This example has a fascinating look to it. This must have been a very old whale as there are many, thick crystalline calcium deposits and even a gap between deposits. I have seen a lot of whale teeth but nothing quite like this. It measures a bit under 6 inches long but is a fat brute at over 3 inches wide, a circumference of over 8 inches and weighing over 20 ounces. It is also a very old tooth with minor hairlines on the tip caused by decades of slow moi...