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Nice cockade for Luftschutz visor cap. Nice, even silver wash to the wreath with very gentle rub wear to the high relief of the oak leaves. Red felt center is complete. Multiple piece construction with pleasant, even patina on reverse indicating all pieces have been together as a unit for the duration. Nice example of a difficult piece of insignia to find.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very cool pair of Waffen SS Cavalry or Motorized Reconnaissance shoulder boards. These were used and tunic removed the hard way; Ripped off at the top. There is some nipping that is hard to photograph as the fabric is still black on black but the last photo shows the worst spots on each piece. The nips on the back are easier to discern and are shown in image two. Basically an extremely interesting pair of shoulder straps with damage from field use and some mothing.
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Brandywine Militaria
Sold JH
Very attractive antique beer stein that I would date to right around 1900. The front shows a man being served by an lovely innkeeper with the title "Lindnwirtin" which basically means "The hostess at the Inn of the Linden Tree"...
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Brandywine Militaria
Very interesting Imperial German regimental stein. This is an early one as the engraved inscription inside the lid is dated 1891. The engraving has the initials A.F. R.B. and is in memory of the fellow's service (I can't quite make out the exact words) and the date M. 21.6.91 (June 26, 1891. The ceramic bottom of the shell is made in the shape of an actual artillery shell and the top finial is in the shape of the fuse...
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Brandywine Militaria
Lovely antique regimental stein from a terrific regiment. Written across the top: 1. Inft Rgt "Konig"s 2. Comp 99/1901 Munchen. The 1st Bavarian Infantry Regiment was formed during the Napoleonic Wars and predictably part of the First Bavarian Infantry Division in WWI where it served with distinction. Stein is in great condition with no damage that I find. Correct lithophane in the bottom when held to light. Terrific stein.
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Brandywine Militaria
Lovely Bavarian cavalry stein for one of the royal regiments. 5 Chev Rgt (Chevaulegers-Regiment) "Erzherzog Albrecht von Ostereich 3 Esk (Squadron) 1901-1903. No chips or damage that I can find. Correct lithophane on the bottom. Very nice piece.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very clean gas mask by Auer. Finish is excellent with almost all original paint. The gasmask itself is also in great shape; Healthy and pliant. Really a great set.
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Brandywine Militaria
This is a lovely little set. A pitcher for iced tea, lemonade or whatever and two matching cups with 5th army crests on each piece. The pitcher is about 9.5 inches tall and the cups are about 4.5 inches tall. A local fellow had enlisted and ended up fighting in Italy. The souvenirs he brought home were this pitcher set and his lovely Italian wife. He passed away a year or so ago and she decided she was also getting old and it was time to part with old memories after many decades of happiness...
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Brandywine Militaria
Very cool 37mm PAK anti-tank trainer round. The bottom is metal and manufacture marked accordingly but the business end is wood. Non-lethal, non-explosive piece of wood. Will not hurt anybody or anything but will look cool in almost any display. Manufacture markings bwo indicates made by Rheinmetal-Borsig AG, Werk Dusseldorf in 1940 and for the 3.7cm gun. Overall length is 34cm. It has been around and it is well worn but undamaged.
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Brandywine Militaria
Super cool medal given to spectators at the 1912 Air Show in Berlin. Students of history will note 1912 as a very early date when airplanes were hardly thought of in military terms. This was 2 years before WWI and only 9 years after the Wright brothers first flight. I think that anything flight related before WWI is supremely interesting. Very cool medal.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very cool steel army buckle with leather tab. This one has a lot of the field grey paint remaining but enough worn to give it a great combat look. What is also cool is that the buckle and tab are perfect matches with the buckle being marked N&H 1942 and the tab marked NOELLE & HUECK LUDENSCHEID 1942. The leather is in great shape as well as per photos.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very attractive badge for 40 year faithful service in the Prusiian Railway. The badge is a perfectly toned silver body with similarly toned gold plating to the Prussian crown and the 40 plate. The reverse has the imperial German maker mark on reverse of the 40 plate reads JOH WAGNER & SOHN BERLIN. To the left of Berlin is the associated half moon and crown logo...
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Brandywine Militaria
Shockingly perfect WWI German boot knife. Blade does have a few stray scratches from in-out action over the decades but is certainly the mintiest example I have seen. As per photos metal is as healthy as if it were made yesterday. Every angle is crisp and sharp. Ricasso is marked RASIERMESSER FABRIK ERN WALD RHEINL. This company made razors but clearly put their know how to good use after 1914. Blade also sports a nice crisp arsenal stamp. Much of the paint is worn from the crossguard...
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Brandywine Militaria
This is a nice engraved Eickhorn dress bayonet with a couple of minor issues but some real pluses as well. The first and most important point is that it is real. The engraving is of superb quality with crisp, sharp looking eagles with no lumpy features. The wording in the engraving reads "für erinnerung an mein dienstzeit" or "In remembrance of my service time". At the bottom is a great looking army eagle and at the top is an even better Luftwaffe eagle...
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Brandywine Militaria
I have always loved these patches. Waffen SS pattern sleeve edelweiss for mountain troops. Needless to say German mountain troops have always had a well deserved reputation for being a very tough elite branch. Reverse shows some paper remains from having been in a photo album; Not a problem at all. Otherwise top-notch condition with clean fabric, perfect stitching and correct slightly floppy feel. Terrific piece of SS insignia.
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Brandywine Militaria
Sold AV
Really interesting cutout eagle and cockade with the front corner of an overseas cap. Fair amount of damage as per photos but these cutouts with whole chunks of cap or uniform backing are lots of fun. Certainly a unigue item.
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Brandywine Militaria
Nice example of a tinnie which is almost impossible to find. Heimat und trachtenfest in berlin-steglitz lichterfelde 29 Mai bis 4 Juni 1935. This type of festival is basically a folk festival including old customs, dress and traditional entertainment. This fit well with the NSDAP outwardly promoting a return to the traditional life and values...
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Brandywine Militaria
Große Reichsausstellung Schaffendes Volk 1937 Düsseldorf Schlageterstadt. This famous exhibition was to celebrate the Reich's Exhibition for a Productive People. Quite similar to the Berlin Olympics, this exhibition was designed to showcase to the world the modernized lives of the German people. Nice example of an uncommon tinnie.