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Interesting old cue stick trimmer. Basically this is meant to square off a cue stick if a new tip is being put on. Good shape and would probably work just fine if the blade is sharpened a bit. Sort of works like a giant pencil sharpener but with the blade positioned to flatten instead of sharpen. A little over 5 inches total length. Cool billiard related antique to have sitting around the pool room for conversation purposes. I think this dates to right around 1900.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very cool tinnie for Tag der Wehrmacht. There are a few standard examples but this tinnie was made for the specific unit Panzer Abwehr Abt. 9 apparently based in Glenhausen. Solid metal tinnie shows an anti-tank gun atop the army eagle as shown on helmet decals. Really an all around cool tinnie that I haven't seen before. A bit of oxidation in the upper right corner.
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Brandywine Militaria
935 Silver version of the 1935 Saar badge. This was in commemoration of the plebiscite which returned the Saar region to Germany in 1935. Normally a two pieced stamped tinnie type item, this one is solid and marked 935. A high end example no doubt intended for someone important in the hierarchy. I would go so far as to say a unique item.
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Brandywine Militaria
An interesting helmet with some personality. The shell is a typical police shell with 2 sets of vent holes on each side. The green paint is original and there is no coat underneath. The inside is complete and shows its age. Dome pad is in place and no tears to the leather tongues and what looks like the original string is still in place. The chinstrap is also complete but well worn. The outside shows some pings and dings but the overall effect is to present a helmet that very likely saw service ...
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Brandywine Militaria
Very nice silver medal; The 1870 Medal of Merit for the City of Rome. The only negative is the blob of wax on the ribbon which could certainly be removed by someone properly motivated. The important point is that the original ribbon is present. ROMA is found on the ring attaching the medal to the suspension ring. Very nice medal.
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Nice ID photo of a standard Waffen SS enlisted man. Just a bit under 5x6cm.
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Very nice ID photo for Waffen SS soldier. Good shot and a needed item considering all of the photoless documents one sees. About 4x6cm.
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Brandywine Militaria
This is a terrific out-of-the-woodwork piece. Luftschutz NSDAP armband with three stickpins inserted. These have clearly been together and very possible all came from the same individual in 1945. The NSFK stickpin is a terrific numbered Forderer example by Gustav Brehmer. A Forderer was a donating member to the NSFK organization. RLB stickpin is by Hermann Aurich. the SA stickpin is backmarked RZM 24. Just a great personality type grouping.
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This is a hard to find odd piece of insignia; Black piped Haupstellenleiter collar tab. The black piping makes this either 2nd or 3rd pattern (1934-1936 and 1936-1938 respectively). In the fourth pattern, of which the vast majority of such insignia belongs, the black piping became the white piping that we are used to seeing on Kreis level insignia. Condition is top notch.
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Brandywine Militaria
Interesting small document thanking Ms. Johanna Funk for donating metal to the scrap drive. It is in a contemporary black frame. Looks to have some minor water stains at two corners and also looks to be mounted on a stiff paper (Probably explains its preservation). Document itself is about 21x15 cm. Good graphics of the factory making heavy antiaircraft guns, no doubt using Ms. Funk's old frying pans.
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Brandywine Militaria
Nice four place ribbon bar. War Merit w Swords, Eastern Front. Army Long Service and Tirol Service Medal. This last is not often found on Third Reich ribbon bars. Obviously a WWI veteran but has the Eastern Front ribbon so saw service in both wars. Interesting bar for sure.
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Very nice named British Life Saving Medal. RLSS bar coincides with medal obverse that reads 'ROYAL LIFE SAVING SOCIETY ESTABLISHED 1891' and shows a sea rescue in process. The reverse reads 'AWARDED TO' and is engraved with the name 'M. S. COSSETT AUG 1926'. Around the edge of the obverse is Latin, probably the society slogan. The second bar is the date 1933, probably when the award was presented. Both bars are on the original ribbon which is usually long gone. Nice named pre-WWII medal at a low...
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Nice set of three Hindenburg Zeppelin unused and in excellent condition. Excellent shots of the airship before it got its lettering. Very nice set.
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Nice set of seven document seals. These are embossed and attractive with nice looking eagles, anchors etc. These were used to seal documents map and other sensitive material and are evolved from the older European tradition of wax seals. I usually see thse priced between $10 and $20 so this lot is priced fairly. Attractive items.
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Brandywine Militaria
AP press photo captioned 'Nazi Gun And Guner Knocked Out'. Interesting Russian front photo showing a knocked out German position and what looks like a short barrel Panzer III in the back. The front of the description page reads CAUTION! WATCH RELEASE DATE! About 8.5x6.5 inches.
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Brandywine Militaria
Nice set of WWI tent stakes and pegs. Excellent condition for their age as per photos. The only real damage I find is a small hole in the bag at the side of one of the buckles (Image 7). The bag has some marking on the inside of the flap but very faded (Image 2). Looks like the original rope. I haven't pitched a tent since Boy Scouts so I have no idea what the difference between a peg and a stake is but there are three of one and two of the other. Nice original set of equipment.
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This piece came out of an advanced Imperial collection and was identified as a German lancer stable belt. I honestly can find this in none of my reference books nor can I find any other examples online. The construction and stitching certainly is consistent with WWI and the name Zoller is certainly Germanic so I am confident in this identification. There is a a stamp in red ink running for a few lines but is illegible due to age fading (See attached image 6). The leather shows wear but looks to ...
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Two place 1914 Iron Cross medal bar with matching ribbon bar. The second medal is Hindenburg Cross. The Iron Cross is a real nice example with very pleasant toning and an overall look just the way we like them. The red stripe on the Hindenburg is a bit faded and there is also a bit of red staining. Perhaps the poor guy got shot in his dress uniform? Otherwise the ribbons are structurally in good shape with no fraying and a very nicely done wrap job. The ribbon bar is a very good match with extre...