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These old airline travel postcards are so cool. With a little frame this would fit into almost any decor. Only us macho guys would know that the Condor, with only some small modifications, was a top notch Luftwaffe maritime patrol aircraft, flying long-range reconnaissance and was used as an anti-shipping/maritime bomber aircraft. It saw early success as a commerce raider and was later used as a transport. This last role was not optimal for its characteristics and a few were even flown into the ...
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Very nice Luftwaffe portrait postcard. W. Willrich painted a series of portraits of national war heroes, many of which were made into postcards. This one, dated 1940, is Haputmann Falck, Staffelkapitan einer erfolgreichen Jadgstaffel. Or "succesful fighter squadron leader". Cool, unused postcard.
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This is the last of a very interesting group of propaganda leaflets I recently purchased. This one is titled "After Hitler's Fall" and touches on preparing the German people to get rid of Hitler and the transition to follow. It asks if the war should be abbreviated or prolonged and then goes into the questions Hitler won't ask such as "Can Hitler's Germany expected a compromise peace? Does Hitler's defeat mean German destruction? Can England deliver the German folk people from bolshevism? Does...
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Brandywine Militaria
Fascinating set of three propaganda leaflets directed at Russian troops. I can't translate these but they obviously seem to be discussing the wonderful treatment that surrendering Russian soldiers could expect in Germany. The first class amenities look like they would include recreational time, quality healthcare and a comfortable bed in a pleasant room. Maybe a bit far from the truth; Perhaps not all propaganda is true then.
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Very interesting propaganda leaflets. This set of two leaflets are in rough condition and really look like they were knocking around in some soldier's pocket for a good while but have a really good look to them and are rare items. One side announces "The Red Army Marches In Germany!" and goes on to basically state that after five years of war it has come back home and what has already been decided is going to end. Every hour that Germany delays the end is another hour of devastation. The other s...
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Very interesting propaganda leaflet aimed at German troops. This would probably be dropped on German troops and would equate to psy-ops operations. This small paper, about 17x11cm. The intent was to give the German soldiers information on the two fronts of their war to cause them to lose heart. One side gives the situation on the Western Front on January 16 1945. It starts out with explaining that the Ardennese Offensive (Battle of the Bulge) is over and German troops are on the defensive and sc...
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Brandywine Militaria
Extremely cool anti-Nazi propaganda leaflets. I do not know if these were produced by US, UK or Russia but they are rare and extremely interesting. The front translates to something like" Defending the partei means the destruction of your home". the main body of the message basically says that the German soldier want peace and are tired of five years of useless fighting. The party and the SS are ready to take and sacrifice the last German soldiers; the last school boy who can only carry a gun. A...
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Sold BM
Very interesting Finnish medal for the WWII conflict with Russia. The Soviet Union first invaded Finland in 1939 in an attempt to grab some territory and create a buffer zone between Leningrad and a possibly hostile nation. This invasion shocked the world and there was even talk of US troops being sent to assist the Finnish. it is enough to make one's head spin when we consider how that would have affected the landscape as the war developed through 1940 and 1941. In the end Finland received no s...
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Very cool enamel pin for the Germsich USA Ski School Test. I am not sure what the "Test" means but this is a very well made badge. Most I see have are unmarked and have a cogwheel type design that I think is supposed to be a snowflake. This example is German made by the firm Deschler Munchen 90. Deschler was quality oriented enough that their Third Reich era hallmark was "1". This pin is typical of quality German enamel in that the border between different color enamel ad metal areas can barely ...
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Beautifully made stickpin with three miniature Imperial German medals. Two pins suspending a gold chain with properly fit loops for the medals. The third medal is the Friedrich August Medaille in silver which was a Soxon medal awarded to NCO's in acknowledgement of notable service. The other two medals are the Hindenburg Cross for WWI veterans and the 1914 Iron Cross which, again, was awarded for outstanding service. A very nicely made stickpin that reflects both the quality put into such pieces...
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Classic unit history: History of the 508th Parachute Infantry. First edition printed in 1948. This unit, the Red Devils, were part of the 82nd Airborne Division and famously served in D-Day and the subsequent Normandy campaign, all through the European campaign ad into occupation. This book follows them from training to the end and includes an Honor Roll in the back as well as a day by day history of the regiment. I believe this was owned by a member of the unit as there are small notations here...
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Nice Wehrfahig tinnie type stickpin with a large eagle over a shield displaying a grenade and a helmet resting on oak leaves. A little over 5cm high and a little under 5cm wide. Wehrfahig pins were worn by newly recruited or drafted military personnel before they were in uniform.
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30 Pfennig coin with Hitler bust. Over the years I have seen a handful of these turn up. While they are scarce there are too many to call a "prototype" so I imagine it was a trial run of some sort. At any rate, an interesting and hard to find item.
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Very nice RAD athletic shirt patch. Not a terribly rare piece of insignia but an extremely nice example being crisp and snow white clean throughout except for one tiny spot along the border (See second image). Noce patch.
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Very interesting short length of tarred rope recovered from the wreck of the Invincible, the first of seven Invincibles which was sunk in 1758. This piece came with a signed certificate of authenticity from the Invincible Conservation group. I would not have but the previous owner trimmed the COA to fit in the mount but it is done and it fits well so I will include the mount with the rope and certificate. Riker mount is about 21x16x5 cm. Neat item from a famous ship.
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Superb heer belt buckle with leather tab. Tab is marked H. AURICH DRESDEN 1942 and is in great condition with soft, healthy leather. As seen in the photos there are two linear scrapes on the front of the tab and a slightly discolored corner on the reverse; Looks like it got a small oil stain. Buckle has the stylized HA logo on the reverse just to the left of the swaz but it is very light and barely shows in my last photograph. But it is there. Buckle is in great condition with almost all origina...
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Here is a truly fascinating piece with a great look to it. Four place round ball bullet mold. The mold portion is brass. The smallest ball mold diameter is about 7mm and the largest is about 13mm. The swiveling arms are iron and the handles are wood. The brass portion has written on the side FAI PAR COUPIL A BONNETABLE. The design is simple but when the handles are swiveled out and squeezed it is clear that plenty of pressure can be brought to bear. The arms do have a little jiggle to them but t...
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This is an extremely interesting badge from the February 25 1934 swearing of the oath of allegiance to Adolf Hitler. It was a day of infamy when the Wehrmacht took such an oath and paved the way for the crimes that were to follow and be condoned and even aided by the German army. The event for which this badge was issued was a similar event in which around a million party members made a similar oath. Perhaps it seemed like a good idea at the time. Different badges were made for this event in dif...