Japanese swords and militaria for sale by Anjin Brandywine Militaria
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Brandywine Militaria
Nice, original waterproof, olive drab bread bag. No damage found to straps, buttons or fabric itself. Important piece of personal kit.
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1244947
Brandywine Militaria
Very nice Berg and Nolte police shako eagle. Condition is perfect which makes for an easy description. Original nuts and washers.
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1244944
Brandywine Militaria
Very nice EKII by Klein and Quenzer. Nice original ribbon. Excellent condition as per images. Nice cross.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very scarce Group Six Assaulting Battalions Medal. This was some campaign in East Africa and the same instance from which the more famous Montagna Cross arose. Fascist medal made in 1935 and designed by Costantino Affer. Obverse is Mussolini giving his Roman salute. Around him are the battalion names. The reverse shows two gladii over a fasces. In the center is the place names where these battalions particularly distinguished themselves in battle. Unfortunately this is the incorrect ribbon...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1244932
Brandywine Militaria
Very nice two place ribbon bar. Iron Cross second class and army long service. Short and to the point.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Americas : Eskimo : Scrimshaw : Pre 1950 item #1244905
Brandywine Militaria
Very nice set of three Inuit ivory figural carvings. Older pieces with some of the dark lines that ivory grain often shows over the years. These were probably mounted on something at one time as there are holes in the fellows' feet. The tallest is 5.5cm. Nice little grouping.
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1244672
Brandywine Militaria
Very nice 1st Class Iron Cross. Screw back variant. The back piece is marked AT ad 88. 88 would be the maker Werner Redo, Saarlautern. I do not know what AT references. Very nice variant iron cross.
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Ceramics : German : Pre 1910 item #1244117
Brandywine Militaria
Attractive antique German stein. While these steins are obviously intended for beer, this one's motif is heavily promoting the wonders associated with beer. The main figure is identified as GAMBRINUS REX. King Gambrinus is likely a composite of a few historical personalities but over time has come to be the embodiment of the happiness associated with beer. This is a classical King Gambrinus pose; The portly yet strong and regal king holding uphis elaborate beer stein with a keg located nearby...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1244066
Brandywine Militaria
Terrific photograph of two German soldiers on a Soviet KV-1 Heavy Tank. I see no damage on the tank so I would assume it was "captured" and out "knocked out". These were the first Soviet heavies the Germans encountered. While the main gun was low velocity the frontal armor was very thick and many German armor and anti-tank troops had the unpleasant surprise of watching their hits bounce off...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1244055
Brandywine Militaria
Layaway MG
RAD belt buckle maker marked Ku.Q. 38 for Klein und Quenzer 1938. This is a rare maker in general but most of their production was for Army buckles. Apparantly they made only a very few RAD buckles. I was able to find one other example in a discussion board. In my copy of German Belt Buckles 1845-1945 by Nash I don't even find them on the list of known makers for RAD buckles and I have found this reference book to be extremely accurate and inclusive over the years...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Toys : Specialty : Pre 1940 item #1243979
Brandywine Militaria
Very cool pair of Marx Toys helmets. These are doughboy style but WWII vintage. These are red and I think there is a silver version also. Terrific condition when one looks at what is usually offered for sale. These were toys in every sense of the word and after spending years battling in neighborhood backyards the condition usually suffers significantly. These have good shape and excellent remaining paint. The first one shown in detail is complete with a nice strong decal...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1243918
Brandywine Militaria
Very nice WWII cap edelweiss for mountain troops. Maker marked GB 41 for Gustav Brehmer 1941. WWII insignia should have a straight stem and five sewing holes. Post war Bundeswehr examples have a hooked ending on the stem and I believe four sewing holes. Nice example of a hat device that is not too easy to find anymore.
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1243916
Brandywine Militaria
Bulgarian steel combat helmet with a good front line look but still in nice, clean condition. Very nice liner but end of chinstrap is broken off. Bulgaria like many of the other smaller eastern Balkan and Baltic countries were swept along with the war. While the fighting men were strong and brave enough they were let down by weak leadership and poorly equipped. When the Germans went through they were swept along on the anti-Communist crusade...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1243900
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It is a shame that this looks to have had a sloppy repair because it is a nice Infantry Assault Badge with just the prettiest golden bronze finish...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1950 item #1243895
Brandywine Militaria
Full set of 1943 Deutsches Reich postage stamps. 12 hinged stamps of different denominations showing very nicely done military artwork. Tanks, stukas, Waffen SS, motorcycles, U-boats and grenade chucking assault troops. Very powerful set.
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1243848
Brandywine Militaria
Nice Kriegsmarine Soldatenfreund from 1943. The soldatenfreund was a small handbook (About 13x8cm) issued for each year and designed to fit in one's pocket for quick access. There is a first page for the owner's personal information and in the back are pages for a daily log or journal. Before that are 21 pages of period advertisements which are actually very interesting to look through. Before that are the 256 pages which make up the meat of the handbook which includes just about everything the ...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1243842
Brandywine Militaria
Very nice four place ribbon bar. Obviously the value on this piece is the fourth ribbon which is for the NSDAP long service medal. The other three ribbons are 1914 Iron Cross, WWII War Merit and the Hindenburg Cross for WWI veterans. It is fun to theorize on who would have a particular combination of medals. With the 1914 EKII this fellow was probably a solid WWI veteran who apparantly then was an earlier NSDAP member to have gotten the NSDAP long service. This type of guy was usually the early ...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1243790
Brandywine Militaria
Very nice personalized piece. Four metal clip fittings with watch clip are fixed to an eastern front ribbon. I am assuming the fittings are not silver as I see no hallmarks. The larger clip has very stylized initials that I can't quite make out but the fellow's name is engraved on the back: Hubert s/L Karl. The Eastern Front medal was awarded for the first difficult winter on the Russian Front. These men were very proud of this medal and this fob shows the degree of camaraderie that these men fe...