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This medal couldn't be any cooler. This is a Brigade Commander (Most certainly a general) medal from the UCV (United Confederate Veterans) 1937 reunion in Jackson Mississippi. Confederate veteran medals are rare and cool enough as it is but honestly, how many COnfederate generals were still on this side of the clouds in 1937? Yes, the ribbon is obviously well worn but this is just such a neat medal.
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Extremely rare Spanish Cross Next of Kin medal as awarded to family of those German Condor Legion "Volunteers" killed in that conflict. Records show that 315 were awarded which is about half the number of Knights Crosses with Oak Leaves awarded. This came out of an advanced collection in Wilmington DE and it looks like even the ribbon is correct. The eagles are all (Correctly) separately affixed. This would be much more expensive on other sites. Really a centerpiece quality medal for most any co...
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Way cool gold eagle for luftwaffe general's summer tunic. Very strong gold finish with very light wear to the front. Reverse shows gentle patination. Pin is a little bit bent but I see that as a non-issue. The final image is interesting as it shows the border of where the gold finish was applied and not applied. Just a really neat item.
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Hard to find NSKOV gorget. This is from a solid, old collection and absolutely guaranteed not to be one of the Eastern European things coming onto the market recently. Some age wear to the front as per photos. Rivets and face plate are in solidly in place. Full length chain in perfect shape. Backing is in great shape with two tiny nips as per final photo. These are more often then not really chewed up in back. Very nice, very honest piece.
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This is just a neat item. Cigar Box by Otto Boenicke featuring Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering. The inside lid features a very flattering rendition of Goering and the trim of the box, both inside and out features alternating laurel leaves and field marshal batons. On the right side of the box is an interesting 20 rpf (Reichspfenig) tax stamp with a nice embossed eagle. Inside are a good number of cigars which I unfortunately can not add to internet sale as I can not be assured of the age of buye...
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Fascist militia antiaircraft sleeve shield. Nice piece but some damage to bottom corner. Priced accordingly but still a really nice item.
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Excellent EM or NCO M36 panzer breast eagle on black factory roll.There are stitch holes along the edge and, on the top, one small pull from the stitch hole to the edge. Except for a small crease the rest of this patch is in great shape. Nice eagle.
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M39 breast eagle. Excellent condition example on factory feldgrau roll.
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Volume 1 of the classic series Uniforms, Organization and History of the Waffen SS by Bender and Taylor. Content is obvious from the title. This is one of the earlier, classic works in the collecting field. Significant enough that the forward was written by the simply huggable Otto Skorzeny.
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Very nice pair of scarce large size black Italian shoulder boards. Gorgeous Italian bullion work on the fasces. No damage found except for the rub on one of the axe blades. Top notch example of a hard to find set.
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This is an interesting Soviet banner. Looks to be for a competition winner presumably to workers performing at a superior rate. This type of banner is not terribly rare but this is the higher quality with made of a very pleasant red velvet. Instead of being screen printed this "deluxe" version has lettering that is nicely chain stitched and the profile of Lenin is a separate piece nicely bordered with 1/4 inch brown stitched border. Nice bright yellow fringe and cord. I find no damage or stainin...
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French historical medal commemorating the storming of the Bastille in 1789. Medal by Jean-Bertrand Andrieu. There are some things the French are just better at then anyone else; Food, wine, fluffy dogs, storming spooky prisons and making big fancy medals. This impressive (If historically inaccurate) portrayal of the storming of the Bastille is really an impressive work of art. At about 79mm in diameter this is a large item and sure is an attention grabber. On the reverse some jerk scratched some...
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Interesting medallion from the aircraft designing and manufacturing company founded by Tony Fokker. Fokker is most famous for his WWI aircraft used by Germany in WWI which were revolutionary in design. As is often the case with technological development, WWI greatly accelerated advancement of aircraft design and Fokker's planes were always in the forefront of this evolution. When WWI finally ended Fokker moved his company to his native Holland . This medallion commemorates 30 years of this compa...
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Very nice Preussischer Kriegerverband medal with the 25 year device. This device is the scarcer version with the red enamel Prussian crown rather then the usual example showing the veteran memorial. All is in great shape with no damage found. While wuite affordable I always did like these medals as they show a very good looking eagle. This maker has used a raised eagle that looks especially good. I tried to take a side view photo to show this. There black and white background is likewise undamag...
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Very nice cap talley for the K-Klasse cruiser Karlsruhe. Kriegsmarine crew members of ships were authorized to wear such tallies on their Donald Duck hats to identify the ship they were assigned to. In 1938 these were withdrawn in anticipation of mobilization and all members were then to wear the generic "Kriegsmarine" talley except for some naval schools. Condition on this talley is superb with perfect machine woven gilt thread with no snags or "washing out". There are some folds due to in bein...
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Very nice quality private purchase artillery officer visor cap by Pekuros. Typical of this maufacturer the fabric is a higher quality then normal and the difference can easily be felt. Eagle insignia is nicely rounded and "melted" in. Bullion wreath insignia is a gorgeous example. The red piping shows a good bit of wear and unevenness (See photos).On the inside between the green leather sweatband and the feldgrau shell is a thin strip of black velvet I believe to be a characteristic of this make...
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Der Stahlhelm was the largest of the WWI veteran groups. Originally it was designed to help WWI veterans reintegrate to normal life. It took on more of an active militaristic role as it absorbed some of the many armed freikorps and as the often violent power struggles increased within Germany. By 1933 most of its membership was transferred to the SA and by 1935 Der Stahlhelm ceased to exist. Nice stickpin with pleasant aging marked N&H GES GESCH.
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Brass two piece stamped other ranks buckle with nicely detailed Wurttemberg crest. The front of the buckle looks great but sadly on the reverse the attachment prongs are missing. Otherwise a very desirable buckle.