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Very cool, obsolete badge. COMUSFAC (Commander US Facility) SUBIC BAY, PROVOST MARSHAL. DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This badge has an extremely low number: 24. While this badge is very cool and very real and very obsolete it is also rare enough that I can find no comparable examples with which to date it. From looking at enough of this type of thing I would think the pin assembly looks to be WWII or earlier but I could be wrong on this. Really a superb badge.
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Nice, original WWII era German aiguillette. I believe with the red trim this should be for Red Cross (DRK). While I am sure of the age I am assuming on the Red Cross designation so would appreciate input.
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Hitler plaque measuring just a little over 7cm by a little over 5.5cm. Small size but nicely detailed and quite solid for such a small package. The back has a leatherette stand in place. I have had this same type of plaque before and I believe there is also a ring underneath of the backing for wall use.
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Interesting grouping for Warren H Lauder. The center piece is a nice sterling airborne glider assault qualification badge / wings. Includes 8 photos, one of which is an official ID type photo. Century Division Rangers patch (Set with Ranger patch and 100 patch) as well as his lucky 13th Airborne Division patch and an original period Glider Pilot Song. The last three photos show three documents which are just photocopies the family gave. They are very lightly rumpled which is how I got them...
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This is really a nice piece. I would assume this likely saw use in WWI but would guess the compass is actually made right around 1900. Compass works perfectly and is marked as being made in Germany. The cse was obviously made for this particular compass as the fit is real snug and the base of the compass loop nestles perfectly in the hole in the hole. Closes securely with a pressure fit. Hinge is well made and in good shape. No damage found and a nice, even patina throughout...
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Very nice WWI trench art picture frame. AEF was the Allied Expeditionary Force. This unit was the 815 Pioneer Infantry which was a unit comprised of black enlisted men at a time before integration. I don't like digging at things so I even left the stickers on from when I acquired this. This is handmade so not a very complicated piece but it does have good history.
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Very cool feldpost document stamper. The last photo is the actual imprint given. "Dienststelle der feldpost Nr 59 645B". It looks like this was used first in 1943 by Staff and Companies 1-4 of Reserve Panzer Grenadier Battalion 215 which was destroyed in 1944. In June of 1944 this feldpost designation was used by Staff and 1st Battalion Panzer Grenadier Regiment II, also destroyed 1944. Clearly this stamper was bad luck. Very neat, very real item.
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Rare items. Weimar navy marked silver spoon and knife set. These are earlier examples as later were usually dated. Both are marked 90 for 90% silver. Obviously the knife blade is not silver but is marked as "rostfrei". The spoon also has a maker mark. Both show their age and have a ding here and there but really a nice, rare set. The knife also has some white residue around the throat which I imagine would come off without much trouble. Total raw weight is 5.6 ounces.
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Very interesting optician's ivory ruler. I don't know how this would be used but it all seems to be related to measuring eyes and related "stuff". Nice, even grain throughout. There is a crack right down the middle that follows right down one of the measurement lines. It looks like possibly etching the line along the ivory grain caused it to separate a bit and this was fixed by adding the small metal piece at the end with the 4 tiny rivets...
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Very nice WWII Iron Cross First Class. L/13 corresponds t Maybauer Berlin.
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Orange SA collar tab with white numbers and yellow trim. Hard backing and RZM tag. Nice, smooth felt and no condition issues. Very nice tab.
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Interesting cap eagle looks to be Eastern Peoples. Well worn condition but definitely an interesting piece of insignia.
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Layaway RP
Photograph print signed by Karl Donitz. Donitz (Or Doenitz), the very skilled Grand Admiral and mastermind behind the U-Boat war was also appointed the second and last leader of the Third Reich which may have been the worst 23 day job in the 20th century. This photograph is a wonderful image of the Moltenort U-Boat Memorial gently peaking through a morning mist. To naval veterans this is a poignant monument as the U-Boat service was all volunteer and suffered an estimated 90% MIA/KIA rate...
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Respectable pair of cavalry officer's spurs. One buckle and the end of the opposite leather strap are missing and it looks as if they were ripped open when buckled. The other spur shows an intact buckle and strap. Interesting item priced fairly considering damage.
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On first sight one would think that due to simple physics only a dummy would have a square coffee cup. I found Bill O'Hara online and it is clear that he was no dummy. Bill O'Hara left school early to join the merchant marines in WWII where he served in Europe and the Phillipine Sea. He later joined the U.S. Army and was in the Korean conflict early, being awarded a purple heart for wound in 1950...
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Interesting Wehrpass. Not much filled out byut it appears this fellow, Robert Alois Flassenberg, was witht he recruiting department or Wehrbezicks Kommando. More interestingly, this group was in Hagenau (As seen on the stamps and entries both). This was the town shown in Band of Brothers. This town stayed in German hands until almost the end of the war and wwas featured in one of the later episodes "The Last Patrol"...
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Two signed prints featuring Felix Von Luckner. One of the more inspirational figures of WWI, this enterprising captain was a famous commerce raider sailing a three masted ship with hidden engines and armament. He had a knack for being successful while minimizing casualties which made him universally popular. While he is famous as a raider he did also fight in some conventional engagements including the Battle of Jutland...
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Sold, Thank You
Collar litzen for panzer officer. Great look and high quality. Reverse shows lines of stitching from tunic removal with many threads remaining. No nips and only the very gentle signs of wear consistent with use. Great looking pair.