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Lovely French naval artillery shorts sword which saw service from about 1771 to 1790, a span which perfectly brackets the American Revolutionary War. This exact sword is featured in George C Neumann'a important Swords & Blades of the American Revolution. I have the Third Edition from 1991 and find it on page 189...
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The Spanish Blue Division represented the Spanish military contribution to the German effort in WWII. For Franco's part it was a way to get the hotheads out of town. For the soldier's part, the Blue Division represented a solid group of anticommunist believers. As a result, the Blue Division is widely accepted to have fought like tigers and was certainly one of the more effective volunteer "legions" in the German war effort and are generally accepted as being an elite unit...
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Excellent condition Horst Wessel collar tab. Machine embroidered with buckram backing. This Panzer Grenadier Division was named after an SA street fighter killed by communists and became a hero martyr for the anti-Communist movement. It was intended that the personnel for this division would be largely SA members but as it turned out it was mostly Hungarian volunteers.
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Any day that I pick up a Gustav Bremer flak badge is a good day. These are notoriously well made and always have nice, crisp detail. This one is in great shape as per photos.
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P patch for Polish laborer in Germany. Cheap construction consistent with late war production of non-military insignia. Besides the use of slave labor Germany also imported voluntary laborers in increasing amounts due to obvious manpower shortages. The line is hazy as the German placed governments in occupied zones such as Poland didn't leave much for the locals. If a man wanted to eat he was likely to have to go to the Reich as a "volunteer" laborer...
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Brandywine Militaria
Nice early pattern eagle for SS visor hat. Structurally in great condition. There is some wear to the silver finish which shows the base metal beneath (See photos). The blackening around the swaz is excellent. Back marked RZM M1/8. Nice, respectable example.
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Very hard to find tunic removed flak officer's badge or patch. This is very similar to the EM flak patch but with high quality, raised embroidered 88mm gun, swaz, wings and oak leaves. The embroidery is bullion quality but without the interwoven aluminum wire. This is really a great looking and seldom encountered patch. Except for the embroidery and a few other stitches the backing is loose from the wool fronting...
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Brandywine Militaria
Very cool army panzer officer breast eagle. Aluminum bullion manufacture. Excellent condition on black wool backing. It is sometimes hard to tell the difference between dark green and black on these so in the first photo I show it sitting on top of a dark green. This listing is for just the top eagle. Tunic removed and threading holes can be seen on reverse backing.
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Nice soldbuch for a fellow serving in a flak unit. Condition is flat perfect with sharp edges and corners. Only the first five pages are filled in as per photos, with page four listing a lot of different unit assignments. Not a fancy example to an elite unit but a nice "everyday" soldier example in perfect condition.
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Yep, the gardening club. Membership pin reads REICHSBUND DEUTSCHER KLEINGARTNER. "Kliengartner" translates to small gardener but I believe this means "home gardener'. Odd, hard to find item and really a small but nicely made pin. The eagle is a separate attached piece and stands out nicely.
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Very nice cased Iron Cross First Class. Cross is overall excellent condition as per photos. The box is a real screamer. This is the quality domed box with embossed iron cross. The leatherette cover is soft, supple and healthy with very light wear. The inside lining and felt base are clean and undamaged. The button works great and the rear hinges are in perfect shape. This box is easily and at least a 9.5/10. Really a nice, untouched set.
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Very cool, obsolete badge. COMUSFAC (Commander US Facility) SUBIC BAY, PROVOST MARSHAL. DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This badge has an extremely low number: 24. While this badge is very cool and very real and very obsolete it is also rare enough that I can find no comparable examples with which to date it. From looking at enough of this type of thing I would think the pin assembly looks to be WWII or earlier but I could be wrong on this. Really a superb badge.
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Nice, original WWII era German aiguillette. I believe with the red trim this should be for Red Cross (DRK). While I am sure of the age I am assuming on the Red Cross designation so would appreciate input.
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Hitler plaque measuring just a little over 7cm by a little over 5.5cm. Small size but nicely detailed and quite solid for such a small package. The back has a leatherette stand in place. I have had this same type of plaque before and I believe there is also a ring underneath of the backing for wall use.
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Interesting grouping for Warren H Lauder. The center piece is a nice sterling airborne glider assault qualification badge / wings. Includes 8 photos, one of which is an official ID type photo. Century Division Rangers patch (Set with Ranger patch and 100 patch) as well as his lucky 13th Airborne Division patch and an original period Glider Pilot Song. The last three photos show three documents which are just photocopies the family gave. They are very lightly rumpled which is how I got them...
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Very nice WWI trench art picture frame. AEF was the Allied Expeditionary Force. This unit was the 815 Pioneer Infantry which was a unit comprised of black enlisted men at a time before integration. I don't like digging at things so I even left the stickers on from when I acquired this. This is handmade so not a very complicated piece but it does have good history.
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Very cool feldpost document stamper. The last photo is the actual imprint given. "Dienststelle der feldpost Nr 59 645B". It looks like this was used first in 1943 by Staff and Companies 1-4 of Reserve Panzer Grenadier Battalion 215 which was destroyed in 1944. In June of 1944 this feldpost designation was used by Staff and 1st Battalion Panzer Grenadier Regiment II, also destroyed 1944. Clearly this stamper was bad luck. Very neat, very real item.
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Rare items. Weimar navy marked silver spoon and knife set. These are earlier examples as later were usually dated. Both are marked 90 for 90% silver. Obviously the knife blade is not silver but is marked as "rostfrei". The spoon also has a maker mark. Both show their age and have a ding here and there but really a nice, rare set. The knife also has some white residue around the throat which I imagine would come off without much trouble. Total raw weight is 5.6 ounces.