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Layaway JF
Interesting miniature award. Mecklenburg Schwerin War Service Cross Second Class in miniature which was the parallel state award of the Iron Cross Second Class. On the obverse FF is Friedrich Franz. On the reverse "Fur Auszeichnung Im Krieg" translates roughly to "For Military Service". Medal and device have a rich gold finish. The ribbon is the typical Prussian iron cross color scheme which I would attribute to this being a non-regulation medal and more along the lines of jewelry that the award...
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Brandywine Militaria
Nice 1st class Iron Cross. Cross is an excellent example in great shape. Box is nice but does have some chipping to the leatherette. Button snap works fine. Good package priced right.
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Brandywine Militaria
Nice four place medal bar. Configuration is for a WWI combat veteran from Oldenburg. The second medal is the Oldenburg state version of the Iron Cross 2nd Class with FA being Friedrich August. Nice example.
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Brandywine Militaria
Sleeve eagle patch for fire police. Embroidered town name is Billerberk which is a pretty town in North Rhine-Westphalia. Decent quality patch with a small hole near left edge and a chip on the edge at the 6 o'clock position. Used fire patches are often in tough shape; This one isn't too bad and the red stitching to eagle and town name is very nice.
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Brandywine Militaria
Sold MG
IJA tropical tunic. While this is not a terribly rare item this example is very nioce on grounds of condition being just about mint. I find no damage or even wear anywhere on this. The armpits are open for air circulation. The tag is under the loop on the back of the neck. Markings included inspection information, identify this as Type 98, size 3. The date is Showa 18 or 1943. Perfect example.
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Brandywine Militaria
Luft officer's visor cap. First the issues; There is a good amount of sweat staining to the inside liner. The dirty spot on the top is largely a product of heavy lighting and flash photography. It is there but quite subtle and difficult to see unless really looking for it. The worst negative is that the wing and oak leaf wreath plate has lost its back prongs and is loose. For display it does rest well on top of the chin strap but it is an issue. On the positive side, this hat is a huge size. It ...
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Brandywine Militaria
Nice stickpin made by Steinhauer & Luck Ludenscheid. The Stahlhelm was a famous veterans organization that was armed and militant during the early post WWI years when there was constant fighting with Communist groups. I believe the Jungstahlhelm was the youth organization for children of Stahlhelm members. There was a plethora of different youth groups all of which ultimately were condensed into the Hitler Youth. This is a well made item with a nice, stout, thick pin and a nicely detailed sword.
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Brandywine Militaria
I wish it were real but it isn't. Nice repro example for a reenactor or someone who just wants a cool looking mannequin. Summer green on one side and autumn browns on the other.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very interesting and very rare item. This is a rare (And obsolete / defunct) badge for employee of Sing Sing prison. I am not sure when numbered badges were put into use there but this would have been shortly thereafter with a low badge number of 171. Really a great look to this badge with an even and pleasant degree of age wear on the front (See photos). While the main anchoring would be done by the screwback on the reverse I believe there may have been a stabilizing pin on the reverse of the e...
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Brandywine Militaria
Here is a real rare one. These felt helmets were modeled after the typical WWI steel helmet with the same shape and basic angles. I have seen these in photos in use in Stahlhelm / Freikorps settings. The difference between Freikorps and veterans groups was often (And intentionally) very hazy. I have seen similar helmets (Or hats as the case may be) twice before but, as they are made of felt, condition was very poor. This one is in shockingly good condition as per photos. The damage I find consis...
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Brandywine Militaria
Very nice bronze grade Mothers Cross. Ribbon is nice and clean and enamel is in great shape. Excellent example.
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Brandywine Militaria
Nice three piece medal bar. WWI Iron Cross second class. Bavarian Merit Cross second class with swords and Hindenburg cross for with swords. Iron cross has a tiny bent tip on the lower left corner. Fabric on the rear shows moth nips. Merit Cross has very nice enamel with no damage. Priced reasonably.
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Brandywine Militaria
This is a rather scarce pin. N.S.F. National Sozialistische Frauenschaft was the women's league and the Kinderschar was the kids (Girl's) portion of this organization. Basically they were taught how to be "good National Socialist wives". While there is some controversy on others, this version is the universally accepted RZM example with RZM at the top of the reverse, 63 at the bottom and GES GESCH on the back of the pin assembly plate. Great condition with almost perfect enamel. Rare pin.
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Brandywine Militaria
Wonderful German regimental stein by Mettlach. I find no damage. Nice example of paint under the glaze. Unit is given as INF. - REGT. VON COURBIERE (2.POSEN.) Nr.19. One interesting observation is that the infantrymen in the picture are carrying needle fire rifles. Pewter top shows no damage. As is often the case the inside is brighter then the patinated outside simply because it was not exposed to aging elements like the outside. Nicely marked on bottom Mettlach, 89. GESCHUTZ, 2140, 87, 95. A w...
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Brandywine Militaria
Gorgeous nine place medal bar. This is a big one. The German medal indicate he was a WWI veteran and was still active in some capacity in WWII. The Austrian medals also are also consistent with WWI service. It was not unusual for Austrians to receive German medals. Nice, heavy example with ribbons all showing the same degree of aging across and no moth nips to the backing. Just a great item.
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Brandywine Militaria
Here is a unique offering. First there is a photo of a well fed Confederate veteran. While the grouping came out of Richmond, Virginia, I unfortunately do not know who this fellow is. Included are three Confederate veteran medals, all of which can be seen on our man's chest in the photograph. The first is the standard UCV Southern Cross of Honor. Looks great but is minus the pin on the reverse. Second is a 1907 U.C.V. medal from Richmond. The front has a dedication to Jefferson Davis. The revers...
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Brandywine Militaria
Cap tally for the Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse. Significant damage as per photos. Good as a display addition but, again, shows real damage. Priced right.
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Brandywine Militaria
The quality and condition of the fabric on this tunic is top notch. This must have been in a safe collection for quite a while as the fabric is soft with a full pile and minimal wear. I am sure it has been displayed in a flat case because when laid out for photos the arms just flop right down in the perfect display position with just the right bend on each side in the back. It is early quality throughout and as it was most certainly private purchase there are no inspector marks. One knowledgable...