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This is a rather scarce pin. N.S.F. National Sozialistische Frauenschaft was the women's league and the Kinderschar was the kids (Girl's) portion of this organization. Basically they were taught how to be "good National Socialist wives". While there is some controversy on others, this version is the universally accepted RZM example with RZM at the top of the reverse, 63 at the bottom and GES GESCH on the back of the pin assembly plate. Great condition with almost perfect enamel. Rare pin.
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Brandywine Militaria
Wonderful German regimental stein by Mettlach. I find no damage. Nice example of paint under the glaze. Unit is given as INF. - REGT. VON COURBIERE (2.POSEN.) Nr.19. One interesting observation is that the infantrymen in the picture are carrying needle fire rifles. Pewter top shows no damage. As is often the case the inside is brighter then the patinated outside simply because it was not exposed to aging elements like the outside. Nicely marked on bottom Mettlach, 89. GESCHUTZ, 2140, 87, 95. A w...
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Gorgeous nine place medal bar. This is a big one. The German medal indicate he was a WWI veteran and was still active in some capacity in WWII. The Austrian medals also are also consistent with WWI service. It was not unusual for Austrians to receive German medals. Nice, heavy example with ribbons all showing the same degree of aging across and no moth nips to the backing. Just a great item.
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Here is a unique offering. First there is a photo of a well fed Confederate veteran. While the grouping came out of Richmond, Virginia, I unfortunately do not know who this fellow is. Included are three Confederate veteran medals, all of which can be seen on our man's chest in the photograph. The first is the standard UCV Southern Cross of Honor. Looks great but is minus the pin on the reverse. Second is a 1907 U.C.V. medal from Richmond. The front has a dedication to Jefferson Davis. The revers...
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Cap tally for the Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse. Significant damage as per photos. Good as a display addition but, again, shows real damage. Priced right.
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The quality and condition of the fabric on this tunic is top notch. This must have been in a safe collection for quite a while as the fabric is soft with a full pile and minimal wear. I am sure it has been displayed in a flat case because when laid out for photos the arms just flop right down in the perfect display position with just the right bend on each side in the back. It is early quality throughout and as it was most certainly private purchase there are no inspector marks. One knowledgable...
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I could not find much information on this medal. It is a 20 year Honour Cross from the SMVB organization attributed to Anhalt-Wurttemberg. It is a lovely medal with a quality tomback base with beautiful green enamel on all four arms of the cross. There is one blemish in the lower corner of the right arm that actually disappears depending on the angle to which it is held. This has the correct thin pin assembly I found on the only other two examples I have ever been able to find. Maker marked Glas...
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Brandywine Militaria
No frills Japanese army overcoat. Definitely shows signs of having been there, with honest but not too excessive wear. Missing two buttons. Not a fancy piece but certainly priced right.
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These riding breeches are not minty by any means but they are extremely interesting and really tell a story if one takes the time to look at them. They are really well made with nice, baggy thighs that taper nicely to the calves to be tucked into boots. Each calf area has 4 buttons and a string tie. The waist has a built in fabric belt system. To add strength the front of the thighs are gently ribbed by added lines of stitching giving it an interesting ridged texture. Although well made, these b...
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Brandywine Militaria
Very nice single decal M40. There is always debate over whether a decal is naval gold or just an age toned infantry silver/white. In my opinion this one is certainly gold. The second image is taken outdoors with natural light. Inside shell is marked ET64, lot number is 1221 and liner size is 57. None of the liner tongues are torn or damaged. Chinstrap, marked RFNr 0/0494/0008, shows some cracking but still holding strong. Wear is nicely consistent throughout shell, liner and chinstrap with both ...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1167663
Brandywine Militaria
Respectable tropical frog for K98 bayonet. These are becoming rather difficult to find. This one is complete with strong stitching throughout. There are signs of usage wear. It could use a cleaning if next owner prefers it clean. Button for the strap is well oxidized.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very nice pipe with beautiful artwork. In the center is the black Imperial eagle under the crown. To the right and left are the various state flags. Below is a furled banner reading "WIR DEUTSCHE FURCHTE GOTT SONST NICHTS IN DER WELT". We German fear God and nothing else in the world. Wow. Light hairline crack on the right side. This is darkened with age and there is no looseness. The metal top is age tarnished but would likely clean up quite well if so desired. The pressure clip works great and...
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Brandywine Militaria
Very nice looking military altimeter. Marked US on the reverse. Taylor of Rochester has apparently been making altimeters since WWI. I searched hard and have not been able to find another example of this model for comparison so even though this sure looks old I can not accurately date it. The dial compensates up to 16000 feet. I would assume this is rather old as more modern aircraft would, I assume, have an altimeter mounted on the dashboard. Nice and clean and in great shape. F\Leather case is...
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Brandywine Militaria
Terrific Brunswick War Merit Cross, First Class. Gently convex with superb detail and no damage. Very desirable medal.
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Very neat lot of toy soldiers made by Auburn Rubber of Indiana. Because rubber does dry with age these are basically always cracked and have some damage. That being said these are rather uncommon. This lot includes 5 soldiers. The prize of the bunch is the motorcycle soldier which shows the unavoidable age cracks but no broken pieces and the wheels spin properly. This piece is balanced so it does stand freely. Also included: One officer with detached head. One soldier advancing with rifle. One f...
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Very interesting Horster officer sword. Made for a Dutch officer as "Eisenhower" has become the Dutch form YZERHOUWER. In either language it is a reference to the highest quality of steel being used. The blade on this example has no negatives I can find. Mirror bright throughout with no greying or oxidation. The Horster logo is beneath the langet. The scabbard has no dents and only minimal pain loss and crazing (See photos). The unfixed ring dates this either Weimar or Third Reich period. The ea...
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Hitler Youth document from March of 1943. This certificate basically amounts to a certified pledge of allegiance. Just like the army's pledge, the problem here is that the youth is not pledging allegiance to his/her country but to the person of Adolf Hitler. Obviously this caused all kinds of trouble when The Fuhrer turned out to be more then a little bit problematic. In my opinion this is an important document, the significance of which goes well beyond the normal HJ documents for minor awards ...
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Lovely German antler rack with Black Forest style wood mount. This rack is on the small side and oddly shaped. I know misshapen antlers such as this do have a niche collector base. The mount is a pressed wood particle composite that was just begginning to be used for this purpose in the 1920's. This one has a sticker on the back that is mostly rubbed off and illegible. I have another rack that is the same style and the sticker is legible on that one (See last photo on this listing). On this stic...