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This is a plaque I have not seen before so I imagine it is relatively scarce. Central is the DAF cogwheel emblem above which are workers; Industriasl worker, doctor and delivery man maybe. Below is the slogan "Ehret die Arbeit und achtet den Arbeiter ADOLF HITLER" which basically translates to "Adolf Hitler honors the work and respects the employees". How nice. The actual plate measures 15cmx10cm. Marked on lower left FERD (?) WAGNER PFURZHEIM and again below the figures MULLER-ERFURT...
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Brandywine Militaria
Perfect example. One integrated unit back marked 2 GES GESCH. Posts are complete and unbroken and there is virtually no wear whatsoever to the silver wash. Top notch example.
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Fascinating Islamic style powder horn. I would date this at 18th century but may go into beginning of 19th century. The horn itself is a ram horn with its beautiful and distinctive ridges. This is the type of horn used for Judaic Shofar so certainly is right for the area. Very pleasing metal work throughout with openwork around the whole piece. Condition is excellent with everything present and in good shape and no cracking to the horn. Measures right at one foot from tip to tip...
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Cool cut glass ashtray with anti-fascist message. "JAM YOUR CIGARETTE BUTTS ON THIS VULTURE". Of course the vulture is Mussolini with a swaz beside his head. Cute item.
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Here is a great item for the guy who understands the importance of this unit. We recently bought a collection and this belonged to the owner. He was sent to Europe right after the war and the unit was interrogating Nazis and gauging political climate and ramifications in post war Europe. This collection was really full of unique and interesting items rarely encountered, but this plaque was actually from his unit in the 1107th ARASU. I know two things about this unit...
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Exceptional quality Indo Persian shield dating to late 18th or early 19th century. Gold and silver floral design throughout obverse. At one point gold and silver relief was entirely offset by fine black enamel work. Over the centuries the black enamel has largely worn from the center, raised section but remains thick on the lower, outer portions. This does afford the piece an honest and tasteful aged appearance...
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Brandywine Militaria
Interesting hat cockade for Ukranian volunteers serving with German forces during WWII. Due to Soviet treatment of Ukrainian populace (As well as other locals) many Ukraninians first considered the Germans to be liberators and quickly volunteered. To give them a sense of identity this badge was authorized for wear by those volunteers. A couple of light dings to the blue paint on front, otherwise in perfect condition. Both prongs are there on the back; They are just folded together...
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Very interesting set of 24 Vichy French press photos. Most have captions but a couple have explanation written on back. Vichy material is not very easy to find because after the war the Frech were obviously not happy about the whole thing and survival rate of such items were low.
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Here's an over the top item. Fastening clasp for Luftwaffe officer cape or cloak. The cape was an optional private purchase item that was no longer available after the war began. This clasp is a textbook example. Each boss has an eagle head with a short chain connecting, one side of which can hook and unhook. Correct silver light weight metal with aluminum back discs. The clasp is sometimes called a "Spanierschlosse" (Spanish castle)...
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Very interesting BDM memorabilia, BDM of course being the grirls' version of the Hitler Youth...
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Very interesting helmet. Many Dutch helmets were used by foreighn volunteers fighting with the Germans. When not in use by Dutch soldiers the lion crest was generally removed. The fact that it remains here indicates this was possibly used by Dutch SS voluntees. The camouflage paint job is certainly old and period and the name label being German corroborates. Whatever its story may be this is a fascinating helmet. Liner is fine but metal buckles are well rusted.
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Brandywine Militaria
Nicely rendered reproduction Afrika Korps field cap. High quality example.
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Interesting doeskin jacket. Definitely old and definitely real but has a Hitler Youth diamond pin and gold lettered Hitler Youth district triangle. All buttons are HJ DJ buttons. I can't think of anybody spuriously putting the boys' triangle on when the girls' is cheaper. I am leaning toward this being worn by a woman who was involved with the Hitler Youth and don't see any reason why this is not possible. A couple of spots on the back look like something that could be scraped off (I touch nothi...
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Nice mint set of matched visor cap insignia includes eagle, cockade and wreath. Just a slight bit of age oxidation to the side of the cockade, unavoidable with the material it is made of. Eagle and wreath are mint. One of those things that is very hard to find when needed.
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Sold MS
The full title or full script Overhoff & Cie EM buckle is a collecting classic. This was the first pattern of the SS EM box buckle produced and were introduced right around 1931 or 1932 when the SS was just coming out from under the wing of the SA. The full title includes the second line "LUDENSCEID GES GESCH". It was not long before the firm name was shortened to simply O&C. Very early, very desirable belt buckle. Condition is superb as per photos.
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Brandywine Militaria
This is certainly one of those "wow" items. Original "HJ Wache des Gauleiters" or Hitler Youth Gauleiter Security Service cuff title. A bit rumpled towards the ends but that is because I am a purist and don't alter anything in the least. This cuff title along with a little over a hundred photographs and some other personal items were "liberated" from the office of Gustav Adolf Scheel who, among quite a few other job titles, was Gauleiter of the Salzberg area. The photograph shown in this listing...
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Very rare, hard to find tunic. Text book four button wool construction with upward sloping pockets. In great condition throughout. The only negative I find is that the stamp below the color is not very clear. This type of sleeve insignia was introduced in 1943. With no border on the Org Todt armband this was for EM or NCO; I would assume NCO with the red tress around the color. Great example of a very rare item.
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This incredible scrimshaw walrus tusk is one large example. Straight from tip to tip it measures just under 23 inches and a cool 61 ounces, while what is usually found is about half that size. Condition is perfect throughout with only the age lining that is always found in older tusks. This comes from it drying over the decades/centuries and is unavoidable in older pieces. None of these lines are split open. The hole in the top is a period bit of work indicating that this was hung as decoration ...