Japanese swords and militaria for sale by Anjin Brandywine Militaria
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Brandywine Militaria
Very cool pair of desert color binoculars. These are classic Afrika Korps type. Frame is made of a lightweight white metal that had the dual advantage of not being heavy and not becoming blazing hot in the sun. This particular set has a surprising amount of original paint left and has a really good look. Left eye piece is marked cag with a blue triangle. 'cag' is the code for Swarovski which, interestingly enough, is still in business making optics...
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Brandywine Militaria
This buckle is just about perfect so not much to say. I know someone could find some little ping or little scratch so I will call it near mint. It is just about perfect and I doubt a better could be found. This is out of my collection.
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Brandywine Militaria
These are interesting items. The thought was that if 1000 different people said a prayer or had a kind thought for a soldier, and on that thought or prayer put a stitch in the belt, it would give the wearer a little extra ":something". Actually a nice idea and a good way for a wife or family member to feel like they were helping their loved one...
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Brandywine Militaria
Sold, Thank You
Nice navy jumper. Structurally perfect. Some minor spots and stains that look like they would probably come out pretty well. Extremely well marked to include owner's name, manufacturer, size, date etc. Very nice example.
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1148164
Brandywine Militaria
Very nice dress axe. Condition is superlative with only very minor signs of age wear on the handle which is impressive as it is a soft wood painted black. One small spot of oxidation on the bottom of the axe head, otherwise all metal fittings are equally nice. This could be Imperial right through Third Reich as dress axes are hard to date. These are neat items and not easy to find priced reasonably.
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1147229
Brandywine Militaria
Matching K98 in rough condition but priced accordingly. Handle is complete and unbroken but well worn as per photos. Bottom part of the blade is very nice but shows watermarks towards the end and is a tiny bit rough on the spine towards the tip and tip is a tiny bit blunted. I imagine the watermarks could clean up pretty well and there are no nicks. The shape of the scabbard is basically OK with a very subtle impression towards the tip, but the surface is well worn...
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Brandywine Militaria
This is just a cool sword, untouched and literally right out of an attic. Early nickel silver fittings with extra hand tooling throughout. These fittings are light years ahead of later aluminum types. As this sword hasn't been touched by the hands of man in decades, some might say it needs a cleaning but these fittings are just the way I like them. Wood grip with blue Moroccan leather and double twisted wire. The wire is perfect but the leather has significant wear as per photos...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1146854
Brandywine Militaria
This classic book is a pictorial history of the NSDAP and Hitler's rise to power. It is another of those interesting books with separately attached photos. While in decent overall shape, I find this one is missing 6 of 225 photos. Many are not attached tightly as the original owner seems to have had an e light touch with the glue. The cover must also have been cracked on the front inside as the binding is retaped there. Priced accordingly...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1146818
Brandywine Militaria
Sold, Thank You
Overseas navy cap. The cockade looks a little weird like it was replaced somewhere along the way. Other then that everything is real and original on a nice Kriegsmarine side cap, priced accordingly. Name "Berger" written onthe inside.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very cool trench art ashtray. The match holder at the top is engraved on both sides. One side shows a crown and reads "NEDERLAND HERRUST". The other side reads "BEVRUDING SPEKH-HEIDE 17 SPETEMBER 1944". I belive "Bevruding" should be "Bevrijding" which means "Liberation". The date of Sept 17, 1945 coincides with the begginning of Operation Market Garden...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1146650
Brandywine Militaria
Soft leather holster for a Walther P38. In good, original condition except for the addition of the rawhide strap that has the look of a veteran add on. Markings on back are not pressed on very hard so difficult to make out. Code looks like DKB but last letter is super faint. Below that is a "44" and what looks like a light waffenamt. Honest example.
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1146642
Brandywine Militaria
Field equipment is certainly not my game but I did pick these up at a price where I can certainly leave room for the next guy. Condition is superb. Leather is very fresh and I find no damage. Looks to be a very good set of an item that is becoming hard to find in good order.
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1146616
Brandywine Militaria
These books are really cool when they are all filled in. The book was originally purchased empty and customers could get a photograph with every pack of cigarettes. The photos are colored and very well done and the finished product, with 270 photos, is very impressive. Even the flak image on the front is raised and embossed...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1146547
Brandywine Militaria
Very cool hate belt type of souvenir put together by a veteran after WWII. Some are full of garbage but this one has three neat pieces on it. Nice Luftwaffe belt but some trimming of the leather on the end. The buckle is a nice luftwaffe EM buckle. On the belt are two very nice silver British coins dated 1940 and earlier. Last is a Frauenschaft leader enamel pin/badge, the leader level having blue trim. The enamel on this badge is perfect. Really neat set.
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1950 item #1146300
Brandywine Militaria
Very old souvenir from the Gettysburg battlefield. This metal dish is 5 inches across. In pretty decent detail it shows raised images of the Soldiers' Monument, Meade's Headquarters and the High Water Mark of Pickett's Charge. I think these old souvenirs are really neat because there is always the outside chance that an old veteran bought the piece for his grandchildren on a visit to his old battlefield. Nice piece of nostalgia.
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1145942
Brandywine Militaria
Very nice condition fire police NCO visor cap. Just a small area of where on the rear edge (See final photo). Insignia is nice and sunk in with a been-there-forever look. Nice celluloid maker diamond from a firm that specializes in fire fighting equipment. Stamps designate this hat as being from the Obersalzberg area police force with inspector dates of 1942 and 1943. While the hat is certainly correct, I don't know how to tell if these markings are legit but I would assume nobody would be addin...
All Items : Cyberattic : Pre 1940 item #1145869
Brandywine Militaria
Nice example of a classic hat. Correct manufacture for WWII Japanese navy. There is one spot on the top where the reinforcing wire is poking through; I would recommend just snipping it. There is a label missing from the inside. There is a period repair to the seam in the top rear (See photos for the points). Besides these three negatives, which aren't too devastating, a nice, solid and clean hat.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very attractive reproduction of the famous Pour le Merite medal. This is the famous German order (Oddly enough with a French name) known as the Blue Max. Nice, thick ribbon made with metallic silver weave on the sides. One light scratch on the reverse of the medal (See last photo). Very nice filler for display purposes.