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On Hold
This was always a personal favorite as far as flags. This flag signified that the qualified harbor pilot was in control of the respective ship. Special harbor pilots were (And I belive the practice is still used) because these pilots knew the obstacles, tides, currents and other details of the particular harbor in question. This is an attractive flag with marine type ties. Original metal grommets in place, one of which is marked with a 3. Measuring flags is a tricky business but I come up with a...
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Brandywine Militaria
The 1936 Berlin Olympics were a landmark event of the century. Hitler and a rebuilt Germany was being showcased for the world to see and admire. It was a magnificent demonstration and the death and destruction of the war was only three short years later. These very interesting booklets are from 5 different events; Gymnastics, handball, boxing, jumping and football. I think it is hilarious that they made a mistake and titled the soccer book "Football". Yes, that was a joke. It seems I see the big...
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Brandywine Militaria
These is a neat and and and fairly screams front line combat. From the bullion insignia to the loose overall shape this black piped visor cap certainly has the "been there" look that I prefer over the "pretty" look. The outside is very displayable with no mothing and what I think is a cool look. The cord seems loose but is original material and probably just reflects the way this fellow like to wear it. The inside shows significant age wear. the celluloid diamond is cracked and missing a chunk b...
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Brandywine Militaria
Self explanatory title. Book is all chronologically sorted Hitler related photos and captions. Enjoyable book but I need to thin my library. Book is in very nice condition. Some wear to the dustcover. 465 Photographs.
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Brandywine Militaria
Sold LW
Défense Passive was the organization by Germans of French personnel to build bomb shelters and other such defensive infrastructure. Most French preferred not to collaborate with the German occupation but I imagine it was sort of hard to refuse to build a shelter on the street that one's family lives on. Interesting piece of occupation related history.
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Brandywine Militaria
Interesting statue of a WWII German infantryman. Nice, conveniently small size good for desk top display at just over 14cm including the base. Detail is such that it won't win any major sculpture competitions but an interesting addition to a period display nonetheless. Low quality metal is typical of what was being used mid-war for non-military purposes.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very nice example of the Japanese Red Cross of Merit. This is a truly beautiful medal with very detailed enamel work with no damage. The medal and the ribbon with roset are perfectly placed on a backing of black felt on the frame with which they were presented. The whole framed set comes in the original presentation box. The edge of the frame has just a couple of tiny ticks that really have to be searched for to locate. These are hard to find and would also be very easy to touch up. The box has ...
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Brandywine Militaria
If you are even remotely interested in Japanese militaria this is an invaluable book to have on your shelf. It is written Japanese but it is quite literally page after page stuffed with well over 1200 quality photographs of the best examples of everything. This book covers quite literally everything imaginable related to the military of Imperial Japan from uniforms and insignia, swords and guns, hats and helmets, propaganda, toys, artillery, currency and on and on. There is a small 8 page Englis...
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This is about as good as a collector can hope for in a second class Iron Cross.Beautiful uncleaned look with no damage. Magnetic center core has a perfect halo along the silver border. The ribbon was neatly sewn shuy at the top all those years ago and is perfect with a gentle toning to the white field. The ring is marked GU800. I periodically see rings marked just 800 but it is a real treat to find one with a hallmark as well. If you want just one WWI EKII in your collection this is a prime choi...
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Brandywine Militaria
For Set
Old pipe cases. Lot of 2. Hinges and snaps work but other cosmetic damage. I hope this price is cheap enough.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very nice unit engraved Mecklenberg horse artillery sword. 60th Field Artillery Regiment. The WKC maker logo is under the langet but hard to photograph. Some light spotting to the blade but nothing significant and will improve with the application of a little oil. Some gold leaf remains to the engraved paneling. Blade is very firm on the grip with no loose fitting "wobble". The handle shows age wear similar to the blade. The only minus on the handle assembly is one loose wire on the top row. Thi...
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Brandywine Militaria
Well made reproduction navy rates for rank identification. Nicely embroidered and the coarse fabric backing is extremely accurate. Postage is $4 regardless of how many are purchased. 350 available.
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Brandywine Militaria
Unfortunately this one was put in a washer or something because the color ran. Priced to move because of this. Nice, small size measuring about 45x55cm.
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Brandywine Militaria
Really neat and scarce item. This Land Customs M43 has a shot sweatband but is otherwise in terrific shape. The sweat band has only one bit remaining and the rest of the way around is just the small attached bit. Beyond that the fabric is clean, undamaged and has a really good feel to it. The liner is also in great shape and well marked. Size 55The stiffener inside the bill is cracked but almost all real example of M43s are cracked as they fellows would fold them and stick the bill in their pock...
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Brandywine Militaria
Very nice DRK enlisted visor cap. Terrific example with no significant damage. The black chinstrap does show honest period wear to the black surface but nothing even remotely coming close to a break or a tear. The celluloid diamond on the inside is cracked and in one corner of the visor there are four stitches out. Both of these issues are shown in the photos and the visor lays on the hat frame just fine. There are many positive. I find no evidence of any mothing anywhere. Whole frame is nice an...
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Brandywine Militaria
Very nice Japanese rising sun flag with souvenir script. Typical example of the type of flag an occupation soldier would bring home. The silk flag itself may or may not have been produced during the war but would have been close. With nice looking writing this is a good display piece at a good price. about 17.5 x 20.5 inches.
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Brandywine Militaria
Neat piece of pharmaceutical advertising. Fluid filled, clear man with colored organs. The drug advertised is Diuril and was produced by Merck Sharp and Dohme. Some research indicates that these were used in the late 1950's.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very interesting Honorable Discharge from the Army of the Confederate States. Condition is rough but I doubt many of these have survived, much less even given out as the Confederacy was never in a good position to just let trained soldiers walk away. The ink is very faded but I know "document guys" do have ways of bringing old, faded ink back to life. It is possible to make out a lot of the details, though. This certificate was given to William H Dukes, a private of Captain Francis M (?) Company...