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Interesting bright red sash with kanji that translates to "Naval Aircraft Technician". I believe this would be worn on the flight deck in a similar manner that we still have different color shirts for maintenance, fire control etc. This way the confusion of a bustling aircraft carrier flight deck is a little easier to figure out. The original sewn hem of the sash is intact but it was cut apart at some point but still very displayable and if being put on a dummy could certainly be resown or pinne...
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Brandywine Militaria
1939 dated manual titled Eine Batterie geht in Stellung by Prof. Hans Bohenkamp. As the titel might suggest it is a military manual regarding the positioning of artillery. 32 pages and measures about 10x25cm. Nice war dated German army manual.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very nice patriotic WWI pin featuring a very nicely executed miniature enamel blue max or Pour le Merite in silver colored wreath. Featured in profile in the center is Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and Kaiser Wilhelm. Probably Austrian as Franz Ferdinand is featured before the Wilhelm. A very cool miniature of one of the great military orders which, of course, was used by both Austria and Germany. Circular, measuring 2.5 cm in diameter. Have not seen this one before.
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Very interesting Japanese military sake bottle. The front shows a sword, helmet and flag resting on cherry blossoms in an oval depressed into the porcelain. Above this is a star. This is a nice enough motif but as the bottle is turned it becomes evident that subtly raised from the porcelain body is a whole series of further military themes; Cavalry, artillery in action, charging infantry, a rolling tank, horse pulling limbered artillery, infantry scaling a slope, a large falling bomb and an airp...
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Brandywine Militaria
Top notch Luftschutz other ranks belt and buckle set. The EM box buckle is close to perfect on the front and nearly perfect finish on the interior. Some minor age wearon the top and bottom maybe from that being where one might pick it up and leave oils on the surface. But even this wear is more like a light freckling. The leather belt is in superb condition and likely never issued or worn since even the leather plugs remain in a few of the holes from when the punching was done (Image 7). Leather...
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Very rare 1930's private purchase USMC EGA cap insignia (Eagle, Globe and Anchor). Terrific detail throughout with longitudinal and latitudinal lines. The eagle's right wing reverse has the MEYER METAL logo and the reverse of the left wing has the NS Meyer shield logo. The lower right corner of the eagle is darker then the rest of the EGA. Presumably this had something to do with how it was stored but whatever the reason my golden rule is to just leave it alone. This is much more subtle then it ...
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Brandywine Militaria
Nice silver grade DJ Proficiency Badge in silver. Some age wear but good amount of applied silver finish remains. At the bottom of the arm the reverse is maker marked RZM M1/35 for the firm Wachtler & Lange, Mittweida. These minis are a good deal scarcer then the full sized version as these were indeed little boys who, no matter what nationality they may be, are very skilled at losing small things. DJ of course was were the younger kids not yet ready for the HJ.
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Brandywine Militaria
Extremely rare and extremely cool 3/4 sized 1914 Iron Cross Second Class. This extremely rare and extremely high quality private purchase medal has the feel and toning of silver. The ring is hallmarked with what looks like the crest of the firm Rothe & Neffe of Vienna. With my calipers I measure the wide of the end of the cross arms at just a hair under 18mm. On the regulation EKII, shown in the images for comparison purposes only, the arms measure 24mm at the end. The ribbon, though, is actuall...
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Brandywine Militaria
Gorgeous Ground Rohm by C.G. Haenel in Suhl. I have seen this maker produce great looking handles and the grain in this grip fits the pattern. The inset eagle, SA roundel and nickel fittings all fit snug and tight throughout with no odd angles and a bolt that certainly looks unturned. The blade is clean and crisp except for the expected signs of the grind job on the side that would have the Rohm presentation. The anodized scabbard still has a rich brown color and nickel fittings matching the han...
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Very interesting engraving on this Imperial German artillery sword. Gorgeous blade is clean as a whistle and bright as a mirror with nicely executed and detailed engraving. One side shows the limbered artillery and stands of arms motif we see on some engraved artillery swords. The other side shows a mounted soldier, horse head and floral motif engraved along with the dedication Fritz Neuf Weihnachten 1910 (With Weinachten translating to Christmas). Red felt and white leather washers are in place...
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Very cool pin or tinnie in the shape of a potato masher grenade. Gold finish looks like an applied foil with J.R. 58 etched. I could not find an army 58 Jager Regiment so I do believe this is referring to the paratrooper regiment (FJR) 58. Whatever the unit, it is a cool pin that I have not seen before.
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Brandywine Militaria
Nice JFS Infantry Assault Badge in bronze. Not a whole lot of finish left but certainly more then enough to see it is a bronze (See attached images). No structural damage but the ball hinge on the reverse is a bit loose in its socket and turns like a bomber's ball turret gun if it is pushed when the pin is not latched. This is not at all ready to brake but should be mentioned. Overall a nice badge priced right.
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Brandywine Militaria
Nice Police officer degen / sword with the lobster maker logo of Peter Dan Krebs. The blade is an extremely crisp and clean matte finish example fitting quite snugly into the handle. The lower hilt has the double lightning bolt SS proof, reflective of the fuzzy difference between the leadership, duties and even personnel of the police and SS organizations. The grip has a very nice looking copper police eagle inset and nickel fittings with patina matching the rest of the handle and scabbard fitti...
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Brandywine Militaria
Lovely Imperial German WWI patriotic pin. This piece features a 1914 Iron Cross with the slogan GOTT MIT UNS on the three upper arms and a portrait of Kaiser Hindenburg in the center. The beaded suspension loop is finished off with a miniature 1914 Iron Cross ribbon. The reverse is DRGM marked. The cross is about 2.4cm wide and high and the ribbon is about 1.5cm wide. Very cool patriotic piece with a lot of personality.
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Brandywine Militaria
Very nice early quality tombac gold wound badge. Really amazing that some of these guys managed to get shot this many times before 1940 was finished. Very gentle wear on this one with a nice, solid finish. The first image is with a flash and shows any wear that may be there but tends to bleach out the color. The second image is without a flash and shows the color well but little detail. Really nice example.
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Sold, Thank You
Quite respectable WWII Japanese Type 95 NCO sword. Scabbard does show honest age wear to the original paint. The blade has some dark areas but much of what is shown in the attached images is dried cosmoline. Sword and scabbard have matching numbers 76707 and handle has the expected arsenal stamps. Nice original example priced right for someone who wants a representative piece.
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Excellent condition on this Political Officer visor cap insignia wreath and cockade set. A rotten thing to have to try to find in good condition when you need it. The wreath still has complete gold wash and is back marked RZM M1/17 which corresponds to Assmann and Sohne, Ludenscheid. Properly affixed to the middle of this wreath is a political officer cockade with perfect, undamaged enamel. It is RZM marked on the reve3rse but while the first number (5) is visible the second is not. An extremely...
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Superb reference book on Japanese pistols from the WWII era and earlier. Of course there is an emphasis on the famous Nambu models but it does cover other relevant examples. Very gently used condition; Minor shelf wear with no damage. All pages are crisp and clean with sharp corners. Great reference to have if this matches one's interest. I am charging only $10 more then I paid 22 years ago.