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Very nice set of WWI vintage Carl Zaeiss binoculars. I don't know much about how the dials work but the optics seem to be nice and clear. Lense plate is present and should be fed through the strap but I do not want to mess with the strap buttons. Case is really neat with the original label and wool padding.. Shoulder strap on case is broken. All in all, a nice, early set that is hard to find these days.
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From the estate of a friend who was an avid autograph collector. Short personal letter signed by Franz Halder who was in command of OKW until (I believe) 1942. LOetter is dated July 1970 and seems to be a reply to a request for signed photos and a return of one dollar which accompanied the request. Franz Halder passed away in 1972 in the Bavarian town from which this letter was sent; Aschau. Letter is folded in half (Below text and signature) with some chipping to top of document.
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Really neat small metal plate with Hitler and Mussolini. Above their busts is "VINCERE", and below is a nice looking eagle clutching a swaz and a fasces. There is a maker mark in lower left hand corner and a date that I can't read. I am not sure exactly what this plate was for but it certainly is interesting. Unfortunately, whoever pulled it off of whatever it was on was a butcher and the bottom fixture hole was ripped open and the plate has a bend in the middle. Measures 6x4 cm.
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Interesting WWII German tie clip. Good looking heer style eagle looks similar to the type on helmet decals. Unmarked. Patination on the back of eagle matches that on the clip itself. An interesting item.
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This is the Civil War discharge certificate for James M Bell, Captain Company D Thirteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry. James Bell. The unit saw heavy action including Culpepper Court House, Mine Run Campaign, Wilderness, Cold Harbor, Ream's Station. In the Battle of the Wilderness he was breveted a Captain for gallant services, and a Major for similar conduct at Ream's Station. Things really got interesting for Captain Bell, who stayed in the Cavalry, during the Indian Wars...
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Terrific police officer sword. Early matte blade is a quality examplewith only minor spotting toward the tip. Maker marked Clemen & Jung Solingen. Gorgeous handle shows only very light freckling to the nickel fittings (See photo). Black ribbed handle is just about perfect with a very nice copper police eagle inset. Just for accent there is a scrap of the original sword knot on the knuckle bow. Scabbard is in similar excellent condition. Paint is well over 95% with only some spots about midway...
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Neat Prussian belt buckle with a lot of character and combat look to it. Tab is maker marked to an Essen company and dated 1916. Nice steel example.
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Some wear but a good look to this Bavarian WWI buckle. With Imperial German belt buckles it is nice to find ones ither then Prussian. Complete and undamage; Wear as shown in photos.
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Brandywine Militaria
Now here is an interesting item. Excellent two place ribbon bar for both the 15 and 25 year NSDAP long service awards/medals. These medals are very scarce and very valuable and now that I think about it I don't remember ever seeing the ribbon bar before. Both ribbons have the devices as well.
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Beautifully embroidered pennant or small banner for the 1933 Deutsches Turnfest Stuttgart 1933. 71x11.5cm not icluding metal suspension device. Pennant is very clean and embroidery is strong throughout except for some wear to the oak leaves (see photo). Interesting to see a swaztica on something this early. I believe the handsome horse is the symbol of the city of Stuttgart which is the capital of the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg in Southern Germany. A very attractive pennant.
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Extremely interesting example of an Imperial German Bavarian belt buckle. Nice two piece brass frame with silver Prussian crown disc. Sides and reverse show a most interesting mechanism that I honestly can't exactly figure out; It looks like some sort of a friction type fit. Middle tab is marked DRGM 172088. Really a most unique buckle which would look good in even an advanced collection.
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Brandywine Militaria
One super regimental stein. The top is actually a Bavarian pickelhaube helmet in excellent detail, dedicated to Reservist Kratzl. Rear is dated 1900-1902 3/8 Metz. Thumb press has a gorgeous imperial eagle under helmet, swords and polearms. Detail of helmet is acurate right down to the cruciform spike base, pearl ring and cut out crown indicative of an officer...
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Nice zinc based Kriegsmarine U-boat badge. Typical late war construction, unmarked. Shows wear but still has nice detail. Untocuhed condition.
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Photograph negative of Hitler of unknown age. This cam with a few others and I am honestly a bit puzzled. It has definite age but I have a weak understanding of photography so I can offer few details. It has a textured surface on what feels like a steel plate. The reverse has writeen "Adolf Hitler". Condition is overall good.
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Very nice early Robert Klass army dagger personalized to a Dr Lohr. Name inscription is tastefully done and well patinated in the depressions. Not sure who he was but certainly an interesting research project. The dagger itself is a solid example of an early Robert Klass. Typical of this particular dagger are the asterisks on the scabbard bands that were designed to cover a flaw in the cast and is only seen in early Klass examples...
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On Hold
Antique Samurai Kabuto While I believe this kabuto to be an important item, performing research is understandably difficult. What follows is the best description of the historical facts that I can put together. The physical condition of the helmet is marginal. There is significant chipping to the lacquer and the lacing, which appears original, is in need of repair...
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Respectable German army single decal helmet. Shell shows wear to period green overpaint. Original grey is peeking through outside and inside is buttery smooth. Decent liner, no chinstrap. Original decal worn s shown.
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Very interesting Imperial German matchbox cover. Designed like a Prussian belt buckle this has a nice look to it. Structurally in good shape with attractive age wear and patina; Has the "been there" look.