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WWII German Postcard - Governemnt General Warsaw

WWII German Postcard - Governemnt General Warsaw
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Extremely interesting WWII German postcard. The front shows a dramatic rendering of a German infantryman with a head wound carrying a more heavily wounded comrade on his shoulders through a desolate field of trenches and barbed wire. The personality of this postcard does not end with the front, though. On the rear is a stamp from the Genral Government (The German designation of the offices running the area of occupied Poland). It also reads Krakau and "GROSSDEUTCHES REICH". The eagle and swaz are faded in the middle but still visible (Was made with a weaker ink then the rest of the stamp). The cancellation stamp designates it as being from the NSDAP Day of the General Government in Krakau and is dated August 13-15 1943. Printed on the postacrd is similar text showing that this postcard was made for this "holiday". This postcard touches on a lot of historical points. It looks like one corner was trimmed just a touch and there is evidence that the card was once lightly taped into an album; Otherwise in fine condition.

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