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Confederate Pipe Civil War Battle of Bull Run Souvenir

Confederate Pipe Civil War Battle of Bull Run Souvenir
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This lovely, unique Civil War relic is out of my collection. Carved by a confedrate veteran in remembrance of the battle of First Bull Run, this pipe has every spare piece of space carved with something clever. The pipe bowl is in the shape of a bull's head with the underlined word "RUN" right between his eyes. Above this is a soaring eagle. Below this word is a southern gentleman leading Abraham Lincoln by a chain. The southerner's name looks to be "Sowarel"; I have no idea who this is and I may have some letters wrong as this carving is not clear. He is saying "Come on Abe". Below what the chained figure is carved "Lincoln" and this figure has a tail and devilish features. On the bull's right cheek is carved "Capt J.R. Bell" and on the left cheek is carved "Maj J.J. Jolles". I assume these are the respective company and battalion commanders of the carver of the pipe but I have been unable to find information on them (Help with these two names would be much appreciated). On the rear of the bowl and above the stem, right where the smoker might look, is yet another eagle with a streamer in his beak reading what looks to be "Southern Confederacy". The word "Confederacy" is partly obscured by the metal rim of the bowl (Which was obviously added after the carving was finished) but I do think that is what it says. On the stem of the pipe is a silver inlaid scene which looks to be a bull chasing a soldier, most likely a yankee. On the other side of the stem is a military looking horse. As if all that wasn't enough I saved the best for last. On the bottom of the stem is carved the following: "This pipe grew on the Battleground, on which the memorable battle 'bull run' fought on the 18th July 1861". Apparantly he means the wood that he carved the pipe from was growing on the battlefield so not only is the carving a commemoration of the battle but the actual wood is a souvenir. The overall color of the pipe is rather darker then the photos as I had to use flashes to show the details in the carving. Just a lovely, wonderful and unique piece of Civil War history that could easily be in any relevant museum. The names have some solid research potential for someone with more know-how that I have. I hope this goes to someone who enjoys it as much as I do.

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