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Prussian EM Pickelhaube WWI German Spiked Helmet

Prussian EM Pickelhaube WWI German Spiked Helmet
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Nice example of a Prussian enlisted pickelhaube spiked helmet. All original parts. The red, white and black cockade looks to have been repainted. There is a tear in the liner (See 3rd and 4th photos) and two tongues have torn where the tie string goes through. The plate has two extra holes which is odd because it is doubtful this was "upgraded" to a Prussian EM. The rear spine prongs are gone but it is firmly in place, being held by the back screw and pressure from the spike assembly. There is a stamp on the rear visor but is hard to make out as it is an old stamping and the leather there is ribbed. It all sounds like a lot but really this is a decent example. Let's face, they are big leather things and almost 100 years old; Something is always wrong. Perfectly good example for display.

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