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Pickelhaube Helmwappen Namenszuge Salesman Set WWI

Pickelhaube Helmwappen Namenszuge Salesman Set WWI
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Well this item is somewhere between "really cool" and "super cool". As the variety of devices for pickelaube were so vast this salesman was given a set of photographed examples to pedal. The brown envelope is about 31.5x42cm. The text on the envelope identifies it as the offerings of the maker Paul Meybauer and published in Leipzig. The envelope itself shows some minor wear but is really in pretty good shape considering age and likely usage; Still crisp with no damage or even any folding creases which is surprising due to its fairly large size. The 4 printed inserts, measuring 31x41 cm, are basically in perfect shape and don't even show yellowing. The paper is high quality and they must have been well protected from the sun all this time. Each sheet shows a plethora of different helmet devices from state plates (helmwappen) to the innumerable cyphers which are a whole weird science to themselves. If you are a serious pickelhaube collector how much cooler could you be with these framed and hanging on your wall. My attached images show a few close up examples. I really like this set but don't have the wall space myself so am happy to be able to offer it at a very reasonable price to someone who can really enjoy it.

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