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American Rev War Motif Three Panel 3D Ivory Carving

American Rev War Motif Three Panel 3D Ivory Carving
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Wow. This is a piece of Americana that just intrigues me. Carved out of a solid elephant ivory ball, this piece opens up into 3 panels carved in 3D. The soldiers on each panel are renderings of typical Revolutionary War soldiers. The center panel is an officer on horseback, possible George Washington, and is one half of the ball. The right quarter is a navy fellow holding a cutlass with the sea behind him. The left panel looks to be an infantryman with either cannon bursts or clouds behind him. There are photos of the sides to show the degree of depth involved in the carving. The panels are very skillfully held together with hinges that are delicately pinned into the ivory about 2 or 3 mm from the hinges themselves. The whole piece folds into a ball and the flat surfaces show a very pleasant ivory grain. As incredible as the work is the problem comes in with dating it. I am listing this as "vintage art" because I haven't a clue when the work was done. It is obvious from the toning that the ivory is antique. This could be a worked antique billiard ball but billiards were present well into the 18th century. However old the carving is, it is a wonderful piece of art. I have been doing this for quite a while and haven't seen anything like this before. Shipping to United States addresses only.

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