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Trophy Eagle Presented SS Totenkopf Captain in Lublin

Trophy Eagle Presented SS Totenkopf Captain in Lublin
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A very impressive piece. Eagle trophy presentation reads: "Our esteemed company commander SS Haupsturmfuhrer Zahn in memory of the 4th (MG) Company of the 8th SS TK Regiment, Lublin on January 30, 1941". This rank is basically equivalent to a captain which is right in line with being a company commander. Apparantly this fellow was the commander of a machine gun of the 8 SS Totenkopf regiment. While Lublin has terrible memories associated with the war, I would assume that this unit, being a machine gun company, was a Waffen SS unit. The previous owner told me that this fellow later became a member of the Reichstag but I have been unable to verify this. This trophy is just an incredible example and has everything one would want to see in a real example. The engraving on the plate is a perfect example of period work and the etch lines are patinated a nice dark color down in the grooves. The name "Zahn" is engraved with wide letters, the inside of which are textured with horizontal lines for added texture. The plate measures an even 9x4.5cm. Due to my photography techniques, the attached photos of the plate greatly exagerate the surface scratching which is in actuality almost nil. The plate is mounted on a stone (Granite?) block the top and bottom of which are smoothed. The sides have an attractive, natural rough texture. The base block measures 15cm wide and 12cm deep and weighs 8 pounds 12 ounces. The eagle is a very nice example of period work being made out of a grey composite metal with a bronze finish. The detail to the eagle is superb with each feather showing realistic detail. The bronze finish is colored well enough that it would really look bronze if there wasn't the typical light age wear to some raised and exposed surfaces. This really is a beautifully done eagle. Overall height of the two pieces put together is about 42cm and width is about 45cm from wingtip to wingtip. There is one feather tip that has been repaired (See photos). I am leaving this as is but someone with a little know-how could probably repair this better and make it almost invisible. As it is it detracts almost nothing as it is only noticeable on close inspection. The bird's right claw is missing the threaded post. This obviously doesn't show when it is mounted and could probably be replaced without much trouble. With one post the eagle is perfectly stable unless you go for a jog with it. The nuts to screw into the base for mounting are missing but, again, could be replaced. That is the sum of the damage which I think is quite minimal. You can see from the pictures that the overall appearance is stunning, the work is of high quality and the historical significance is certainly high. Just a great, museum quality item that I have been happy to enjoy in my collection for a while.

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