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Waffen SS Personalized Presentation Book - WWII German

Waffen SS Personalized Presentation Book - WWII German
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This is a very interesting item with a fair amunt of character. The book is titles "Die Wehrmacht Das Buch des Krieges 1940/41". It is a typical German propaganda book with lots of good photos and text and goes into fairly good depth on the war in France, air war against the British, the Balkan campaigns and the invasion of Russia. The book becomes interesting when the cover is opened and we find the book was presented to SS Funker (Radioman) Dietrich Eckern. Basically reading "Dedicated on the anniversary of the war to the comrades of the 10th SS Mountain Troop Regiment Signals Replacement Company". Given in Goslar March 15, 1943 by the SS Obersturmfuhrer and Company Commander. I can't actually make out the signature. SS Obersturmfuhrer is roughly equal to a Senior Lieutenant. After thinking about it, on a company grade officer's income, this would be an appropriately priced gift to trusted subordinates. Further, a good radio operator would be extremely important to such an officer. In the back are two attached notes attached from around this same time. The first is from another SS Obersturmfuhrer to SS Funker Eckern. This fellow seems to be from the Panzer Grenadier uniot in "Prag-Rusin". The next note is from SS Oberscharfurhrer Werner Henning again to Dietrich Eckern. Looks to be senior NCO's and company grade officers reminiscing the "good old days".DietrichEckern's signature is rubber stamped on the title page just after the initial presentation. On the copyright page, opposite from Hitler's portrait photo is Eckern's name again but this time with his address (Wonder if the family is still there?). Book is overall in decent condition as shown in photos. We often see fancy presentations on over the top items from high end officers priced through the roof. It is somehow more personable to see a cheaper priced item from lower ranking officers to their NCOs; The guys that actually fought the war. I think this piece has a great amount of character and is priced cheaper then a run of the mill army dagger.

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